Hello Chat , Welcome to a special AMA session with ‘OLYMPE FINANCE’. Lets welcome MIRE HARTEHR from ‘OLYMPE FINANCE’.

Thanks. Hi everyone. It’s a pleasure to meet you. On behalf of the Olympe team thanks for this session.


Q1. Could you please provide a quick self introduction for the community?

We are a group of independent team who form the Olympe Foundation. We are based in Switzerland.All members have extensive experience in the blockchain field with experts specializing in DeFi / NFT / Token & General smart contracts and distributed app (dapp) development. Each has had historical work assignments in the information technology and service industry. I am even delighted to be part of this team because everyone has great skills in the latest technologies to develop a project that will be up to date. OLYMPE team is an assemblage of high believers. We seek to create and achieve new innovative concepts for our Platform so that the habitants of Olympus can feel comfortable and discover new original and revolutionary features with stars in their eyes within our platform. In the hope that this project will bring you to heart !

Q2. Can you briefly introduce the project OLYMP FINANCE? What ae some utilities of $OLYMP?How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Olympe will be a huge, large-scale project. It’s not just going to be a simple DeFi like any other.To be clear, currently my team and I have tilted on this area. There are currently a lot of DeFi that are just simple copy paste from other platforms or fork the pancake platform. And some will not survive. This is why we are going to create something innovative that will last over time and that will be constantly evolving to offer the community a new platform.We are going to develop an innovative project that will be apart from other platforms. That’s Olympe. Olympe Finance Foundation. While many see the advantages of a decentralized platform that offers a set of new opportunities around individual and collective financial tools.Few have a clear plan to adopt such a platform. Creating and managing your savings, trading, obtaining returns with tools, it’s good but nothing new.Olympe will be a common user-friendly ecosystem for all, where you can interact and use the token to participate in features that will offer you a whole new income system.A new policy that offers features not yet created and effective can promote adoption. In addition, Olympe will offer strong incentives to users to join the platform of truly ingenious multiple features where only the Olympe token will be used, several programs will need the Olympe token to be able to function.With the aim of increasing adoption and expanding the potential use case.Olympe, with its balance between improving stability and adoption, will represent a significant addition to DeFi and store of value.The basic vital functionalities of our ecosystem :
> Scalable in a fully decentralized system,
Olympe will adapt to an order of magnitude change in demand, in particular being able to maintain its functionality and performance under high demand.
> Security,
Protecting and securing your financial wallet is one of our top priorities.
> Open value transfer transactions,
Transfers of your values will be simple and open. No KYC, just connect your wallet and enjoy an innovative environment.
> Decentralized,
Olympe will be fully decentralized, no other third parties will interfere in your choice or decision. No account, just connect your wallet, simple.
Utility of our $OLYMPE :
> Community POOL,
The holders will be rewarded by a community pool. Each time a person uses an Olympe feature, the Olympe token will be used, following that this same token will be broken down into several parts and part of it will be donated to a community pool which will reward the holders.
> Liquidity Provider of Olympe DEX,
Anyone who provides liquidity in Olympe Dex will be rewarded in the same way as the community pool.
> OLYMPE Battle,
An internal ranking integrated into the platform will be put in place. How that work :
> The first will be:
Any user profile that uses the platform to redeem or buy a token will be awarded contribution points. The first 3 in the ranking will be graciously rewarded.
> The second will be:
An internal guild system.Any user profile will be able to create their own guild. Recruit the best members of the platform and show other groups the power of your community.Like the individual ranking, the guild with the maximum point will be rewarded.Of course we know that the best wallets will win out for sure, that’s why we are putting in place a final feature.
> The third and last function:
A game system will be set up where each guild can fight against the other guild. The winning guild will be able to steal the loot from the losing guild.More details on each of these features will be described when they are released.
> OLYMPE Market place,
First of all, this functionality will be with 2 others, an integrated ecosystem.
That is to say that without this feature you will not be able to enjoy the best experience with the other 2.
Here is the details :
Olympe market will provide you with several virtual cryptographic devices which will be used for several features of the Olympe ecosystem.Virtual card, Clothing, Weapons, Avatar, Bestiaries, Buildings, briefs full of things that will be used later in the ecosystem.
> OLYMPE World,
Explore a fabulous world created by Olympians. Through this virtual universe, spend your OLYMPE token to buy land and build your building that you will first buy on the Olympe market. You can mainly build anything from a hut to a skyscraper. Expand your land and show to the community your creative side and let the world discover your most beautiful creation. After that, you can choose to sell to an interested Olympian, rent them out to earn passive income or share it with someone else or to your guild so they can complete and polish it to make the experience even better !
> OLYMPE Games,
Several interactive games will be introduced into the ecosystem to make the universe even richer. All the games in the ecosystem will use the cryptographic from Olympe market place.Whether it’s card games, bestiary clashes, avatar clashes, guild clashes and more.
This is the beauty of Olympe.

