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Date : 13 SEPT 2022
Time : 04:00 PM UTC.

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They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project PRIMAL


1.Can you briefly introduce the project PRIMAL what are some of the utilities of $PRM ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Tom Dwight,

…the prime of blockchain with endless possibilities

Primal is the first delegated blockchain that provides multi-chain features with seamless cross-chain DeFi ecosystem which allows instant in-chain (Primal) swap/conversion.

● Our Vision
Power the inclusive global market using peer-to-peer system.
● Our Goal
Build a blockchain that provides the platform to transact, interact, operate and manage financial and lifestyle affairs.

● Our Mission
• Provide a cryptocurrency aided and backed by global community.
• Make available a blockchain that decentribute (decentralise and distribute) finance and lifestyle.
• Render services and create products relevant to daily financial lifestyle activities.
• Giving cross-border solutions that bridges continental trade & transaction hassle.
• Build a marketplace, hub and grounds for global relations, interactions and communications.
• Our Purpose
Promote unequivocal, safe & secure and swift financial lifestyle environment in the world.

This is where Primal comes in: as it will not only distribute, but also deregulate activities and lifestyle by allowing a guide to determine participation and authorities that are valid and/or invalid. This also will eliminate the need for reliance on consensus algorithm. Transaction history will deliberately be given a window of 60 seconds to track after which will be erased beyond trace. Also, there will actually be no centrality, hence, truly achieving decentralisation.

• Scalability: up to millions of transactions per second.

• Multichain: ready features of various blockchains for easy and quick access to any blockchain; with a free-flow interaction without borders or barriers and communicate without limitations and breakdowns.

• Crosschain: instant transactions, swap and conversion of multicurrencies within Primal chain

• Blockchain: a delegated blockchain; first of its kind. A blockchain with no centrality and no dependence on consensus for finality.

Primal will provide all financial and lifestyle services known, and relevant to man in a decentralised platter. Any and every relevant digital and non-digital services and products available will be replicated in the blockchain to provide options and lasting solution to centrality.

• Financial service
• Banking
• Insurance
• Market and commerce
• Trade, swap, exchange
• Sale, listing and so many more

 Multi-chain Support: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Smart Chain, Polygon, TRON, Polkadot, Cosmos networks and so many more

 In-chain (within Primal) instant swap and/or conversion of currencies

 One signature wallet to receive coins from any blockchain and store balance in any coin

 Exchanges: centralised and decentralised

 DeFi: complete services which includes NFT, insurance, banking, market/e-commerce, trade and so many more

 Operating System “OS”: mobile and PC devices to power and run applications

 Software and Application: mobile and PC devices software and apps

 Digital Services: search engine, e-commerce, social media, messenger and so many more

 Payment Services: gateway, processor, PoS, ATM and so many more

2.Can you also introduce yourself now?

I am Tom Dwight, the Manager for Community and Market Collaboration. A member of Primal

3.Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievements that PRIMAL is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

Primal in one year since its founding has made crypto a relatable lifestyle. Crypto before Primal was for some and many obscure, requiring a circle of people to relate… but with Primal we have gradually instilled int into our community and make them play crucial roles in our progress.

Primal has also made members of its community imbibe crypto as a viable investment with real-time people who jointly work to see all stakeholders grow their investment

This among several others

4.Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives users choosing your platform?

Primal blockchain will be having an unrivaled technology that’s capable of adapting and staying ahead with existing and novel innovations

Adding to that, the security of Primal will be the kind that rather than using consensus finality as show of security would use proof of guide. Our security will render attacks against assets useless and provide safety to assets within the Primal chain.

We take security seriously, and for that will continue to improve on it when live

5.What’s the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution?

100 million total supply out of which 500 thousand has already been burnt

Of the remainder 50 million PRM has been locked

From the remaining 49.5 million PRM about 10–15 million PRM is in circulation currently

The remainder of this is for sale till exhausted

The other 50 million PRM will be used for future development in the project as our goal is to be the prime of cryptocurrency, be the currency that cuts across all denomination

4/5 years from now we will begin a steep process of burning and recirculating of the PRM

THE GOAL IS TO CUT DOWN THE PRM TO 5 MILLION WITHIN 5 years when the process begins

All of this will be done in our Primal Chain

Primal will be a full utility currency, useful for day-to-day payment in all countries of the world, everything transaction and payment


1.STAKING is one of the strategy to attract users and hodl them and long term. So, does your project have staking program? If so, can you tell us how can we stake in your platform? How high is your APR? And is there any specific amount to stake?

