Date : 10 DEC 2021
Time : 12:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Ricky
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project SDOG.


1.Please give us a quick introduction about yourself and your project.

Ok, so as i am saying that i am a community volunteer who very interesting with the plans that SDOG offer

and why i am interested in SDOG

Because in my opinion. Small Dogecoin (SDOG) is a revolutionary experiment initiated by the decentralized community. It is committed to becoming a more decentralized and promising currency than Dogecoin.

2. Why is SDOG becoming the choice of whales?

As i say before, because of its revolutionary experiment initiated by the decentralized community. It is committed to becoming a more decentralized and promising currency.

3. SDOG’s token model is also a big concern. Can you share it with us?

SpaceD is a deflationary token issued by the SDOG community. It has the functions of automatic deflation and automatic dividends. It is the only currency used to purchase the limited edition NFT rocket mining machine of SDOG. SpaceD will charge 10% for each transaction, of which 5% will be directly destroyed in the black hole address and automatically deflated; the other 5% will be automatically distributed to other SpaceD currency holding addresses. The typical holding mining model.

SpaceD is sold in batches, which is equivalent to a lock-up mechanism to avoid inflation problems. Coupled with the functions of automatic deflation and automatic dividends, the stickiness of users' holding of coins is increased, which is more conducive to the establishment of community consensus.

Compared with other meme projects, besides all the functions mentioned above, SpaceD also combines with NFT auction and mining to increase the fairness and fun of the activity rules, which is good for the establishment of community consensus, rather than using the influences of KOL.

4. I have seen that some big investors have recently deployed SDOG. Can you analyze their investment logic?

SDOG, DOGE, and SHIB are MEME coins. The increase of DOGE and SHIB is undoubted, and there are no lack of stories of getting rich overnight in the market. Vitalik Buterin has also paid attention to the SDOG project, and the largest personal holding addresses of SHIB and ENS have had a certain SDOG a few days ago. I think the smart money always have a target that he truly believes in, somewhere. Currently SDOG is still in the early stage. If it is substituted into the initial development of SHIB, as SDOG develops more and more, well, this investment will provide the user with a generous return. If SDOG can replicate the price trend of SHIB, it will be a new legend in the filed. Of course, I think SDOG's own economic model HolderMaps is the main reason for attracting big investors and Vitalik Buterin.

5. What is HolderMaps? Can you briefly introduce it?

SDOG has launched a new consensus mechanism Holdermaps. As the name implies, Holdermaps is a roadmap for holding currency addresses. It is very interesting, as shown on SDOG's official website.

From SDOG's HolderMaps, it can be seen that SDOG has completed three processes:

1000 Holders - Commemorative Coins
Each SDOG commemorative coin has an independent serial number. The commemorative coin has a face value of 1 SDOG and 100 SDOG. For every 1000 commemorative coins with a face value of 1 SDOG, a commemorative coin with a face value of 100 SDOG will be randomly generated.

3000 Holders - Zoo Project
The breeder plan (Phase 1), with 50 billion SDOG, airdrops to the SHIB holding addresses. Rewards will be issued in the form of blind boxes, and users can check the specific amount received after receiving them.

6000Holders - NFT Governance Mining
SDOG can continue mining for 100 years through NFT mining machines. ETH and BSC are supported chains for present, and users can mine on either chain of the two chains.

The upcoming stage is 10000Holder's SDOG cross-chain BSC, and BSC mining and governance supporting.

The subsequent stages are as follows:

20000 Holders - SDOG Credit Card
SDOG users can apply for SDOG exclusive credit card to deposit SDOG, and convert SDOG into fiat currency for consumption.

30000 Holders - SDOG DAO
When a user holds a mining machine for mining, the user will obtain governance rights (hashrate) based on the properties of the mining machine and the number of thrusters added. Then the user can make a governance vote on SDOG's proposals.

100000 Holders - Layer2
Based on zero-knowledge proof, resolve the slow across chain bridge speed with layer 2 network.

150000 Holders - Satellite Node
Cooperate with SpaceX to store NFT information and will information to the satellite for permanent storage, and retrieve it when needed.

200000 Holders - Metaverse
After a large-scale consensus, a new meta-universe world is created.

You can see these listing in the SDOG official website.