Q3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? What are the major achievement target OLYMPE FINANCE is yet to achieve. If possible also share your roadmap?

We have been in the research and development of the project since last January, We were a spectator and watching the competitors what they offered to the public and we took into account every detail and measure to develop our updated project in order to offer the public a new and innovative platform taking into account the mistakes of the competitors. We have first internally developed and tested our platform which will offer the functionalities to the community and I can tell you that we are very happy with the progress.Following this we developed our website and finalized our whitepaper to present our project to the public.We are going to set up a partnership campaign with the community.We invite community members, supporters and subscribers around the world 🌍 to join us in our efforts to become a one-of-a-kind platform. And maybe who knows to become the new benchmark in the field. More details will be coming soon. So stay connected to our Telegram group.We aim to build Olympe a community driven build.We will soon be launching our token sale campaign which will come very next week. Our campaign will be open to everyone and everyone will have access to be able to invest.In order to contribute to the development of the project.With this fundraising campaign, our project will be able to achieve its final development to offer the public our progress and thank the investors for their contribution.After this campaign, we will seek and contact several interesting partners who could contribute to the development of Olympe.Our major achievement target yet to achieve ?In calendar Q3, the platform will be launched. A Dex with basic functionality where you can trade, buy and sell. During this period we would like to introduce you, the first feature that was being tested internally with us, Olympe Battle. We are really excited to share it with you and we hope that we will receive positive responses from the community following this addition to the platform. With this approach, you will really understand why Olympe will be different from other platforms.With this approach, you will really understand why Olympe will be different from other platforms.In the fourth quarter, we will be presenting the next big feature which will be the Olympe Market Place. During our research period, we have reached out to some of the great graphic designers so that we can offer you the best virtual cryptographics design that will be used to several characteristics of the Olympe ecosystem.We will also introduce a governance protocol for the public so that they can participate in the development of the ecosystem.Finally in 2022 the remaining functionalities which are World and Games will be introduced to encourage the public to participate even more in the project and to finally be able to use their virtual cryptographics within these functionalities.

Q4. Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives users choosing your platform?

The DeFi community has experienced misadventures in their portfolios recently with PancakeBunny, AutoShark or Bogged …We are very well positioned on it and you can be sure that we will audit our program thoroughly in order to present a suitable and secure project. Your investment must be risk free and we are not going to play on the joke of monetary portfolios which can be stolen or used by scrupulous third parties.All programs and functions will be checked and verified by serious groups before putting them into operation.What will incentives users to choose our platform ?At OLYMPE, we are always looking for new innovative ideas to reward Olympians who believe in the project.We will design our platform with care, to forge a model where the long-term growth of the entire OLYMPE ecosystem would be fair and equitable. We think about our users, building the Olympe community will lead to many new innovations and further adoption of our Platform. This intense focus on community building can only help our Platform to fulfill its immense potential.The growth of the OLYMPE ecosystem is directly related to the community’s ability to develop a welcoming Culture so that people feel free to adopt the platform. When someone chooses to buy or hold OLYMPE and participate in the OLYMPE ECOSYSTEM they are supporting the growth of the token.This will lead to a better and fairer world. A Community Driven build. Which means creating with people rather than for them. Olympe will introduce DAO feature to help build an equitable ecosytem.We Believe that Community and DAO Governance are where value will accrue over the long term.DeFi changes all the time and OLYMPE’s mission is to produce large and immeasurable new protocols and tools, in order to create a rich and up-to-date working environment for the OLYMPE community. To this vision, all contributors who wish to contribute to the creation of a new concept at OLYMPE for the Community, will be incentivized by OLYMPE Token.At Olympe we will first discuss the new features and how this product can be accessible toeveryone, in a decentralized way without intermediaries, and will be instantaneous, transparent and logical.We will delve into how this product can inspire people to embrace financial value, to trade, to create and manage savings, to earn returns.Finally, we discuss how this product can be used as a stimulus to foster adoption in order to create an individual and collective financial opportunity.The OLYMPE platform will be easy to interface with the basis of transparency, sharing, non-custodial, allowing users to use our platform more efficiently, powerful, and trustworthy to offer users the best possible experience, to maximize their income with the least tedious and annoying product possible.Also OLYMPE Platform will charge % of OLYMPE Token on all features of the ecosystem, and a portion of those is allocated to liquidity provider and Community pool.A burn mechanism system will be implemented through a burn on transaction model.A portion of these tokens through the token fees will be distributed to the Community pool and Liquidity provider of OLYMPE Ecosystem.
In summary :

> 35% reward for liquidity provider

> 35% allocated to Community pool

> 25% Burn

> 5% to the treasury fund

In return, this burn drives value to token holders as tokens are continually being removed

from circulation while demand remains constant and possibly increases.In addition, a manual burn mechanism can be applied with the community vote to create additional incentives for traders and holders.All these features can only improve and produce a token that will only grow.

