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Date : 02 APR 2022
Time : 01:00 PM UTC.

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Guest: LUCA
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project METAFI


1. What is MetaFi ?

so in short
MetaFi is the first ever Metaverse World of Trading
You will enter the metaverse, buy tokens and NFTs in the metaverse — and chat about your trades with others
But it doesn’t stop here
We’re also building the first ever Metaverse Bank — a place where your NFTs and tokens maximize their true potential
We scan the internet for the best APY or find a guild that pays to rent out your NFT
This way the Metaverse Bank unlocks the most profitable way to hold your assets — based on your risk appetite

Take a look:

Here’s a little example for you guys — MetaFi World Teaser:

2. What can you do in the MetaFi Metaverse ?

[In reply to Franklin_jax]
This world is divided into trading zones inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization
Zones include: Crypto Exchange, Crypto VC, NFT, FinTech, Decentralized Earning, Stock, Commodity and others
Within these zones, users trade, display their NFTs and communicate with text, images, or voice
And for the first time in history, Web3 assets will be traded on Web3
everytime I see these visuals I smile haha
excited for you to see more

3. What is a Metaverse Bank ?

Metaverse Bank maximizes the passive income from your Metaverse Assets: tokens, NFTs, and land.
The banks are different within each MetaFi World city: some are open to $METAFI token holders, others serve the MetaFi Citizens holding our NFTs
Banks may specialize in:

🔥 Digital Real Estate
🔥 Staking or LP programs for highest APY
🔥 NFT Delegation
🔥 NFT-backed loans
And many other services

4. MetaFi NFT launch is coming. Can you share more details about MetaFi NFT utilities ?

[In reply to Franklin_jax]
So, MetaFi is launching the Genesis NFT collection of 4,000 unique MetaFi World Citizen NFTs
This collection will bring utility from day 1
There are three main utilities ⬇️

First, Initial Metaverse Offering boost — you will get a boost on your allocation when participating in the MetaFi’s launchpad

Second — you will receive guaranteed allocation in the community round of $METAFI token (the whitelist)

Finally, our Genesis collection opens up metaverse utilities in the MetaFi World of Trading — including $METAFI staking boost, VIP services in the Metaverse Bank, and bigger voting rights in MetaFi DAO

5. MetaFi is powered by $METAFI token. What is the purpose of your token ?

in my opinion, $METAFI brings a true revolution in token utility
There are 4 main dimensions of $METAFI ⬇️

🏦 UTILITY: Metaverse Bank access to make passive income
🤗 REFERRAL: rewards for inviting friends
🌎 GOVERNANCE: choose where treasury funds are allocated
📈 DEFLATION: weekly buy-back and burn events
IGO is coming soon 😎

6. What are your upcoming milestones and plans ?

Ah where do I even start
In the next month, we will do:
- 10 partnerships with major metaverse and real-world gaming / FinTech projects
- Metaverse trailer released
We’re also running an early community campaign and with rewards for early members
To make the most out of it, join our community channels:

Follow on Twitter:
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Join our Discord:
there’s so much in the pipeline, it’s difficult to narrow it down 😅
but rest assured, there’s lots coming


Q1) The concept of Metaverse has received a lot of hype since Facebook rebranded to META, and a lot of crypto projects have jumped into this too. So, I was wondering, how does MetaFi plan to stand out among all of it competitors, specially META? What will you offer that others can’t?

MetaFi was born to finally allow to trade web3 assets in web3 — you will be able to buy and sell tokens and NFTs in a social environment
Despite the Growth of Web3, it is not widely adopted: most trading happens on centralized exchanges (Web2) AND most chatting happens on Web2 social media: Twitter, Telegram, or Discord
We are here to change that]
Also, trading outside of crypto is more social than ever
Powerful trading communities is a market mover — look no further than GameStop last year

With that, trading is more open and inclusive than ever: thousands of retail investors discover trading every day
Finally, trading is easier than ever: starting is as easy as downloading an app like Robinhood
All of this calls for a solution that would make crypto trading easy, social and fun
Meet MetaFi 😎

Q2) #MetaFi is also the launch pad for various NFT gaming projects. So I was wondering what kind of structure you have designed and developed for a launch pad? What requirements must a project have in order to be accepted into MetaFi?

So fundamentally, our focus is AAA games and metaverse projects. As a rule we look for two things — BOTH proven ability to build strong crypto communities (marketing) and product expertise
We have seen a lot of game studios building crypto games and failing — because they don’t understand marketing
At the same time, we have seen crypto veterans starting to jump into gaming and failing miserably on the game quality side
Ideally, our games will have a combination of community building and triple A product

Q3) As I understand it, this project is still in its early stages, and you’re just getting started. Can you tell us about your progress thus far? What is the most recent important update, and what are you currently working on?