6. What do you think is the advantage of the HolderMaps consensus mechanism?

When the blockchain spirit is highly developed, it will emerge a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, that is, an encrypted native group formed on a common purpose. DAO is an entity driven by the blockchain, and its internal operations are written through smart contracts. Its governance and operation are determined by rules written in self-executing smart contracts without the intervention of centralized power, and it is transparent to everyone. DAO also issues tokens to its community, as the "ownership" and the right to participate in decision-making (similar to shareholders in the traditional business world). The rules written in the code by the DAO cannot be changed and will be operated as expected until the community (token holders) vote to change them through the set process. Therefore, DAO is a new form of technology-enabled organization that allows people to gather for a common goal and work together in a formal way to achieve the goal.

DAO marks a new chapter in the history of encryption. Although we don't know to what extent it will disrupt all forms of human organization, the DAO governance model is perfectly suitable for the encrypted native community. It will surpass traditional organizations because it enables Internet users to collectively create and exchange value in a trustworthy environment, and get incentives for the value they create. While inevitably facing challenges such as vulnerability, it will continue to develop and flourish.

SDOG has absorbed the successful experience of DAO and made an improvement on the form of the organization. This novel project progress is in line with the decentralization spirit of the current blockchain technology. Each stage of SDOG will be carried out by the growth of coin holding addresses, evolving from a small DAO to a larger DAO. People enter specific servers and organizations because of some common concerns and hobbies, and spot their places in communication with other people, and then a new social structure and work personalization have been created through online-to-offline interconnection. With the increase of currency holding addresses, the governance rights for community construction will also be assigned to the currency holding addresses. It can reveal the reasonable thinking on the self development of SDOG community. To a certain extent, SODG’s HoldMaps will be the market’s model for governance rights. SDOG will gradually expand its market influence and become a new bellwether of the market in the course of continuous development.

7.Speaking of DAO, it must be the governance of the community. What is the governance of SDOG?

SDOG’s DAO governance is mainly about the governance of SDOG treasury and HolderMaps development proposals. The SDOG project will deposit tokens to be distributed and income (SDOG to be distributed, income from the sale of NFT rockets and thrusters, income from fund management, income from supporting other projects, etc.) into the treasury. The expenditures of the treasury are determined by the vote of SDOG governors.

SDOG Treasury: All funds of the SDOG project include: SDOG to be distributed, income from the sale of NFT rockets and thrusters, income from fund management, income from supporting other projects, etc.

DAO Governance: All expenditures of the treasury are determined by the DAO. Users who own SDOG mining machines and mining to provide hashrate have voting rights. The higher the hashrate, the grater the voting right.

The fund allocation is that 25% into the fund pool, 25% to buyback SDOG, and 50% to the treasury. While treasury funds promote the development of SDOG project and the growth of Holders, the growth of Holders is also beneficial for the ecosystem construction, thereby promoting the increase of treasury income.


Q1-Temitope Awoyinka:

In interested in being a BUYER and HOLDER of your token
Can share with me where to BUY your TOKEN as well as your CONTRACT ADDRESS. ?

You can get SDOG on Uniswap, HyperPay,, WBF, ZT global, CoinW, Hoo.


And above is the contract address.

Q2-Ade Rachmansyah:
Many projects are just clones of existing ones, and an analogue of an existing one is created. Do you have different and creative qualities from those who look like you Small Doge ?

Sure there are many projects just clones the exiting ones, but when you go through the SDOG holdermaps plan and what they are offering, you will see it is very dirrerent, creative and transparency.

Q3-Neuton Rules:
IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

SDOG project is suitable for both elite and small funds, SDOG is for all.

Is there any Airdrop or Bounty programme that we can participate?

We already have some airdrop event last fews month ago, and yes we have plans to do it in the future also, so please make sure you follow the SDOG official twitter and you are the community memeber of SDOG on Telegram. SDOG project team will announce their event on Twitter and Telegram.

Q5-My Shadow:
A lot of scam projects lately. Pulling the rug creates a loss for investors. why should we trust your project? Aren't you going to do the same?

There are a lot of scam projects out there and we are aware of it. And we feel really sorry for their loss. For SDOG, its not just making money and all, when you go through SDOG official website and go through the white paper there. You will see its all legit and they are trying to build future not just making money.

Faith and belief make us go higher, In SDOG we trust! A great community will attract the investor. If the community is good the price will be good. So come join our big family all brother and sister. Let's build future together.


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