Q5. What is the total supply of the token? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution.

A total of 93 000 000 tokens will be at the OLYMPE and will be gradually released. As a result, not more than 93 million OLYMPE can ever be mined or be in circulation at any given moment. In other words, it is deflationary by nature.Token will be vested to help forge a model ecosystem of OLYMPE with long-term growth. Vesting is usually used to show that the team is highly interested in the project, and will continue working on project development. Additionally, vesting lowers market price manipulations.Olympe Liquidity, 45% Liquidity will be used to provide liquidity to Olympe ecosystem products.Community Round Sale, 35%Seed and private allocations for large investors who will be contributing significantly to the long term growth of OLYMPE.Public distribution that is designed to ensure decentralization of OLYMPE and to facilitate a large community base.Exchange and Market Making, 5%This will be used to facilitate exchange listings and in initial market-making.Partnership, 5%This would be utilized in a tactical manner to facilitate valuable partnerships, increase awareness about the project.Community Development Pool, 5%These grants would be used to accelerate the OLYMPE ecosystem, or for other activities supporting the platform. Contributors who would provide solutions for Olympe will be provided grants in form of tokens.Treasury, 5%The treasury exists in order to maintain the ecosystem and also to ascertain its growth and adoption.


Too many rug projects have been pulled in and out of scams recently. My question Why should investors trust your project not to do the same? And many projects have been pulled in and out of scams recently. This makes us your potential investors very doubtful about the project that I just met. Please reassure us Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?
“we believe your project is a best project for us to have”

Very interesting !Here is the response from our team to reassure the community.The clearest way, you investors and looking for a serious project, what is its used? its goal ? will it last over time?We want to create OLYMPE, the long-awaited platform that offers commanders a way to multiply their capital effectively with efficiency and practicality by increasing their assets under management of choices. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a less fees structure and produce a maximum profit opportunity.We want to produce a platform that will be developed under the ideas put forward by the community through the DAO OLYMPE Governance, so the people will use the OLYMPE platform/ecosystem with the best possible experience.Everyone will be a winner with this idea, but the real winner will be the community that grows with your ideas. A one-of-a-kind platform.

Will Your token be free for anyone to access or is it intended for specific users and finally, does the Token project have any restrictions in some countries of the world or is it accessible anywhere?

As we said previously, the token will be open to everyone. Everyone will have a chance to participate in the development of the project and to contribute their idea.The idea is that by a rich and prosperous platform, we aim to make OLYMPE valuable and reward Olympians who believe in the project with innovative features continually being created.Community first >>> Product emergence.

The community of course!What is the point of developing a project if the community is not interested? To nothing.A community platform is much more interesting for us.

1. Fiercely loyal Community
2. Sufficient decentralized (community ownership)
3. Product/market fit
This will lead to a better and fairer world. Better decision making, Fairer value sharing.A Community Driven build. Which means creating with people rather than for them.

NFT is really trending topic now in the market. So, how do Your project plan to onboard the development of NFTs and how do Your project plan to combine it with DeFi?

OLYMPE Market will introduce unique digital artworks for buyers to resell or hold it. They will serve more than a virtual graphics, these same unique digital illustrations will serve as items for your avatar in The OLYMPE GAME.With each purchase of an nft you will have a unique code.This same unique code will be used to introduce your cryptographic in Olympus World or in Olympus games.Legendary cryptographic clothing?Buy it and put it in your avatar to wear it!

Ambassadors plays an important role in achieving the goals of every project. Do you have a Global Ambassador Program? If you have, how can I Participate and be an ambassador?

We are going to set up a partnership campaign with the community.We invite community members, supporters and subscribers around the world 🌍 to join us in our efforts to become a one-of-a-kind platform. And maybe who knows to become the new benchmark in the field. More details will be coming soon. So stay connected to our Telegram group.We will recruit members from within the community to promote the project and expand our world in order to make the project known to as many people as possible.More details will come, so stay connected to social media and in our telegram group.


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