Tvvin x Crypto Challengers AMA Recap

8 min readJun 12, 2023

Dear Crypto Challengers community,

📍 Here is a recap of the AMA held with Tvvin on 31st May 2023, a session where we got to know more about Tvvin where the team answers the questions from Host, Twitter & Live segment respectively. The AMA session was consisting of Introduction segment, Twitter segment and Live segment.

On May 31st, 2023, Tvvin held an AMA on Telegram with Midhun, the host of Crypto Challengers. The AMA was attended by over 1,000 people and Thomas Tallis — CEO of Tvvin, was the guest.

This was an AMA session with the Tvvin team. The aim of this AMA session was to learn more about Tvvin by allowing the host to ask questions and having the team answer them.

Below is the recap of the AMA session that took place on 31st May 2023. In the AMA, we had Thomas Tallis from Tvvin. Let’s see what was discussed.

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Midhun: Good day everyone and welcome back to Challengers for another wonderful AMA :) Today we’re having an AMA with Tvvin together with Thomas Tallis to share us more about Tvvin.

Thomas: Hey Everyone — great to be here 👋🏻

Part 1 — Introduction and questions from the host

Could you please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?


I’m Thomas Tallis, the co-founder & CEO of TVVIN.

I have worked in the cross section between Crypto and Traditional Finance since 2017.

My most recent experiences include being part of co-founding the DeFi Lending & Borrowing Protocol, MELD back in 2021 and since 2022 I have been advising several Crypto projects such as Damex & IAMX.

My expertise lies in regulation & investor relations. My passion is to create a more inclusive and fair financial system that provides people with access to invest into assets that have previously been largely inaccessible to most people.

Can you briefly introduce the project TVVIN what are some of the utilities of $TVVIX ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

TVVIN is a licensed platform of real-world assets (RWAs) that provides investors with an easily tradable portfolio through RWA-backed tokens.

One of our core strengths lies in our Stable Index, a novel multiRWA-backed token that lists a portfolio of RWAs, mitigating instability from singular stores- of-value. 🏦

Owning our platform token, $TVVIX, means that you can deposit your RWA-backed token into special vaults where it earns interest over time. So if you deposit our gold-backed token in the gold vault, you will earn more of that gold token during the lock-up period that you deposit your tokens in the vault.

This requires special licensing (MiFID) that we will obtain from the GFSC in Gibraltar after we have a VASP status.

The way TVVIN stands apart from other tokenised services as TVVIN takes real-world assets and issues them on the blockchain, where you can trade and earn the DeFi way while your assets are safely stored in the Real World.✨

Why would investors want to buy an RWA-backed token over the RWA itself?

It’s difficult, time consuming and expensive to purchase RWAs such as gold in small quantities.

In most cases, you’ll need to go directly to brokers which have minimum purchase amounts.☹️

As an example, using our gold-backed token, owning it instead of actual physical gold means you benefit from exactly the same market value of gold but can easily and much more affordably trade it into another asset, say BTC.

Additionally with holding our gold-backed token, you can deposit it into special vaults where it earns interest over time, so your amount of gold also grows in value. 💰

Another point regarding going through ETFs, is that they always have hidden fees and buying through an ETF means that you don’t actually own the asset (say gold). With TVVINs RWA- backed tokens there is 1:1 backing of physical ownership.

Lastly, RWA tokens provide transparency on blockchain, they are easy to trade and store and are transferable without the need of brokers of middle-men that take fees. 🥳

Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to encourage users choosing your platform?

The basic security is handled on the Cardano blockchain — meaning that you own your RWA tokens and if you hold your own keys, no one can take them away from you. 🔐

The TVVIN Platform will handle the security of minting and burning RWA tokens, this will be handled by different cryptographic methods and standard methods of online security.

Since RWA tokens will be security tokens, KYC will be implemented and required for users when buying and selling tokens through the TVVIN platform.

The KYC will be DID based, which is a technology based on the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity making it as fast, secure and non-invasive as possible for our users.

What’s the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution.

There are 4.2 Billion $TVVIX tokens.

