Venue : CryptoChallengersD
Date : 28 SEPT 2022
Time : 10:00 AM UTC.

Guest: GRACE
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project UNAMANO

Unamano is a ETH2.0 Staking & Project DAOs Protocol, staking ETH to earn multiple crypto assets.

1.Could you please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

I’m grace,in charge of marketing for Unamano

I am an early investor in blockchain, and I’ve been active in the crypto industry since 2017. I used to work in the securities market before entering the crypto industry.

In the early days, I have organized many offline conferences to share blockchain information with those who were interested, and let more people know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

I have 5+ years working experience in blockchain and crypto industry, rich experience in overseas marketing and operation of blockchain projects, involved in the web 3 Foundation project and mainstream public chain projects.

2.Can you briefly introduce the project UNAMANO what are some of the utilities of token ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Unamano is a POS liquid mining protocol for ETH 2.0, staking ETH to earn multiple crypto assets.
Provide early project developers with community support to help them take their first steps to the unicorn.
Meanwhile, make sure that all members of this community get generous rewards for supporting the project.

With the POS mechanism of ETH2.0, Unamano supports the ecological development of Web3 through ETH staking from ETH holders to support more excellent projects. Let every member of the ETH community participate in more excellent Web3 ecological projects through risk-free staking.

UNA utilities

As an ETH PoS network staking platform, Unamano is one of the most important parts of the Ethereum ecosystem. UNA is Unamano’s governance token, and UNA holders have the right to vote on the use of the Platform Community Fund and participate in the governance of project development.

Based on UNA holders’ vote, Unamano platform can pin high-quality projects on the top and shelve inferior projects info the inactive projects category. Therefore, users can easily find the most popular projects on the Unamano platform.

Our competitive advantage is that we expand more possibilities in the ETH POS Staking sector.

Users can earn projects token rewards by staking ETH to the smart contract of the project they want to support on Unamano platform. Project side only needs to create a DAO to sustain the rewards generated by ETH Staking as a development fund for the project.

All stakes will serve as DAOs for different projects, and all assets are managed by smart contracts. ETH stakers will not be at the risk of principal loss, and they can obtain tokens from various excellent projects.

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3.Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievements that UNAMANO is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

We are currently at an early stage,
So let’s not exaggerate what we’ve achieved, simply put.

In the past few weeks, We reached partnership with more than 15 high-quality projects and platforms, in-depth cooperation including but not limited to marketing, POS minning partners and Project DAO.

Our product design drawing has been completed, and the current product development has been 30% completed. In addition, in terms of communities and marketing, we have enriched more media channels, and many communities and influencers are communicating with us about the details of cooperation and we also have some VC and institutional support.

Our team is currently working hard on the product and, which will be our most important recent achievement, the Unamano platform beta is expected to meet you at the end of October

4.Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives users choosing your platform?

We attached great importance to the security of users’ assets and the security of the platform.

First of all, The Unamano platform beta vision will go through a lot of testing.

We will hold public testing activities and provide bug bounty to those users who participate in the test and find loopholes and bugs.

The platform will complete the audit of at least three authoritative contract audit institutions before the official launch

In the Unamano 1.0 stage, we will provide a path for users to stake ETH on Lido, which is a mature staking solution to ensure the stable and sustainable operation of the project in the early stage.

Users will obtain the stETH once ETH being staked, and receive the reward based on the amount of stETH.

When the ETH2.0 mainnet goes online, we will smoothly switch to Unamano’s own mainnet node according to the mainnet plan.

The benefits for investors

1. Participation in primary market investment
2. Risk is controllable and the original digital assets held will not be lost.
3. Flexible participation, multiple benefit options.

5.Please introduce the team background of the project & the success behind UNAMANO.

Our team members have many years of crypto Industry work experience, they have first-class blockchain development technology, and have participated in the development experience of many well-known projects and public chain development

DarryL CTO
· 6 years experience in blockchain projects
· Good at project management and coordination
· Business development
· Product Innovation
· Familiar with Cex, Dex and derivative financial products, has led a number of blockchain financial projects

· Be familiar with blockchain knowledge and master blockchain development technologies such as solidity
· 4 years of software development experience, familiar with software development process. Skilled in Java, JS, Linux and other technologies

· Software Architect
· More than 5 years of experience in blockchain project development
· Familiar with smart contract development
· Early Ethereum Ecosystem Contributors

· Full stack developer
· 10 years software engineering experience
· Participate in the development of NULS blockchain microservice modules

· Rich experience in community operation, has managed a project community with more than 50k members
· Constantly dedicated to growing and making impact in the blockchain space.
· leverage her skills and help projects to achieve their community/marketing targets while expanding their brand and product awareness.

And me, the above is the introduction of our core members.

We have a deep understanding of this industry and a successful accumulation of experience will make success with us

Q1. Partnerships is one of important factors for every project. Could you name some of your partners? What are the benefits that you get from them? And is there any partnership that will be established in near future?

We have always maintained a positive and cooperative state to treat every potential partner and we have reached partnership with more than 15 high-quality projects and platforms, in-depth cooperation including but not limited to marketing, POS mining partners and Project DAO partners

Here is a list of our partners

ENS/ Nabox/ LIDO/ Anonverse/ PlaySky/ Yolee Universe/ Fomoin / Chair.Finance /Dfistarter/ Ivy Market /Galaxy Blitz/ Ominichain/CacherVC/

There are many ways of cooperation between projects, institutions or individuals that can be discussed with us, and we also hope that this AMA will bring us more surprise cooperation opportunities 111

Q2. I read that In phase 1, #Unamano will be fully integrated with the existing beacon chain ecosystem. Both ETH and stETH can be wagered on #Unamano.
There are two types of bets in the #Unamano system, “main DAO pool and DAO Token pool”. Can you explain both?

