DAO Maker x Crypto Challengers AMA Recap from the 27th of October

9 min readNov 21, 2022

Hello, Challengers!

Another AMA took place in Crypto Challengers at our Telegram and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friend from DAO Maker

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with the prize pool of 100$

AMA with DAO Maker


Chat Muted in the preparation of AMA session with Dao Maker


Hey everyone !


Hey Nice to meet you Serge, how are you doing? 😊


I’m buzzing ! Glad to be here !


So without any delay let’s start our AMA!


Let’s go !


Today, we have Ser DAO Maker to share us more about Dao Maker 🔥

Let’s move to the introduction segment 🚀


Thanks for having me here, it’s an honour talking with Crypto Challengers community !

Part 1 — Introduction questions

Could you Guys please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

I’m Serge Consultant for DAO Maker !

After a graduate program in Finance in France, my interest in Crypto Finance and Data Science pushed me to this fantastic world of DeFi !

Now, I work for DAO Maker : I basically advise projects to have correct metrics, tokenomics, and marketing to have the best token growth !

Can you briefly introduce the project Dao Maker what are some of the utilities of $DAO ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Yes Federick!

So basically, DAO Maker is the leading incubation, fundraising and acceleration platform with a vast network of successful projects launched

Crypto Challengers community might know us for sucessful launches like : My Neighbour Alice, Victoria VR, GameFi or more recently Step App !

Those made incredible returns

Our clients benefit from our experience and expertise, while users of the platform enjoy attractive Venture Yield rewards and participate in regular Strong Holder Offerings (SHO) aka Fundraise

To participate in the fundraising (SHO) of promising projects, you need to stake at least 250 $DAO in our Venture Staking model thus you can claim guaranteed allocations according to your number of DAO staked !

Here are the tier details :

Tier 0:
250–1,999 DAO
Tier 1:
2,000–3,999 DAO, 5% bonus
Tier 2:
4,000–9,999 DAO, 10% bonus
Tier 3:
10,000–24,999 DAO, 15% bonus
Tier 4:
25,000–49,999 DAO, 20% bonus
Tier 5:
50,000–99,999 DAO, 25% bonus
Tier 6:
100,000–200,000 DAO, 30% bonus

basically, the more you own $DAO the more you can get !

I know some of you might be asking, what’s this Venture Staking model ?

Venture Staking can be defined as a 20% transfer on your total allocation that will be liquidated into USDC and used to buyback $DAO. Those DAO then, will be reinjected as reward for the Stakers

Hence with DAO Maker you’re always winning : From your allocation and from your Staked DAO 😜


Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievements that Dao Maker is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

DAO Maker developped many trends which some launchpads are now using :

> Tranches / Tiers for stakers
> Best launchpad tokenomics with Venture Staking rewards
> Implementation of a Dashboard for users to follow their token vesting
> Implementation of DAO Maker farms and Vesting contracts to claim the right amount of tokens

The vision is to settle more than 70% of the primary market of token launches

We’re also proud as we provided some of the best listings on top tier exchanges such as OKX, Binance and KuCoin !

We don’t have a lot of dates to give regarding the roadmap, as we’re working full-force… almost everyday

We have this drive to absolutely dominate the crypto launchpad industry and thus giving the best to our users


Also I saw one announcement on twitter that

$DAO is now officially supported within

Both ERC20 and BEP20😁

Great news Ser


Yes, absolutely. Pushing the boundaries forward a bit more each day !

Trust Wallet is a top wallet that we couldn’t miss !


Alright! Now let’s talk about security?


I’m ready !

Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives users choosing your platform?

One thing that you must know as a user is that All DAO Maker smart-contracts are audited by partners firms like Paladin security and Smart State

We’re also working closely with Peckshield and Pessimistic, two other top audit firms

This for ourselves, but also for all of our clients that we incubate !

In terms of benefits of our platform, well name it :

  • DAO Maker offers the best ROI and therefore value shared to its stakers and even during a bear market

    - DAO Maker offers the best tokenomics in the crypto launchpad industry thanks to Venture Staking Mechanics

    - DAO Maker offers the best transparency when it comes to Metrics, Tokenomics and Investors cap table

    - DAO Maker has the best traffic as a crypto launchpad according to Cryptorank.io

    - DAO Maker has the best dealflow in the crypto launchpad industry, only 1% of applications are accepted

Honestly, we’re giving our best each day to create additional rewards and make sure that we adjust the right variable to share the maximum value to our holders !



I must say DAO Maker is a solid project😊


And the best is yet to come Alice !

What’s the total supply of the token? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution

Hm we have this vision to raise standards of the crypto industry

So DAO Maker is extremely transparent when it comes to token metrics.

You can visit the DAO Maker research page and access the current circulating supply here (https://daomaker.com/company/dao-maker#metrics)

And we do this… for all the projects we incubate !

Bringing transparency to the ecosystem should be the absolute minimum so that investors fully understand risks and consequences of vesting and token distribution policy

This being said, we’re working closely with Coingecko team to bring the best information regarding token supply and tokenomics in general

It is our duty, to make sure that the markets we launch are the most efficient possible. This can only be achieved with clear and transparent data


Do check it guys☺️

Thanks for well detailed and satisfying answer


Most welcome ! It is my pleasure !

