Original Gamer Life x Crypto Challengers AMA Recap from the 28th of October

12 min readNov 20, 2022

Hello, Challengers!

Another AMA took place in Crypto Challengers at our Telegram and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friend from Original Gamer Life

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $100

AMA with OGL


AMA is starting. Chat is closed ❗️Good day everyone and welcome back to Challengers for another wonderful AMA! I hope you’re ready for another great AMA :)

❗️Original Gamer Life❗️

A combination of a gaming community hub, metaverse, and marketplace, powered by blockchain and imbued with a play-to-earn model that introduces cryptocurrencies to a 3 billion strong gaming audience.

Today, we have Carlos to share us more about Original Gamer Life 🥳


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Let’s kick start the AMA with your introduction

Part 1 — Introduction questions

So, Could you please introduce yourself to the community?


My name is Carlos Bott. I am the Lead Game Developer for Original Gamer Life.

My experience as a game developer runs over 35 years, with most of it spent releasing games such as Babylon 5: Starship Commander, MLB: Ballpark, and MLB: AtBat. I am also the founder of Triluminary Design Studios, and the Deputy Head of the Games Production at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. Currently, I’m doing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at De Montfort University, focusing on Game Economics. Aside from teaching and my PhD, I am also a consultant in Metaverse gaming, AI and serious gaming with previous clients such as MLB, Lowe’s, Target, and Walmart.

I was recently featured in a DSCVR interview at Nasdaq episode with the wonderful Jane King of LilaMax Media. Be sure to check out these YouTube videos on the OGLife channel, where I introduce myself to everyone!

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LL_DNvO4Tc

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_Ku2otLcbU

You can visit our website for more information on me, the team, and OGL: https://ogl.gg/


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We have an experienced and busy man here in Crypto Challengers today 💪

Make sure to check the video guys! :)

Could you briefly introduce the project “Original Gamer Life”? What are the utilities for $OGL? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Original Gamer Life or OGL / OGLife is a social impact gaming platform, marketplace, and MULTI-METAVERSE platform consisting of several metaverses, all tied together with a central purpose: to incentivize gamers and to bring the 3 billion gamers of the world into the OGLife platform where we introduce the concepts of the metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and blockchain.

OGLife is the second project under the TKYOLABS incubation entity and we will soon launch our $OGL IDO. StrongNode will power the OGLife platform.

As we said on our website, the OGL platform is best described as “Twitch meets Stream meets Metaverse”. Through Original Gamer Life, we wanted to bring together gaming, technology, health, wellness, and the metaverses in one “MULTI-METAVERSE” platform.

As a MULTI-METAVERSE platform, there are other elements to the OGLife platform aside from gaming. We wanted to build a gaming community that has a focus on health and wellness and crypto helps us achieve that with incentives for our users. We are committed to building an inclusive community for all gamers. We welcome everyone who shares our passion for gaming and our commitment to creating a safe, fair, and fun environment for all players.


The project sounds good 🔥

Thanks for introducing OGL!

Now, Could you tell us about the achievements Original Gamer Life Team has made so far? What are some of the major achievements that OGL is yet to achieve. Could you also share your roadmap?

Right now, we are in the development and Pre-IDO phase. Our main priority is releasing our space station metaverse platform and the $OGL IDO launch for the coming weeks and months. We are also planning for our alpha testing, NFT and real estate building, and releasing our content for marketing push.

Our roadmap is available on our website and is updated from time to time to reflect shifting priorities because we want to ensure we deliver a real game and drive that token utility so everyone can have fun and earn while doing so. Visit our website for more information: https://ogl.gg/

We are also posting video content for our Original Gamers and followers. Don’t miss out on our daily content and shorts on our very own YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to the OGLife channel and click the :bellhop_bell: icon to turn on the notifications for all our latest releases: https://www.youtube.com/c/OriginalGamerLife/

In terms of achievement, we are still in the development stage of our platform. OGLife will combine the virtual world with the real world. Gamers will be able to explore virtual worlds and participate in physical activities. Real life activities will affect game play. This will help them to stay active and healthy. You can walk, jog, or exercise with any digital wearable devices and your health/ fitness skill will go up. Finish an online class in finance? Your in-game and real world financial literacy increases.

Here’s the exciting news for you guys:
Our OGLife Multiverse platform is a built space station metaverse that aims to improve the physical, mental, social, and financial health in gaming of the Original Gamers. The OGLife Platform is a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs — a true Metaverse for gamers, by gamers.

