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They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project TRON

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized operating system much like Ethereum that aims to advance the decentralization of the Internet and its infrastructure. Tron is a smart contract platform that offers high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all Decentralized Applications (DApps) in the TRON ecosystem.

1.Could you please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

Laurent Perello (El Pi),
Laurent, 49 years old
serial entrepreneur since 27 years

I’m Tron DAO advisor

To talk a bit about my journey
I had the chance to launch my first business at the really beginning of what we call now Web 1.0
Editing magazine and we were one of the first to launch an ‘online’ edition in France

After 8 successful years we faced a huge economics crisis that killed a lot of business
We tried to resist during 1 year and half but we lost a lot of clients (they have a bankruptcy)

So the situation has been really hard (a lot of unpaid invoice from our clients)
and one day my Bank decided to stop supporting my business
I lost everything in 1mn30

Mostly 9 years of my life, all my money, my home, everything
Just 2 plastics bags and the absolute necessity to start again

so I started again the day after a new business

as a business developer for startup and big brands

I was helping them to improve their business strategy, their costumer relationship management and their business process
Successful business again

Few years later, one day, I have been contacted by a ‘head hunter agency’ looking to onboard some experts to advise big companies to adopt a crazy new innovation: the cloud computing

At first I thought it was a joke
And I have finally accepted

So I joined a team of 9 other high level experts in several domain

I have been trained by Google to advise and define the digital transformation strategy for these big companies and also acting as a project manager for them
we were the 10 first experts at this time to do this
We were some kind Cloud computing evangelist

It was an amazing time, the beginning of web 2.0

It has been a successful journey again
I learned a lot
But after a moment, I decided that it wasn’t anymore what I wanted to do, how I expected to use my skills and my experience
So I decided to move, being free and independant again and to be focus on advising startups
Web 2.0 startups

I advise startups since 15 years now
and since 5 years in web 3.0

One day in 2015 a friend of mine shared a white paper, the Satoshi Nakamoto one, Bitcoin one

and this changed my life

Since this day, I read it again and again
Each Saturday morning, my personal ritual 😉

I’m not a technical guy, you know
But since years I learn, each day, always and again
and again again

I’m not a tech guy, as I said
So to understand The Bitcoin white paper I had to spend a lot of time
It’s a so high level concept

But at the moment, I told to myself: ok, done with the technical stuff, let’s read it again as a piece of philosophy

What could it changes?
How Bitcoin concept could improve our society?
Our simple citizen life…

So now, since this time, I read it again and again and each time new I discover a new purpose, new possibilities, opportunities

In 2017 I started to advise web 3.0 startups
and step by step to be fully focus on web3
you know, the rabbit hole and so on

Since the beginning of 2022, I’m also Tron DAO advisor bringing my expertise, my experience and my energy to build an inclusive, open-minded, sustainable, multichain ecosystem
And we are doing it
It’s amazing how our ecosystem is dynamic and growing fast
With always a long term vision in mind

2.Can you briefly introduce the project TRON DAO and how do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

that’s an interesting question and a great opportunity for me to clearly explain what TronI is all about now

Trust me most of the people don’t really know what is really Tron
They are still in the ‘ICO’ time, it’s so ‘2018’
Trying to compare L1s on technical aspects
It’s the wrong approach in my point of view
Let me explain

Major L1s are not anymore in the launch phase, but in the scaling one
I mean it’s not only technical promise, it’s about real adoption

and when we have a look to numbers, metrics, the reality, so it’s obvious to admit that Tron is one of the leaders

Since the beginning Tron was operating as a foundation and has been focus on building, delivering the promise: a fast, cost effective, safe and secure smart contract L1
A real alternative to Ethereum
With a 10 years roadmap
Not just Phase 1, 2, 3 😉

Tron is a working on a Delegated Proof of stake mecanism, since its launch
Not trying to switch to POS or trying to offer a functional blockchain
Tron works, since the beginning
No hack, no down time, no congestion

Some people are still comparing L1s by TPS and such criteria’s
It can be when the blockchain is not live and constantly improving, I mean when it’s just a white paper
But when the chain is live, other criteria’s matter

the number of wallets
Tron it’s now +108M wallets

the number of actives wallets
and for this Tron is 1st
Don’t trust me trust Messari

and again, don’t trust me, verify 😉

The TVL (Total value locked)
Tron is 2nd
With a constant fast grothw

if you have a look you will see that all other L1s (except BSC 3rd) are far away

The stable liquidity available on the L1 ecosystem

Tron is the blue one in the middle
More than 10M wallets hold some stable coins
2nd Ethereum 3.4M
then all others

we all know how stable coins matter in a highly volatile market

and even more in a bear market
If you want to protect your capital, you need stable coins
in DeFi, you need stable coins
Web3 projects to protect their funds, they need stable coins

so the real creteria to analyse L1s performance should be:
- the number of wallets
- the number of actives wallets
- the number of actives wallets / last 24h
- The TVL (Total value locked)
- The stable liquidity available on the L1 ecosystem

and also security and availability

I say it again, Tron works, always, perfectly well, with no down time, no congestion, no hack