Part 2: Questions from the Twitter community

Question from Cambers : What is your global expansion plan? At present, which market do you focus on, or on building and developing to win customers, users and partners?

So as said before, we don’t have such plans as we’re working crazy hard to release some new products !

Regarding the markets we focus on, it’s mostly about users looking for financial freedom, with an understanding of the revolution that are Blockchains and cryptocurrencies !

We have a huge deal flow, and projects are coming all around the globe to be incubated by DAO Maker

So in a sense, even as Business Developper, I don’t have much business development to do

Clients make my life easier

Question from Mormo : What role does the $DAO token play in your ecosystem? What are the benefits of long-term holding?

I kinda explained this mechanics before but basically :

> You staked $DAO
> You can get guaranteed allocations in the projects you want
> 20% of this get liquidated to buyback $DAO
> $DAO is injected increasing your return on your $DAO staking
> You can also participate in the governance forum thanks to $DAO and make the community fully engaged

The more and the longer you stake, the higher the value accrued

At DAO Maker, we cherish loyalty of users

So even as a small bag holder, you can get good return as long as you have staked longer than someone with a bigger bag but not loyal to the ecosystem

Question from Medantal : Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?

That is a good question !

So the main platform daomaker.com is in english

However, all users can join their respective regional community on Telegram

Even in the DAO Maker team, we’re quite coming from all around the world and english is the go-to language

I also recommend to use translation service with Google on our website, it is quite accurate and should help you to do your first step on the platform !


Is it possible to share their links here?


DAO Maker Groups:

📢 Announcement Channel



(https://t.me/daomaker_tr)🇹🇭 Thai


(https://t.me/daomaker_fr)🇵🇱 Polish



(https://t.me/daomakerjp)🇰🇷 Korean






(https://t.me/DAOMaker_CN)💹 Traders & Accumulators (https://t.me/daomaker_trading)


Wow!! You have so many regional communities👌👌👌


We have crazy engagement from all around the world, we cultivate this diversity !

Question from Lord Tailor : What role does the DAO MAKER team offer to projects under the Strong Holder Offering initiative, does this give you an added advantage over other DeFi projects and competitors?

Hmmm interesting one !

So basically SHO is a branded name for fundraising that requests crypto users to stake $DAO

You stake $DAO, you’re a strong holders hence you can participate in Strong Holders Offering (SHO)

Since the beginning of 2022 we launched : THE PUBLIC SHO

Public SHO concept is really simple : All crypto users with more than 1500 $ worth of tokens on their wallet can participate to the fundraise

We have this ability to multiply chances according to their holdings !

Hence, if we want to drain Polkastarter users for example, well we make a public SHO where all the $POLS users see their chances to get allocations doubled or tripled 😁


Let’s hear last question from twitter community side

Question from Sophie : Defi has become the fastest growing and most accessible aspect of the blockchain industry. How does Dao Maker feel about this? In your opinion, are we in danger of saturation?

Thanks for that Sophie !

At DAO Maker, we’re truly believing in the auto clean-up of the market : If you’re good then you survive, if not then you vanish

So in a way, saturation of the market is just temporary

It means that DeFi Users will on the long run, focus on the one that truly give them an advantage

And what’s the advantage in DeFi will you ask me ?

Well for the most part, generate more value accrued than your national currency inflation !

Bear market are also here for that : The best survive, market restructures and bull market goes back !

So, to be honest we’re quite confident in the ecosystem : There’s brilliant minds out there that are working on the biggest wealth transfer in history

and DAO Maker, of course, is part of this.

Part 3: Live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Bryana:

Give me your top 3 features why investors should invest in your project?

Hey Bryana :

> DAO token is deflationary
> DAO token combined with Staking model offers the best value accrued for a launchpad
> DAO token has a better sharpe ratio than 90% of other tokens, meaning the best risk adjusted to its rewards

Q2 from Jean:

About the ‘Private SHO’ model, I am already clear that to participate in that, ‘Stake minimum 250 DAO Tokens OR Hold LP (DAO/USDC)’ is paramount, but apart from that there are more requirements to fulfill or not, e.g. some KYC to pass, and also impose certain restrictions or not?

Indeed, you’re right you’ll have to pass a KYC, and certain nationality are restricted for legal reasons like North Korea or US !

Q3 from Alex:

Staking programme is very important for every project, can i stake your token? Do You have any plan for starting staking programme?

Yes, the whole of DAO Maker ecosystem is to stake $DAO token on daomaker.com !

Q4 from Mohamed

When and where i can buy your tokens?

$DAO token is listed on top tier exchanges such as Huobi, OKX, KuCoin, Bithumb or Gate.io

You can also find it on Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap and more recently DAO Swap (available here : https://swap.daomaker.com)

Q5 from Prince

Do you have a AUDIT certificates?
are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Yes we do ! You can find them all on Defillama, on the audit part on this link : https://defillama.com/protocol/dao-maker-vesting

The AMA with DAO Maker is now over!