Key features: open world game system updated to run in Unreal 5. This includes the authentication, financial and cryptocurrency system, leveraging StrongNode’s technology. Regarding Unreal 5, we can leverage all the new technologies such as lumen lighting technology, metahuman for realistic characters, and advanced crowd simulation and AI for our large scale world we are building.

For all of the latest and exclusive Original Gamer Life updates, please check us out and follow us on all our socials here: https://linktr.ee/OriginalGamerLife


Awesome! Many things to come :)

Now, Please tell us a bit about security. What benefits do you provide to the users for choosing the OGL Platform?

Security is of the utmost importance for the OGLife team. We’ve had Certik review and audit our smart contract. We also have a very talented team from StrongNode, such as our CEO Daniel Saito, and our CTO Colin Charles, assisting with making sure everything is secure internally. These gentlemen have many years of experience in the field, and thanks to their expertise, we feel the OGLife platform will be very secure. I also have over 35 years of experience developing games and working for some very heavy hitters such as MLB, Lowe’s, Target, and Walmart, so I know a thing or two about security myself. What we’re offering will be a fun and secure platform for earning not only $OGL tokens and the accompanying rewards you can obtain with them from a variety of activities and mini-games, but our partner tokens like $SNE as well, just for opting in your idle recourses. Through a variety of active and passive mechanisms, you’ll be able to earn many tokens, making the time you spend in the OGLife metaverse both fun and rewarding!


Yes! That’s great 🔥 So many hackers recently :(

What’s the total supply for $OGL? Could you please share the tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution?

For the $OGL tokenomics, $OGL forms the core of the OGLife economy. 10B tokens will be created in total over various vesting periods accounting for the whole supply.

For the $OGL tokenomics, the public sale token holders can get 20% at TGE with the rest vested within a 4-month period while all employees and advisors of Original Gamer Life will remain locked up with a 4-year vesting option. The presale token holders get 10% on TGE with the rest vested within a 6-month period. For more information about our tokenomics, visit our website: https://ogl.gg/.


Thanks for that well detailed introduction about Original Gamer Life ❤️

📌 Here below are links for you to get the latest update about OGL

Website : https://ogl.gg/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OGLifeOGL
Telegram chat : https://t.me/OGLifeOGL
Telegram announcement : https://t.me/OGLifeOGLNews
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/c/OriginalGamerLife
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OriginalGamerLife
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/originalgamerlife/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/oglifeogl/
Discord : https://discord.com/invite/2cWK4Rfdgb
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/oglife/

That’s the end for our Introduction segment!

Part 2— Twitter Segment — Questions from the Twitter Post

In the “Original Gamer Life” ecosystem, how does the “Learn, Build, and Earn” mechanism work?? In order to attract investors and gamers alike, what are some of the key products you want to release?

The Play-to-Thrive model is a term we created here at OGLife. Our Play-to-Thrive concept refers to our health and wellness activities where you will work out or read or learn right alongside your avatar.

We wanted to build a gaming community that has a focus on health and wellness and crypto helps us achieve that with incentives for our users. We are committed to building an inclusive community for all gamers. We welcome everyone who shares our passion for gaming and our commitment to creating a safe, fair, and fun environment for all players.

We are introducing a new model for gaming through the launch of the OGLife platform. OGLife is not just a gaming platform but also a gateway to the metaverse and to multiple metaverses under the multi-metaverse.

Gaming sector is extremely competitive & many platforms had to work very hard to reach their current user numbers. How will OGL team compete with the existing gaming platforms & what extra features will OGL offer to attract the gamers from the other platforms?

Right now, our team is hard at work behind the scenes on creating our app and space station metaverse and launching our $OGL IDO in the coming months.

We will also have many games to keep gamers engaged. Just think of our platform as a portal wherein access to games is made easy. There are multiple activities such as a laser tag arena, arcade games, games of chance, or just go on an exploration journey through the platform where you earn skill sets and do daily missions and earn rewards.

NFT functionality will be supported on the OGLife platform. We are creating a portal to new metaverses where the Original Gamers can explore and they will be able to use NFTs and our tokens ($OGL and $SNE) to purchase games, in-game items, and other digital goods.

I think one thing that also sets us apart is the core team. Simply put, the Original Gamer Life team is top notch! We have a global team, with members and advisors from Asia, US, Europe, and more. In addition to the executive team, we also have added some incredibly talented members in the game development team that I am working with.


Cannot wait for the new things man 🔥 It looks very interesting

The gaming industry is one of the business areas where blockchain technology is applied the fastest. How much can #OGL increase its market share and number of users with blockchain-based games?