21% of that is earmarked for community distribution through our Initial Stake Pool Offering, ISPO.

30% is reserved for our Private Token Sale.

Our TGE is scheduled for January 2024 where the ISPO participants will receive their $TVVIX over a 12 month vesting period, while the Private Token Sale participants have a 24 month vesting schedule.

The team allocation is 12% which has a 12 month lock up and vests for a total of 3 years.

Finally, 20% of the tokens are reserved for Liquidity & rewards while the remaining tokens are split between our The TVVIN Foundation holding 12% and 5% allocated to strategic partnerships. 👍🏼

Part 2 — Questions from Twitter

According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?

Our next most important priority is to start dialogue with the Regulator in Gibraltar (GFSC). We will commence with a VASP licence which will allow TVVIN to trade its $TVVIX token to the wider public and, thereafter, start the crucial process of obtaining a MiFID licence that will allow TVVIN to operate a Retail trading platform and manufacture derivative products. 🤓

With a MiFID licence, TVVIN will be classified as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF). 🎉

When it comes to the community, we only launched this weekend gone and we are seeing great traction already and an amazing growth day-by-day. 🥳

Given that TVVIN still has a small following on Twitter and other social networks. So, Could you tell us about the marketing strategies you expect to use to boost your growth on this and other major social networks such as Telegram or others?

Another good one!

Our CMO, Lise, has hands-on experience in a previous project growing a community from 0 to 50+ thousand in a mere three months.

From the that 50+K community, she oversaw an ISPO that saw in 1.3 billion USD worth of ADA delegated to the project’s pools.

Using the same (and improved) approaches, we are confident that TVVIN has what it takes to see it through to its operational goals. Additionally, I am receiving strong interest from investors. 💵

In your website i read that TVVIN is in CArdano chain so you have any plan to change it? To etherium,Bsc polygon solana…? And why you choose these chain for your project?

We don’t have any plans to change it in the sense of leaving Cardano, but we are building with the view of being a Multi Chain service.

Our Tech team’s proficiency in Haskell, Plutus, Ruby on Rails, Python, and TypeScript, means we have the flexibility to seamlessly scale and explore multi-chain solutions, staying at the forefront of market demand. 🤝

When people will be able to delegate in the ISPO ?

The official launch date of our ISPO is the 9th of June, but people can delegate early and there are some super cool bonuses & incentives for those who delegate before the 9th of June such as 40% bonus on top of base $TVVIX Rewards.

To get notified of when early delegation is open keep an eye on twitter & telegram or sign up via email here;

Part 3 : Live Telegram segment

Where does the #TVVIN name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

The name TVVIN represents the duality of the RWA tokens. 1) the asset & 2) the token that is backed by it. The name is pronounced Twin but with us the 2 VVs stand for duality. The asset are always connected to one-another but equally individual, just like twins are! 🔥

You mentioned KYC will required on TVVIN platform. How secure is user data collected on TVVIN? Can it be ensured that the user’s personal data is safe from misuse and will not be traded to third parties?

KYC will be performed via a DID. TVVIN itself does not collect or store ANY sensitive information but will work industry-leaders within DID technology who will run the AML & KYC for the platform. These providers are currently dealing with identity on CEXs and and other financial services that require their users to be identified.

Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project??Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project??

Like the questions before, this is another super point.

We have been focused from the start in building a core team that brings high competence from all sectors we believe are needed as well as supplementing that team with experienced partners and consultants.

For example our Tech Partner, Thespian and our Tech Lead, Filip, have worked with Cardano development for years as well as being a full service software company that can scale us into any other chains as the market demands. Our Chief Investment Officer, Eileen, was formerly at one of the world’s largest investment companies, Blackrock and have since established 2 Crypto Hedge Funds, giving her a unique perspective on how to create a business models suitable for TVVIN.

In addition the rest of the team bring their own expertise and experience to TVVIN. When investors choose where to invest it is often the team that plays the biggest role next to the concept itself being sound. And that is how it should be! 🙌

About Tvvin:

TVVIN is a licensed platform of real-world assets (RWAs) that provides investors with an easily tradable portfolio through RWA-backed tokens.