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Guest: Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project XXVR

XXVR is the first Racing VR Play-To-Earn game built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The founder team has been immersing in the blockchain industry ever since 2015 and with years of learning and research, their determination to design the best BSC racing game is now stronger than ever. While the digital game knows no borders, Axie Infinity went viral in 2021, from SEA to the entire world. The team of the top-notch development team and UI/UX designers integrated the technological architecture of WEB 3.0, Metaverse, and GameFi as a whole into a user-centric, metaverse racing game. To achieve the perfect decentralization, response rate, and autonomy in our community, the team shall adopt the Fair Launch approach starting from our launch. The team will not seek funding from any capital or venture capital companies and will only retain 2% of all the team tokens, with the remaining tokens distributed to the community as incentives for participation.

While designing the game model, the team also dissected the reasons for the collapse of other GameFi projects in the market. The main reason is hyperinflation as the result of speculation of play-to-earn and irresponsible team management. To deal with the abovementioned problems, the team deployed three schemes:

An official NFT Marketplace will be introduced after a period of time from launch. The NFT marketplace allows players to exchange P2E token coins for blind boxes to open Level 1 cars. Players are also allowed to use BNB to trade with one another in the NFT Marketplace.
A unique voting system with a reasonable time frame for players to vote ensures perfect community autonomy.
A periodic voting scheme for community governance, giving the community rights and power over various in-game policies. The team will then consider the community’s feedback and could even adjust the number of Coins produced.

2.Can you briefly introduce the project XXVR what are some of utilities of $META ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

The game’s model will be divided into a Sports Car System and a Gem Equipment System.
Sports Car System: The requirement to enter XXVR Metaverse is a SUPER COOL sports car! The team planned to hold an honourable community INO. Whitelisted players can mint their own sports car during a suitable time frame. The first batch of whitelists will open up to 3333 players. 3000 of which will be open to the public for players to take part in and it will hold the rest of the 333 as a reward for active players and early payers.

The First batch of whitelist:3000
Price to Mint:0.3 BNB
Ways to GET:
Discord invitation: 35%
Early OG: 20%
Active participation in the chatroom: 35%
Derivative Work: 10%
When players own their own sports car, they can enter and explore the metaverse and P2E. There are 9 levels of the sports car, each with its own respective consumption rate and production rate. Players can purchase respective Coins to upgrade their car levels. It is to be noted that each level has a cooldown timer before players can upgrade further, thereby providing a safeguard from the depletion of in-game resources.

We will introduce NFT Marketplace during the game’s progress, allowing players to purchase blind boxes with their Coins. Each blind box will contain a level 1 sports car that players can trade on the official NFT Marketplace using BNB with other players.

We will also build a Gem system in the future. When each unique Gem is mounted on players’ sports cars, each P2E game’s Coin production rate will be multiplied. When NFT Marketplace goes live, players can also trade Gems with each other using Meta Governance Tokens.

Meta Governance Token allows players to obtain corresponding voting rights by pledging the Tokens.
For example, when one player voices their proposal in the community, other players with Meta Governance Tokens can vote on the said proposal. Every 1000 Meta Governance Tokens holds 1 vote in most circumstances, and every 1000 additional Meta Governance Tokens holds 1 additional vote. If the number of votes is equal or exceeds 51% of the total votes, the proposal will be passed and the team will attempt to implement it into the game accordingly, vice versa.

To ensure the community stays updated and to allow sufficient brainstorming, each proposal will be given 48 hours for voting.
It is worth mentioning that we decided to give long-term supporters a heavier voice. Players who seek a larger voting weightage can choose to extend their pledge time. Pledging their Meta for 7 days, 21 days and 60 days will not only give players higher APY but also 1.3 times, 1.8 times, and 3 times voting weightage, respectively.
For example, if a player wishes to pledge 1000 Meta for 60 days, these 1000 Meta tokens will hold 3 votes.
Players can also vote for corresponding rights with regards to pledging APY, tokens released, the production rate of Coins etc.

To prevent the in-game economy from hyperinflation, XXVR designed a DAO Treasury Funds system to prevent excessive issuance. This system will periodically burn a proportion of Coins to prevent coins held by players to decrease in value. As a result, the players’ coins will not be depreciated deeply.

Furthermore, when NFT Marketplace is introduced, players can purchase blind boxes with their Coins. Each blind box will contain a level 1 sports car that players can trade on the official NFT Marketplace using BNB with other players. A 3% transaction fee will be imposed on each transaction, which will then be allocated to the DAO Treasury. XXVR will repurchase circulating tokens to increase market liquidity every month. A portion of the treasury will also be allocated to hosting future tournaments that will provide players with a chance to earn more tokens. Players can also choose to sell their high-level cars to promote sustainable game assets.
The Gem system will be implemented after Genisis AirDrop and the official minting process. XXVR will allow these gems to be traded using Meta tokens on the NFT Marketplace, with 1.5% of the transaction price allocated to the DAO Treasury. XXVR will burn a proportion of Meta Tokens every month to ensure the sustainable economic growth of these tokens. It will also allocate some of these tokens to the tournaments in the future.
The DAO treasury funds will be strictly regulated, and every time the funds are used on a large scale, they will announce it to the community in advance.

as you can see, quite a lot of utilities for the $META token is in place~~

3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievement target XXVR is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

Q4 2021

The world’s first naked-eye 3D racing game CG video production
The Community has accumulated more than 20,000 fans
XXVR graphic design and website production

Q1-Q2 2022

The first version of the XXVR game is online
Develop and launch the game box
Marketing, cooperation and onboarding more users
Release Gem system and Official NFT marketplace

Q3 2022

Capital Intervention and DAO treasury
Acquire more games to connect the game box
Onboarding more guilds and gamefi fans

Q4 2022

More news coming

4) Could you please introduce the project team?