Both ETH and stETH can be staked on the Unamano platform.

I believe that many people will be curious about Main DAO pool and DAO Token pool, I will answer them carefully here

There are two types of stake in the Unamano system, main DAO pool and the Token DAO pool.

The asset reward obtained by the main DAO output is still stETH, which uses Lido’s liquidity staking pool. All ETH stakers will get a staking voucher stETH, and stETH holders can exchange their stETH for ETH on liquidity pools (such as ‌‎Curve‌‎ or ‌‎Balancer‌‎). ‎Holding stETH can be exchanged on Uniswap and 1inch to redeem ETH in Unamano’s stake system.

If stETH is transferred to other accounts, it will not be able to claim earnings and Cancel Stake on Unamano.

The asset rewards obtained by the Projects DAO pool are other project Tokens, and the corresponding stETH rewards will belong to the project party.

The reward model of the main DAO pool is similar to other types of POS mining pools, which is to stake in POS to obtain main network rewards.
Here we mainly introduce the Token DAO pool, which is also the core product of the Unamano platform.

Project Initiation — Create DAO — Fill in Project Information — Fill in Token Release Rules — Fill in Stake Rules — Information Review — Automatically Create DAO Contract in Smart Contract — Add POS Node — Claim ETH Reward

ETH Holder — Select the project to support — Stake ETH — Claim Token income — Exit stake

Q3. How did you get your community to contribute to your project? Have you managed to build a strong global community and local community network?

Like we said All staker serve as DAO for projects.

It is necessary to build strong and bonded communities. Unamano appreciates support from our social communities.
They are always curious about the product and progress of Unamuno. It is great that we can hear more from communities as DAO for Unamano.

Unamano is an open platform for users. We will have a voting system in our communities. We also welcome any advice from communities as well.

The Unamano DAO aims to create a cohesive community of stakers by putting the governance of the protocol into the hands of users.
DAO governance is better than one person or a developer’s team for making decisions about changes in Unamano.

We believe that investments should be decentralized, democratized and community-driven. Unamano provides a more open, free and fair governance model. Unamano community members are able to initiate proposals, vote in elections and invest in projects in unprecedented ways, such as decisions on major community events, additions or cancellations of product features.

In order for every UNA holder to have the right to initiate proposals, we will also establish a DAO committee with the goal of monitoring and rejecting malicious submissions.

Q4. How is Unamano different from other ETH staking services out there, what is the meaning of being completely non-custodial?

There are many differences.
Unamano can solve the liquidity problem for users after staking ETH. We are not just a liquidity service provider.

Unamano is more committed to laying the foundation for the ecological development of Ethereum and providing support and development funding for high-quality projects on Ethereum. Bring more capital preservation investment opportunities for ETH holders, and a variety of income to choose from.

This is a win-win opportunity for both the Unamano platform itself and the project and users

Unamano Project Support Fund

The Unamano project staking pool will connect with Lido, the largest staking service provider of the Eth2.0 beacon chain, and use Lido’s staking derivative stETH as the token of Unamano, which is a token with a rebase mechanism. It means that the stETH balance will increase regularly, thereby generating income, and when it is used for Unamano staking, the gen erated income will be used for project incubation and platform operation.

Non-custodial is decentralized

With non-custodial solutions, you almost always have the ability to choose exactly the way you want to stake on any given PoS network, depending on the protocol’s rules and tooling you have access to. You can choose exactly which validators you want to stake with and for how long. On custodial services you usually don’t get to choose which validator to support and reward percentages are capped.

Q5. Can you tell us more about Unamano’s business model?

Unamano Platform Business Model:

Take 5% of nodes block producing fee to be used for platform development and part of it will be used to buy back UNA and burn.

Staker — ETH — POS Nodes

Multiple parties can benefit from a positive feedback loop for ecosystem development. This is a brand-new way of circulating assets on chain.

Projects can use smart contracts for digital asset issuance based on the POS revenue distribution mechanism. Generally speaking, participants use POS assets as mining machines to mine other digital assets, and the corresponding project party receives stake benefits from the block production.

This is a win-win opportunity for both the Unamano platform itself and the project and users


What wallets does unamano supports?

We will support many wallets, such as coin 98, Bitkeep, Metamask,Trust wallet,etc.

2.My Question:
Do you have a whitepaper?
If you have, Please share it with us.
Lastly, Do you have plans for pre-sale?

Yes we do have whitepaper and deck
For pre sale we plan to open first round in october, publice sale should in november

3.Is your project for English speaking countries only or do you have a community for non-English speaking users? If so, are they local?

Yes our project is for english speaking countries and regions, but we plan to add communities in different languages ​​after the product goes live like : Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Russian, etc.

4.Do you have a AUDIT certificate?
are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliables,??✅

Just like the question I just answered, we attach great importance to security, and our products will pass at least three authoritative contract audit institutions then launch

5.A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how is initiative planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the initiative team?

Yes, a strong community will bring strong support to the project, in our marketing plan, getting more community support will be the most important point.
At the same time, we are also recruiting blockchain community growth experience, if you are interested, you can bring your resume to find us

It did take some time to pick the questions.
Thank you gusy for your positive questions
You can join our community to learn more

Thanks again to the CryptoChallengers community and host

By the way, Unamano’s airdrop event is still in progress and it’s almost over. If you haven’t participated yet, please join the UNA airdrop ASAP!

Prize pool $50000 UNA
Follow us on Twitter and see the pinned news to participate in the UNA airdrop

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