• Fix 100 and above PRM = 0.2% PRM daily RoI for 360 days
Example → 100 PRM fixed = 72 PRM RoI + 100 PRM fixed = 172 PRM total return (RoI can be withdrawn every 24 hours)

• Fix 100 and above PRM for 360 days without withdrawal and receive additional 5% APR of total RoI
Example → 100 PRM fixed = 72 PRM RoI + 100 PRM fixed = 172 PRM + 5% (3.6 PRM) = 175.6 PRM total return for 360 days uninterrupted.

THIS IS THE PLAN FOR THE PROGRAM, which already has over 5 million PRM fixed

2.I saw that many projects were unstable for a short period of time. At first, they started with hard work & good attention, after a few months later they didn’t pay attention to this project. Then it ended there.
How do plan to survive in the market?

Our presence is not in the absence of the challenges that come with cryptocurrency but in the acceptance to progress for success and excellence by continually working with our community in the thick and thin of the journey

We are a community project, we are here for them and they are there for us

We have products and services planned to continue to engage our community and the larger crypto society to be able to spread tho slowly yet progressively

We believe in being steady and progressive than fast yet unstable

3.Nearly 80% of investors only focus on short-term token price instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens in the long term?

Short-term investors fall off with loss, but long-term investors rise on with gains

- Holding PRM means you are a stakeholder of the Primal ecosystem
- Holding the PRM means, you are a participant of a new lifestyle that will reshape finance as you know it
- Holding the PRM means you secure your wealth for years to come

Primal is for the believers and true investors

4.As a smart investor, I choose a project with promising potential seen from tokenomic, good experienced team, clear roadmap, project that makes sense. My question is do you have all of them, and where can I find details about it?

First, visit

Second, join our community to know more, get answers and clarity, and understand Primal better

Third, to engage with us daily and follow our progressive activities

Note: Primal is a living thing that has its soul, breathes, falls, rises, gets hungry, gets fed and satisfied, lives but never dies

Primal is you and I

5.Earning in the platform is important, but with me that having fun while earning is also important. To what extent does “your” focus on the entertaining aspects of the game? What measures are in place to help make the platform suitable for everyone, including non-crypto people?

We have this high up on our to achieve list

We are currently developing a game that’ll be downloadable on mobile phones

Kind of game that will be easy-to-play for both crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto gamers

The game will be a play-to-earn game that allows you get the PRM while playing game

The game will be improved on quarterly when it goes live till attains optimal attraction and circulation

6.Right now, Market is adjusting sharply, the risks are very high but also a great opportunity for development projects. What are the characteristics of your project, and how is your development strategy to be able to compete and rise to top among other projects

We are a project with character; a living thing

We see this period as a crucial point to grow in the market

Our utmost short-term priority is to create an inclusive market that allows everyone globally to transact using PRM not only as a mean of exchange like you are familiar with but also a common ground for trade and barter, also to serve as securities for assets and commodities

This we believe with the aid of our community will help keep the crypto society strong and healthy, by connecting everyone to a more secure way of entering and engaging with crypto with PRM at the centre of it


1.The name “PRIMAL” is derived from the word “PRIME” if I guess right. And pls correct me if I am wrong. So can you tell me why you name your project PRIMAL and how you come about the name? And why do you think the name is best fits in term of your project development and functions?

Our reason is one; to be the peak, standard and height of cryptocurrency and blockchain

2.Is your Project A COMMUNITY only for English speaking an few countries or for users not of other languages??

It’s an inclusive community. We currently have community for over 5 languages with more to come. Also, we accept those who want to represent us at other languages, all that’s required is to get in touch with the appropriate admins

3.Sequel Angelina,
Since not all NFTs on the marketplace are tradeable and have high value, how will #PRMCoin guarantee that the NFTs created, issued, and traded on its platform are valuable and tradeable,and what techniques will it implement to give them a boost in this competitive industry?

[In reply to Sequel Angelina]


To purchase PRM Coin

GET PRM ON XT exchange:


4.Audit is very important in any project.Do you have a AUDIT certificate? or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable.

Primal is audited, see it at

Tom Dwight Sir,
please answer my question

IS This Your project only for elite investors,
how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone? Thanks a lot?

[In reply to BINANCE]
Primal is for you and I. Every Cent and/or Dollar is a worthy investment in Primal. We welcome you and everyone

6.I learnt that Primal has one main coin and two tokens

Can you tell us about this!

What’s the main coin and two token utilities on your platform?

Yes, you are correct.

One main coin for now, which is the PRM. The others are for when we launch our blockchain

Buy, hodl and promote PRM