If you consider all these criterias, there is not so much competitors
That’s the reality

It’s the reason why we can see much more stable coins transaction on Tron than on Ethereum (and I say it again: we all know here how stable coins are precious in this chaotic times, bear market)

10 times more USDT (the dominant stable coin) on Tron compared to Ethereum

3.Can you please share a bit about the TRON GrandHackthon2022? Excited to hear from you.

as a part of our long term strategy, we have launch earlier this year what we call Tron GrandHackton
With 3 season this year

2nd one has just closed recently

the season 2 has been even more impressive
more than 1800 participants
+200 qualified projects

but the more exciting for the long run, it’s not only to see new projects chosing Tron as a first choice L1, it’s also to see a lot of live dApp, joining our ecosystem
some simply migrating, I mean moving from another chain to Tron
and some adding Tron as part of their main strategy

we have 4 tracks
DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Web3

it shows how we want to develop Tron
Not only as a ‘stable coin’ chain but as a major actor in all domains

We have also top leading partners and judge
That helps to improve the quality of participating projects

and we have engaged our community to participate
It’s a 1M dotation for the for tracks
With 2 pool prize
One on Devpost
And one on Tron DAO forum. There, it’s the community juding and deciding which projects should win

that’s also showing how now, as a DAO we are more focus on our ecosystem and our community
Engaging them to build and decide together

Here you will find all winners on Devpost

but much more than a money prize, winners with outstanding quality may receive additional support as:
- Additional funding for projects with a large active user base;
- Listing on Poloniex and other exchanges supporting the TRON ecosystem;
-Fast-track listing on TRON-powered DEXs such as SunSwap;
- Included into the dApp section on TronLink with a featured banner;
- Promotions on TRONDAO or H.E. Justin Sun’s social media.

and when you have a look to our partners list, you easily understand how it can be a big opportunity for all participating projects

this is also a strong example of what Tron is today
It’s not a challenger, it’s a leader working with leaders

4.Also recently we heard about #sTRONgerTogetherChallenge, we are also proud to be a part of the campaign. Can you please give more information about #sTRONgerTogetherChallenge to the community?

#sTRONgerTogetherChallenge has started as a simple idea less than 3 weeks ago

You know I spend a lot of time on a daily basis to help all projects from our ecosystem and also to onboard new ones, including some built on other L1s who want to migrate or having a multichain strategy

I constantly repeat that we have to cooperate
It’s not about a competition but all about collaboration
Saying: Let’s keep building, Together

So the first main goal is to demonstrate the powerful ‘Together’ effect
Showing to the whole Crypto industry how the Tron and BitTorrent ecosystem are strong

It’s also an amazing way to giving back to the TRON community what the community gives us on a daily basis

Highlighting Tron OG projects and those who are joining us
Showing how projects help each other in our ecosystem (we are really supportive, open-minded and inclusive)
Confirming our long-term commitment, whatever the market situation is, bear or bull, and our determination to keep on building, every day, TOGETHER
Engaging our respective community to support and collaborate with other ones (participating project communities)

So I have proposed to some projects to join thinking that we will be 5 to 7
Doing a one week event as a proof of concept

Finally we are +40 projects in
So it will last 5 weeks

We have launched this challenge one week ago
With a daily challenge/airdrop
More than $15k for the whole challenge

Each day we highlight one project with a specific airdrop

we have published a press release and several crypto media made an article about it

It’s the first time that a L1 ecosystem launch a such campaign/initiative
A lot of projects (from others L1s) each day contact me to know how to join Tron

This is the challenge of the day for example

We see a impressive engagement from all projects and from the community
You are all welcome guys

Come, join, learn more about the Tron and BitTorrent ecosystem and have some fun with us

Here 1=1, one human = one human and that’s it

What’s the most exciting is that we are already working on a season 2 (launch in October certainly)
100 projects/100 days

It will be unique, exciting and contribute to make the difference
It shows in a great way what the Tron ecosystem is all about too

smart, committed, trustable people

a big family

with no borders


5.Please tell us about the great vision of Tron Dao is looking forward to achieving it in the next few years

As I told you, Tron has a 10 years roadmap in mind
since the beginning we work on delivering what we have promised
with a long term vision

