Venue : CryptoChallengersD
Date : 09 OCT2022
Time : 12:00 PM UTC.

Guest: ERIC
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project MYTH LINKS

👉 Myth Links is a leisure match 3 game combined greek mythology with cyberpunk background.

1.Could you please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

Eric|Myth Links,
Thank you! I am Eric from Myth Links, currently I am living in Stockholm. We are a team who has worked over 12 years in the game area.

Myth Links is 3-match, animation and card collection web3 game. It has POR token distribution system, which has been reported by many medias already.

And our beta test will be on 12th Oct. the coming Wednesday

Here is a link to our whitepaper :

Here are some other links to our community and project:
Official Website:




This project started from May 2022, its still growing, and will be strong

2.Can you briefly introduce the project MYTH LINKS and how do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

As we mentioned, Myth Links will have beta test on 12th Oct 2022.

It is free to play, no tickets, no pre-requirement.

Its a 3 match, card collection game with an epic background of Greek mythology and cyberpunk.

For most of the web3 game on the market now, they are using P2E or PAE (play to earn or play and earn), and most of them will need players to buy a ticket or something before they can start.

But for Myth Links, its free to play and earn.

Meanwhile, we are a professional game team, who has won the E3 rewards before. Our Myth Links will be much more focusing on the playability than other web3 games.

Many of the web3 games, honestly, they could not be called as a game, but a financial product with a game wrapper.

Our community will not only focus on the tokens’ price as many communities, but also focus on the game it self. Topics can be about the background, skills, how to do PVP, GvG.

3.Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? What are the major achievements that MYTH LINKS is yet to achieve? If possible also share your roadmap.

As an experienced game developer team, we have funded by HashKey, TriDao, BODL, SNZ and Youbi Capital.

The project starts from May 2022, and now we have reached beta test.

Its super hard work, but we are very happy, since this is our first web3 game.

There are already a group of seed players and kols in our community to help the growth of community as well as making sure our development and design is on the right track.

Our next goal is to invite around 1500 players for our beta test, and meantime, we have prepared a lot gifts for those who will join our test and give us valuable feedback.

The gifts will include tokens, NFT and usdt. All the tokens and NFT that are in the airdrops or given out as gifts can be used in our game from public test, as well as sold on the market.

So after beta test on 12th Oct, during the Q4 2022, we will release our public test.

It will be public

But the content will be hugely improved based on players feedback

And we are continuously developing the game

4.Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives users choosing your platform?

We are corporating with the top audit company slowMist for the smart contract.

When the token is initially offered, we will lock the LP for a long time.

We will not sell any token in the game and all of the income from the game will be flowed into our liquidity pool.

We have a very experienced operating team, the design will make sure the comsuption of token equals or less than the generation of token.

80% of the tokens that are consumed in the game will be destroyed.

We have corporated with many communities, and we will continuously do marketing . Those players can buy the tokens either from the auction in game or on the markets,

We have planned five expansions for a time period over one and half year, like many of the traditional games.

To incentive users, we have provided a lot of gifts for the crypto challengers community members.

Such as airdrops with tokens, NFTs when join our beta tests.

and gifts via twitter activities, follow, retweet, like our tweeter: will also be rewarded to share a pool of hundreds of usd.

5.Please introduce the team behind the success of Myth links and tell us about some of the strong backers of the project

We are a team more than 50 people. All of our team members have a big passion about games. They are from different places of the world. Singapore, China, Sweden, North America.

For the past 12 years, our games have been nominated by E3 and Chinajoy many times.

Our products cover mobile games, PC and h5

And thats why we could be funded by these top investors.

For web3 game, to be honest, we are still new. But we have seen the market that are full of fake games and low quality projects.

Our ambition is to bring a real game to web3 players.

For example,World of Warcraft is one of the most successful web2 game, and the gold coin is still valuable, and attract a lot of people to trade, even it is forbidden.

So we are thinking if a web3 game could have a same level playability and background, that would be one way to get rid of death spiral, and that also our solution.

Now with the funds from HashKey, TriDao, BODL, SNZ and Youbi Capital, we are able to corporate with more than 30 communities and some of the top online token exchangers.

1.The MythLink Beta Test will be live on the 12th October. How can I join and participate in this Beta Test? Will it be possible to give feedback during the Beta Test and are there there any prizes for users who participate in the Beta Testing phase?

Follow our tweeter and discord :, to keep updated. Our game will be available for downloading around 11th Oct. Players can sign up in the game and start playing.
Feedback is super welcome to send in the discord and our tg group : We will make sure that every valuable feedback will be rewarded.

2.Is Myth Links just for gamers? Or can I use it as a non-player? Or is there another way I can earn money?

Our original purpose is to bring a real game in web3. Our ecnomical model POR will distribute tokens to skillful players based on their combat power. So the bots and gold farming studio will be enliminated.
On the other hand, this is a 3 match ,leisure, easy to start game. For real players this should be easy enough to start.