Ah honestly, MetaFi has been hard at work in building the ultimate trading world
Sometimes it’s hard to keep track haha
But in order to achieve that, we are working with more than 150 influencers from 10+ countries to grow our community
Also, we are onboarding more and more metaverse partners — now more than 20 Metaverse projects will use our products from day 1
These clients include SpaceFalcon, Metastrike, DinoX, Project SEED and many others

Q4) Since the #MetaFi vision was expanded, “MetaFi has gone beyond gaming” Does the #MetaFi name also reflect that #MetaFi is an industry that will surpass DeFi this year? Or Is There Another Meaning of choosing #MetaFi Name on Project ?

So yes, we’ve outlined over our social channels that the name MetaFi reflects our postition as the first mover in Metaverse Finance
and yes, the team & I both believe that MetaFi will surpass DeFi this year

Q5) We are all aware that the gaming market is highly competitive. Many platforms are striving to reach the largest number of users. How will #MetaFi compete with other gaming platforms? What are your best advantages for attracting users?

it is an extremely competitive market
I think that one of our greatest skills
& something that sets us apart from the crowd
is our desire to integrate non-crypto users
& make our project as accessible
we believe that crypto and metaverse gaming is the next wave of non-crypto people adoption to the ecosystem
Compared to DeFi, GameFi is much easier to relate to for someone that has never used crypto products
For our platform, user focus is the main thing as it is a consumer facing platform meant to act as the sole gateway to all AAA+ metaverses

And we made it very easy for even non-crypto people to join
The user journey will look like this:

💸 You come to the platform and buy some assets with a credit card, paypal, or crypto
💸 You see all of your NFTs in a single dashboard
💸 You can search for any crypto/metaverse project and launch it
💸 You can sell your items instantly, put them up for auction, delegate for passive income or even take out a loan using NFTs as collateral



Ans : Luca:
So yes, we are launching a bug bounty campaign, where all white-hat hackers and community members will be able to find and report any potential vulnerability of the platform

Security is a top priority for us 💪🏽


Ans : Luca:
Speaking more to our security, the truth is that even projects that have been audited multiple times fail in fully guarding against hacks — we are taking a three step approach for this:

Our approach is first auditing our token $METAFI — it has already been audited by Hacken


Ans :Luca:
oh absolutely, I think that it is the team’s experience & passion that will take this project to the moon 🚀

let me tell you a little bit more about us

Firstly myself

I’m Luca, CMO of MetaFi

A bit about me: I originally come from a strategy & marketing background — having worked in several industries from diplomacy, to social partnership, I most recently founded a digital marketing studio, where in 2021 we were able to generate +3M for DTC brands all over the world.

I’ve also been an avid trader for the past several years, so when Matt approached me with the concept of MetaFi everything seemed to perfectly align.

aside from myself, MetaFi brings a rockstar team with rich backgrounds from both crypto and traditional industries

here’s a brief summary of our core team

Matt Danilaitis — Founder

Previously venture capitalist and investment manager, working in investment teams managing over $10 billion in assets. More recently advisor to blockchain games and metaverse projects. In MetaFi, Matt’s key focus is bringing Web3 asset trading to the Metaverse for the first time and igniting a new industry: Metaverse banking.

Vladimir Rogojin, PhD — Blockchain Lead

15-year experience specializing in Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Deep Learning and Big Data. Deep theoretical background, solid software development skills coupled with long and significant academic experience. Passionate about 3D game development. Highly interested in cutting-edge technologies.

Kyle Joyce — Gaming Lead

Senior gaming product strategist and Founder of a full service game studio. Kyle has experience bringing AAA+ games to market across mobile, PC, browser, and VR gaming. At MetaFi, he is utilizing the latest technology in-house to create the most engaging metaverse trading experience.

Arturas Bagdonas — Development Lead

Senior software engineer with ample experience in the European startup space and keen interest in blockchain development. At MetaFi, he is overseeing the development team and working alongside the product team to deliver the most innovative frontend solutions for MetaFi traders.

Modesta Zemgulyte — Design Lead

Award-winning designer with track record in both crypto and traditional industries. Previously designer for The Economist, Modesta brings a wealth of experience managing design teams and delivering visual assets with a focus on social media. At MetaFi, she is leading the brand’s design and creative direction and ensuring brand consistency.

Hope that gives you a bit more insight into what makes our team tick 😉


Ans : Luca:
oh rest assured, we love our southeast asian community ❤️

our project extends globally, so no need to worry about whether the project will be accessible in your region or not

MetaFamily’s going global baby 🚀


Ans :Luca:
So in short, MetaFi is as multichain as you can get — we not only support EVM compatible chains, but also most major non-EVM compatible chains

However, most of the launches are going to be on Terra, Solana, Fantom, BSC, and Polygon

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for participating today! You’ve definitely got another community member in me 😎
And make sure to stay up to date on our socials
Trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss what’s coming next 😉

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