Our OGLife Multiverse platform is a built space station metaverse that aims to improve the physical, mental, social, and financial health in gaming of the Original Gamers. The OGL Platform is a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs — a true Metaverse for gamers, by gamers.

Play-to-Thrive is a new concept we want to bring into WEB3 and it is something we wanted to introduce here on OGLife. The idea is that gaming is a great alternative to reality but to make sure that you are well is one of our objectives (hence the thrive). So there will be tasks within the game on a daily basis to make sure that your mental well being is properly maintained.

We’ll get to share further details about our platform in the coming weeks. The OGL team is working hard behind the scenes in developing our platform and ecosystem.

Is there any other ways to earn $OGL apart from playing games?

In the OGLife platform, gamers will be able to generate revenue by playing the game. This revenue can be used to purchase in-game items, characters, and other digital assets. The key difference is that gamers will not have to invest a lot of time and effort to generate this revenue. They can do so by simply playing the game. The OGLife platform will provide a new model for microtransactions that is more inclusive and rewarding for all players.

You’ll be able to complete daily tasks both in game and in the real world in order to earn both our native $OGL token, as well as $SNE tokens for chipping in your idle device resources.

OGL is free to play, but you have to work to make money.

OGL has held several AMAs lately. How successful has this strategy been for you so far? What have you achieved with this kind of events in the short term? Has it put you in touch with the public interested in your business as you thought? Thanks!

Our team is committed on expanding our global reach so this is the reason why we have done a lot of AMAs. These AMAs help us be closer to our community and to tap into new groups and users.

Right now, we are doing a lot of these AMAs to put the word out that we are working on launching our IDO and platform. We’ll have more AMAs in the coming weeks.

This goes to show how much we value our community and their feedback.

The Twitter segment is now over ❗️

Part 3: live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user-@Ender3844

Does every game on the #OGL platform have an entry fee? Will we have to pay in-game in games to start playing or to progress?

The metaverse itself follows a free-to-play and play-to-earn model, so everyone can participate. Some of our activities and mini-games within the metaverse will have entry fees, but only in the cases where there are larger rewards to be gained. Even then, we want to make everything you can do in our metaverse accessible to everyone, so you will be able to earn enough tokens to pay for these fees just by playing the game.

Q2 from Telegram user — @Tracy1289

What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Our most ambitious goal is definitely that we want to be an aggregator for other metaverses, which is why we call OGLife a MULTIVERSE. This requires overcoming some technical challenges as well as building strong partnerships with other projects. Fortunately, we’re well on our way in both areas.

Q3 from Telegram user — @chukky10z

Can you tell us your plans for traditional gamers who aren’t yet in the crypto industry?
When can we expect the release of the testnet version?

We want to appeal to traditional gamers as much as those that play crypto games for the financial aspects, which is why we’re building the OGLife metaverse to be a fun place to hang out and engage in a variety of activities and mini-games. We’re gamers ourselves, so we understand what makes the best games so successful and engaging to their audiences.

We should have an early access version of the game available within the next few months, so stay tuned to our social media platforms for announcements! You can find them all here: https://linktr.ee/OriginalGamerLife

Q4 from Telegram user — @MR_NaturalCoal23

Partnership most is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relatiionships?

-We actually have a variety of partners both within the world of Web3 and the blockchain technology space, and in other industries as well. Our current partners can be found on our website at https://ogl.gg.

Stardust and Polygon Studios are two of our core partners/service providers. We’ve partnered with CryptoTanks, YouMeme, AnRkeyX, Rumble Gaming, Valor Esports, and have joined the Defi Gaming Coalition. We’ve also partnered with Splinterlands, Infinity Skies, Hero Arena, and Project Oasis, who have such wonderful games and are some of the strongest projects out there right now.

We also partnered with Magnus Capital, LVT, OIG, Chain Ridge Capital, Solar Eco Fund, Pluto Digital, and more as we will be rolling out announcements and press releases in the coming weeks.

Q5 from Telegram user —

Could you tell us about the game? How will the game be? Will it be addictive?

Well, we certainly want our game to be addictive and fun to play, but more importantly, we want it to be part of a healthier gaming lifestyle. That’s why our daily tasks will be able to be accomplished both inside the metaverse and in the real world as well. We want our players to THRIVE!

The third segment is now over.

Just that everyone who is interested in OGLife should follow us here: https://linktr.ee/OriginalGamerLife

On behalf of the Crypto Challengers Community, we would like to thank you Carlos :)

Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for “Original Gamer Life”! 🚀🚀🚀

Thank you so much! Goodluck to Original Gamer Life🚀

AMA Concluded.