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Date : 26 MAY2022
Time : 05:00 PM UTC.

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Guest: Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project TRIATHON


Q1: Is there a meaning inTriathon? Why did you choose that particular name? Is there a unique behind the name that you choose?

Triathon is one of the projects of Trias Eco-system.Trias provides a platform to run DApps. It has integrated TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology, cyber security, and graph computing algorithms as a combined blockchain solution to ensure the correct execution of software.

Triathon is the hackathon of Trias, hence the name Triathon.

Triathon is a decentralized, community-driven framework for testing and auditing blockchains and decentralized applications (dApps).

Q 2: There are many projects that offers testing and auditing of crypto projects.What was the idea behind this project and what makes triathon unique?

Many commercial institutions provide third-party testing and auditing services in the global block chain testing field. Testing services first need to have strong capabilities and extensive credibility themselves. However, many commercial tests are seriously lacking in openness and transparency, and are easily influenced by factors such as interests and team capabilities and are therefore unable to guarantee true objective evaluation.

Moreover, the revenue-driven nature of commercial institutions also makes it difficult for them to naturally gain credibility, which leaves many institutions reliant on the cooperation and endorsement from authoritative third parties in order to build their own reputations.

Since Triathlon is a decentralized, community-driven framework for testing and auditing , IT does its testing and auditing– involving the global community and undertaking verification based on the community’s interests and real needs. Instead of seeking endorsement from authoritative third parties, Triathon collects credibility from users and observers across the space.
That’s what makes Triathon unique.

Q 3: How Triathon works .How can user participate in Triathon ?

The purpose of Triathon is to make the testing and auditing process simple like a game so that even users who do not have technical background can participate in some decentralized way and entire process will be visible and observable by everybody.

The Triathon testing framework has multiple test specifications. To make testing tools easily understood and applied by non-tech users, NFTs with descriptions of technical attributes and functions is gamified as weapons and tools. NFTs have different features and values. Users can use NFTs strategically while participating in the testing process.

There are currently three active tools in Triathon:
Daemon: allows user to define and enable protection mechanisms to target chains from being attacked
Delusionist: helps users to distribute testing tasks to target chains
Destroyer: initiates user-specified attacks against target chains

User can forge above tools in the form of NFTs on Triathon website .Then User can build weapons(ships) using parts and then stake them to participate in the testing process.

Q 4:How exactly will user be benefited by participating in the above mentioned testing process.

In Triathon, users test projects, play games and earn financial rewards in different ways, including participating in testing to win rewards,

competing in 1v1 test battles to win rewards
using NFTs to increase expected rewards
trading NFTs for price differences
creating new NFTs and selling in the market
collecting and auctioning rare and special NFTs
investing in the launchpad for a certain project

Q 5: What is the background of the team ??

Our team consists of global talents from several different industries. We have now 100+ team members with Ph.D. + Master

who have proven their talents through continuous and rapid development throughout these years.


Q1) Many investors buy tokens then sell them all in sale after initial exchange listing, how did “Triathon’ prevent early investors from selling their tokens. What benefits does token offer them in the long run? What are the benefits of holding?

GEON is the project token of Triathon.In order to attract users and improve the ecology, we reward the Triathon ecology participants.

The reward gained from the game battle will be paid in GEONs.User can upgrade and heal their ships/nfts using GEON and earn better rewards from upgraded ships.

GEON can also be used for swapping tokens of the new ITO projects.

With the comprehensive test by global users, if the project passed the verification of the platform, then it can start the initial offering activities; The GEON holders can get a quota of the new project and swap GEONs for new project tokens; Triathon foundation will use 20% of its income to buy back and burn GEONs and you can stake the GEONs on the platform to earn interest.

Q2) What does the ‘ “Triathon’ name stand for? There are interesting stories behind every successful project, and of course you have to work hard ever day. Can you share one of these interesting stories with us?

I guess we have already covered that.Triathon is one of the projects of Trias Eco-system.Triathon is a testing and auditing project of trias ecosystem.

Triathon is the hackathon of Trias, hence the name Triathon.

Q3) I have seen too many good projects fail to execute because the development team was rewarded with many awards before even submitting anything useful. This is human nature. But what are the plans for further expansion in the future, can you explain?

We have been doing collaborations and partnerships. We have entered into partnerships with UNO-a crypto insurance project and CASSAVA network recently.

We are already listed on CMC.You can also find us on DappRadar.We will also launch some platforms such as exchanges etc.We have also won if-Design 2022 best design award.There will also be many marketing plans in our community. We will also find good community in crypto to work with us to promote Triathon.

Q4) How will you attract and invite third party chains to be tested on Triathon?

In triathon common user can perform testing by playing games, thus we can attract as many people as possible, which in retrospect expands the userbase and ensure that we have a community decentralizing enough.

And we also encourage tech-savvies or project builders to join in the testing and auditing activities. they can have chains tested on Triathon before launching. Projects can only be launched after passing testing and auditing, this is the Initial Testnet Offering, ITO in Triathon.

We are in the process of finalizing projects for cooperation and deployment.

Q5) Triathon Lab is a Gamified Blockchain Testing Engine. So to identify a game project what features do you have? Can you explain what mechanism is used there?

The current p2e version of Triathon is the basic v1 version . There is plan to update the game types, like 3D space battle. In the future, we will develop additional games to bring users a richer gaming experience.


when will prepertual staking work?

[In reply to Derko]
Currently nder normal staking user can stake their nfts to earn rewards.Every day there are three rounds for staking . The link can be used for normal staking.
However under normal staking user has to claim and again stake their nfts for every round.
To avoid the repetitive task of claiming and staking and thus paying additional fees for the same , we have deployed new update for perpetual staking which is available on desktop version of triathon The user can keep their ships/nfts staked perpetually.

However it is advised not to use perpetual staking now as there’s been issue with perpetual staking.The technical team has located the issue and the deployed the code to correct the problem in testnet and being tested now and the issue will be resolved shortly.

🔥Where can I buy your tokens right now?

[In reply to Laboni]
You can not buy Geon tokens.Only way to earn is through Staking nfts/ships.Currently Geon is not listed on any exchanges so currently direct swapping of Geon with other tokens is not available .However its real value will be derived after ITO and then it can provide return on your investments.

What utilities does your token have, will you #BURN your token
And can users STAKE your token to earn
Kindly share your TOKENOMICS. ?

[In reply to Joshua]
Geon is used to upgrade and heal ships . The real value of Geon will come from Initial testnet offerings.The GEON holders can get a quota of the new project and swap GEONs for new project tokens; Triathon foundation will use 20% of its income to buy back and burn GEONs and you can stake the GEONs on the platform to earn interest.

Q4-Crypto Boy,
Staking programme is very important for any project, I wanna know Can i stake your token?Tell me Do you have any plan of starting staking programme?

[In reply to Crypto Boy]
Yes, Staking is can build ships/nfts and stake them to earn rewards.

This project is for everyone. Cost to enter project is not very high.You can start with small invetsments. However do remember that it is long term project.

Its been nice experience sharing details with the community. I wish everyone all the best. Thank You.