3.What kind of partnerships can we expect from MYTH LINKS platform? with different platforms or projects in the future? How can other platforms and projects benefit platform?

Myth Links has brought a brand new economical model to web3. It is based on the combat power, so the real players can retrieve more rewards based on their skills.

This will improve the current situation that player with no understanding about the game and with not game skills got the same prize as the player who has spent a lot of time and sharpen their skills.

as least we hope for it.

For personal player, they can join our community and give us feedback, and we are building the community together. And during this period, a lot of gifts will be given out for our users.

For community and platforms, tell us where you are, we can post our games there to have some activities, so we both can benefit from it.

4.Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does Myth Links require an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they?

Free to play and earn is our unique strategy.

Many web3 games that claimed for free, but they are not. Some parts of them need an NFT or some kind of costs.

But for Myth Links, it is totally free. There is no need to buy NFT or Token to participate the POR token distribution.

Players can create their own guilds or join a guild and play together to share the token rewards.

All the content is open for all players no matter if they have bought NFT or tokens

5.What are the benefits of holding and using Thunder for long time in the future?

First, we have a plan for five expansions over one and half year. It will continuously bring new experience to our players. The story is like an epic novel when we combined all of them.

Second, as we have many years of experience of operating, so the balance of comsuption and generation tokens is our first consideration. We did not see the need to worry about the token price go down, as the need for it will eventually grow along the time.

Third, after the beta test, as we have also corporated with many web2 game communities as well. We can expect a sustainable players’ stream flow into Myth Links. They will enjoy the game and have the need to buy Thunders in order to be toppen in the game. There is no difference for them to buy tokens or spend in the web2 games. Because the buy-in-game interface is so well designed.

The last point is that we only use single token model in Myth Link, and even more interesting for players is that the token will still be valuable across our coming game projects.

I mean the token for Myth Links could also be used for our coming game projects, not only for the current game.

1.Sunday Joshua,
Since Myth Links is totally free, how will you generate profits for the running of the company? Secondly, if your games does not need NFT or token to start playing, how will there be buying pressure on your token and Nft?

[In reply to Sunday Joshua]
Hello Joshua. As we have funded very well, profit is not our first consideration for Myth Links, as Myth Links is our first project in web3. We want to evaluate the POR model. Meanwhile, if players want to boost their combat power to get more rewards, they will either sharp their skills or buy tokens or NFT to boost combat power.
And our team has hold a part(15%) of the tokens(which is locked for over a year), if we focus on the game quality, we believe that we will be rewarded in the long run.

2.Vinay Ray,
As you mentioned you will be having Beta test in this month however Can you elaborate more about the beta test and what features can we explore in the beta test? How can I participate in the beta test and is it open to everyone? Is there any reward in the Beta test?

[In reply to Vinay Ray]
Yes, the beta test will be on 12th Oct. Everyone who downloads the game will be able to sign up and enjoy.
There will be a lot of activities coming with a lot of gifts and airdrops, in this week. Activities will be announced on our tweeter and community.

3.MR.Bear Grylls,
According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

[In reply to MR.Bear Grylls]
The most important thing for us right now is to have more users in Myth Links, and build communities.
We will collect your valuable feedbacks via Myth Links’ communities and other ways to improve our game.

And after beta test, the next important thing is to corporate with SlowMist for our smart contract. Then offer the tokens and NFTs on the market. Q2-Q3 2022

After that, Q3 2022, we will release our public test.

One thing to mention is that our tokens and NFTs in the airdrop could be used in our public test.

There is a main issue and its the enjoyment the players cannot get while earning in P2E games and it makes investors bored and they stop playing the P2E Games. So, What do you have to say on this issue? Will your game allow users to have fun while playing inside its metaverse ?

[In reply to Shubh]
As we mentioned, a lot of web3 games current on the market is a financial product, not a real game. Its like mining in the game, there is no fun, no skills and no strategy at all. In additional, there are many bots and script players which will ruin the game experience. So they can not provide sustainable value to users any more. And that iss why many players will feel boring, and the project will fall into death spiral.

For Myth Links, we are an experienced game developer team, the game will include card collection and grow, many different buildings to help player in the adventure. And important aspect is that our POR economical model, this will incentive players to have more competition and make sure that only real players can get rewards.

Metaverse also includes community, we will have intensive activities in our communities. And we also aim to have a community not only discuss about token price, but also their everyday feelings and their thought about the game, the POR, share their skills. We want to build our communities as another home for players.

5.What do you have?
1️- Telegram Group
2️- YouTube Channel
3️- Medium
4️- Discord
5️- Twitter
6️- Website

FOR this project , where can I get the latest information and what is the latest plan for your project?

We have telegram group: Discord : Twitter: Website:
There will be intensively activities before the beta test posted there, please follow us, retweet and get your rewards!

Welcome to Myth Links beta test on 12th Oct!!
Thank you Crypto Challengers community! And thank you everyone. Have a nice day/evening/morning!!



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