The XXVR’s founding team is distributed globally from Japan, Europe, and Korea. The team members were former employees in many major game companies, and they despised the fragmentation of the current GameFi eco-system, and the system is not well established. It caused worse users’ experiences and a terrible impression of the whole industry. Therefore, XXVR is aimed to develop that is truly centered on community users and has a healthy eco-system, allowing users to fully experience the joy of the game and realize the core of P2E.

Sure. I am the Founder of XXVR.

with 14 years of experience in BD and sales, marketing, and managing, collaborating.
started my journey into the world of blockchain in 2019, with in-depth study of
technology and consequently all derivations from it, such as CEX, DEX, CeFi,
DeFi, the more recent Metaverse, NFTs, and GameFi.

5.Whats the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution

There are two tokens in XXVR metaverse
P2E Token: Coin, initial launch 2M and no hard capacity. Users can obtain the Coin Tokens with a play-to-earn feature in the XXVR game.
Address: TBD
Governance Token: Meta Total Supply: 100M
Community: 23%, it will be used to build the community and motivate active gamers and community users
DAO Treasury: 7%, it will be used as the treasury revenue of the game and carried out the macro-control of the in-game economic system
Staking: 65%, will be used to open the staking reward pool so that users can get more token rewards when XXVR reaches a later stage.
Airdrop: 3%, early participants will receive an AirDrop of Meta tokens, but we’re still deciding on the model of the AirDrop
Team: 2%, rewards for the founder team, and it will be locked in the smart contract for one year, after which 0.2% will be released quarterly
Address: TBD

1.Your project name is very unique which is “XXVRMETA”. Where did this inspiration come from and why did you choose “XXVR” as your project name?

Jerry, you have the floor here, thank you~~~

maybe Jerry has some kind of technical difficulty on his side~~

I believe the XX means, the realm of XX, which refers to the Metaverse, VR stands for Virtual Reality, which is now into the future, then, again, Meta, which stands for Metaverse

Our team has many years experience in video game and UE4 engine

The XXVR project stands for virtual reality (AR). You can check the graphics effects.

2.Can you tell the story behind the founding of the XXVR project?

The XXVR founded 2021. We used to develop racing game on mobile for 5 years.

After we learned the play2earn and axie, we decided to bring the racing game to the blockchain and make it VR ready

We spend months on modeling and rendering

3.What is XXVR working on today to bring the most innovative ideas to the crypto sphere? How does XXVR improve the end user experience and proactively encourage? How will players be able to acquire massive rewards of NFT collectibles and tokens?

XXVR has both p2e and pvp models as well as scholar rental system for guilds. User can stake the NFT to get daily $meta token as reward. The car rating from 1–9, user can customized their car with favorites NFT such ape, punk, bird etc

We only mint 3333 NFT cars at the beginning. After that, user can get NFTs only by spending $meta

4.Could you tell us about the main ways to generate in-game income? Is there a possibility that the NFTs obtained will passively generate income to the holder? The only utility of the NFTs will be in-game?

Yes, the only utility of NFT will be in-game. User need to stake the NFT and earn $meta.

That’s the best way to make passive income

5.In the most Basic-Terms, can you explain, How the Game works and what are the rules? and what unique features does XXVR have that differentiate it from its competitors?

The game has both pvp and pve. Users can make daily income $meta by staking NFT and play pve. For pvp, we have weekly and monthly tournaments, top 10 winners share the bounty pool.

The bounty pool will be filled daily from transaction fee


6.What are the major utilities of holding the your token? How does the team plan to enhance token value so as to engage users for the long run? Am i allowed to stake your token and earn passive income?

Yes, you may stake NFT and earn pass income. After the official 3333 NFT release, no more NFT will be minted from XXVR official. User can only mint NFT cars by spending $Meta. It’s also the only way to upgrade the car from 1–9 one of the NFT car

Q1-Taiwo Bisayo,
What is the Unique features in XXVR that you think Axie Infinity is missing which can attract people to go for XXVR rather than Axie Infinity?

[In reply to Taiwo Bisayo]
You can customize the Car with your favorite NFT such as ape, punk, bird, etc

Q2-Shinz R,
Do you Have an option to stake #XXVR META and Earn a passive income For the holder?

[In reply to Shinz R]
Yes, you can stake NFT to earn $meta. This will happen in May

Is your Project A COMMUNITY only for English speaking an few countries or for users not of other languages??

[In reply to ASIKH]
Currently we only have English community. But we will expand to other languages with ambassadors program

Many games don’t support mobiles, and that reduces the attraction of many players around the world. Can I play on mobile and on PC too? Is there a version for Android and iOS, what does my PC need to be able to play #XXVRGame?

[In reply to Sam]
We will support both iOS and Android, as well as VR platform

In the future, user can buy VR headset with $meta

Thank you crypto challenger for this amazing AMA opportunity. Currently we are doing a gleam giveaway for promotion. You can enter it here.

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Thank you all for the support




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