TRON ecosystem has set itself a 10-year roadmap:
Exudos 2017.8~2018.12
Odyssey 2019.1~2020.6
Great Voyage 2020.7~2021.7
Apollo 2021.8~2023.3
Star Trek 2023.4~2025.9
Eternity 2025.4~2027.9
for this technical vision you can discover more here

regarding real use and adoption, it’s all about the ecosystem and the community
Moving to a DAO help us to co-create with all of them
We have a closer relation with the whole ecosystem

It’s change a lot to build an even more efficient, innovative and sustainable ecosystem

To accelerate the adoption we have also launch recently our Grants program
so now The TRON DAO Grant Program provides support to Communities, Developers, and Influencers that are building on the TRON network.

with a quaterly allocation

we have 3 tracks: community, developers, and influencers

each one with a great idea in mind or able to provide a valuable contribution can submit a grant request

for the long run we have also an Ecosystem funds
1Billion for the next 10 years

The fund was established to foster the growth and development of the TRON ecosystem over 10 years, this is a real proof of how we are focus on long term, but building constantly and strongly on a daily basis

we walk on two legs in fact
one for the present, the other one for the future

you can find more info about the grants program here

1#TRON is one of the few companies in the industry that has remained down to earth, conscientious and responsible in the implementation of its strategies. So what are TRON’s plans for the future? Can you tell us about TRON’s “grand strategy”?

As I just said, we have a 10 years technical roadmap, a 1 Billion ecosystem fund to develop the ecosystem for the next 10 years
And we are working hard to engage even more builders, crypto investors, VCs, all web 3 people to join and contribute
It’s also by participating to web3/blockchain event
In september we will participate to 7 events
From Paris to Gibraltar to the US

Tron is not a ‘hype’ project
It’s about building a sustainable ecosystem, providing a secure and working innovation

it’s not about dream or promise, it’s about reality and proof

our attitude, our commitment is also an important of our strategy
It’s not always all about technical innovation
we should not forget that it’s at first
By Human for Human

Partnerships are extremely important for a project in the long run. However, I could not find it on your website.
As an investor, I would like to know about your partnerships with reliable communities.
Can you please explain the current situation and plans relevant to this point?

As I shared previoulsy we have a lot of leading crypto partners

for the hackathon

for USDD, our over collaterized stable coin we have launch recently
The most transparent one by the way

everyone knows this leading crypto actors
The top of the top

we are able to engage such partners (and it’s just a beginning, trust me) because we also have a high level of transparency
for example, USDD was the first stable coin to let everyone verifying the collateralization

more than +300% today

we take the time needed to do things properly, to last, to be sustainable

far away from fud, fomo or hype

I say it again, hype never lasts

2.After the crash that happened to UST, there has been lots of questions as regarding the credibility of stable coins. Can TRON DAO highlight how to make the USDD stablecoin a solid one that will stand the test of time and stand comparable to flagship stablecoins such as USDT?

just have a look to the screenshot I have just shared

+300% collat ration

USDD is created to be multichain
It’s already available on ETH, Tron, BitTorrent chain, BSC
More come will follow

we take the time to do things properly, to secure the collateralization

no fomo here

real long term business

3.Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, what makes your project different from projects ?

I hope that you have all understood than Tron is far away from this

A 10 yeats roadmap in mind, building on a daily basis, engaging developers, projects and the whole community to keep building together

Tron is profitable and sustainable

Tron is TronStrong
and even more sTRONgerTogether

Again, the main difference is in the metrics (see numbers I have shared), the vision (long term not a fomo or hype based one), the community and the ecosystem
This makes a big difference now and even more in a long run

4.Just want to point out that Tron has done nothing in years. It is worth less now then it was in 2017. No matter what Tron says, the coin never gains value.

this is my favorite question 😂

if I haven’t changed your mind with everything I have shared today so I will work twice than what I use to do (I work 15h/day 7/7)

to answer seriously, I can understand that for some people not involved in our ecosystem it could be like that: Tron has done nothing in years
But as soon as you try to learn a bit about what it is now (see numbers, see the ecosystem, see partners, see USDD and so on), it’s really easy to change its point of view

if you want to get access to trustable news and update just follow Tron Dao or myself on Twitter

for sure if you stay focus on a short term perspective, and price action, I can’t help you
Price never reflect the reality, and evn less in crypto
Have a look to Luna
To the moon and now?
How many people have lost everything
It’s also part of our responsability to protect people money
The price is keeping strong when others are falling
It’s mostly the same price from one year ago when most of the crypto are up to 90%

when you want the moon constantly at a moment you’ve got a crash

when you build for the long term, you create a sustainable value in the long term

real investors are looking for this
not for pump and dump


My question is about STAKING $TRX, do you have a Staking option for TRX

CAN I STAKE $TRX to earn passive income?

What exchanges support $TRX Staking?

[In reply to MIM✍️]
yes sure we have a staking program
and it’s much more than just staking
what people don’t often know is that on Tron you don’t pay fees for the transaction
It’s all about energy and bandwidth

when you stake, you got not only an % (in TRX) but you can also vote
It’s the principle of a Delegated Proof of stake blockchain (as Tron)
so you lock your token (you can withdraw at any time), you get interest and you can vote for a SR

On the TRON network, all TRX holders can apply to be SR candidates, and are likely to become SRs or super partners. Any TRX holder can vote for SR candidates, among which the top 27 most-voted candidates will become SRs, while the 28th to 127th will become super partners.
SRs are responsible for producing blocks and packing transactions; super partners, on the other hand, only receive voting rewards without performing the aforementioned two tasks.
All SR candidates, super partners and SRs have the right to raise proposals to modify parameters on the TRON network.

when you vote you get energy and bandwidth
so if you stake 1500 TRX for ex, you will have enough energy and bandwidth to make 2 transactions for free

I say it again, for free

that’s a huge difference with other L1s

Problem in #Tron is many mining scams by using $TRON name it is the thing leads in every one not to hold tron when they get scammed. If any one got scammed they forget tron name. How can u help people not to get scammed from such fraud mining??

[In reply to Vivek]
Yes right
But you know scammers always go where there is the more people
This being said, we try to fight and prevent this
We regularly publish scam alerts
And constantly repeat: there is no mining on Tron
Each one should take care when promissed profit are insane
You can’t ear 50% a day, no way, never
It’s ponzi or scam
Each one should also better educate itsalf to escape such scam
We do our best to prevent but we can be behind each one to verify and protect
It’s also an individual responsability to protect itself from this
as pishing and so on
Never share your private key 🙃

Q3-Alfred Barry
Hello sir,
I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens?? Is it already listed exchanges??
Thank You

[In reply to Alfred Barry (I Don’t DM First)]
You can buy on all majors Exchange
Than you can



a) Stake SUNSwap LP tokens

b) Deposit & Stake 3pool tokens

c) Deposit & Stake USDC pool




You have a lot of ways to earn with TRON and protect your investments.

Q4-It’s Me [Always Failed],
IS your project only for a few English speaking countries or for users of other languages?

[In reply to It’s Me [Always Failed]]
for each one and everyone
we have a lot of local groups
Just jump in our main Telegram group and ask
I’m working on offering all websites and engaging all dApp built on Tron to translate in mostly all languages
For this we will engage the whole community to help (2023)

Q5-Marketing Owner✌️✌️,
How did you get the community involved in developing the project? and how do you build a strong community to grow globally?

[In reply to Marketing Owner✌️✌️]
it’s all about the relation we create with the community
We have created an ambassadors group (OG people, projects) and there we have a constant discussion on what to improve, what to improve and so one
we have several channel in different languages
from French to chinese
Just go in the main group and ask, you will get the list
The sTRONgerTogetherChallenge is also a proof of how close to the ecosystem and the community we are
building TOGETHER
Be honest, trustable, smart is also a great way to engage our community and our partners in a long run
Just what we are each day, still and always

Q6-Nice to meet you Napa and thanks for your question
I hope you were here since the beginning 😉
To summarize what I said:

- Tron is working perfectly since the beginning
- Tron is the first L1 regarding Stable coin liquidity and stable coin transactions
- Tron as a top network of leading partners
- Tron has the only one over collaterized stable coin (300% collat rate now)
- As a part of the Tron ecosystem BitTorrent brings high value and trustable solution: P2P file sharing since 2004 (more than 150M people use it on a daily basis), BitTorrent Chain Brige that helps to easily port any smart contract or dApp built on ETH for ex on both Tron BitTorrent Chain, BSC, Heko and much more L1 soon (our multichain strategy in action)
- Tron is a first choice in DeFi with the second largest TVL
- Tron has the biggest amount of active wallet (mostly 2M/day), the first one far away from all others
- Tron as a sustainable ecoystem with a lot of projects building since years
- Tron has an attractive GrandHackathon and a supportive Grants Program
-Tron has a 10 years roadmap
- Tron has an 1B ecosystem fund to develop the ecosystem
- Tron has an amazing commited inclusive and welcoming community
- Tron has the sTRONgerTogether Challenge, that you can’t see on other L1s
That’s Tron
Feel free to join

Big thanks you to all of you
feel free to join the sTRONgerTogether Challenge to discover how the community is amazing and to lear more about Tron, BitTorrent chain and the whole ecosystem

see you soon
take care, stay SAFU and keep building or supporting web3 projects


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