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Date : 30 NOV 2021
Time : 01:30 PM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project META GAMING GUILD.


1. Please introduce yourself and your role at MGG?

andy.SparkPoint ( will never pm you first):
I am Andy Agnas, a CPA by profession and currently the Founder of MetaGaming Guild , CEO of SparkPoint Technologies, Inc and Founding Partner of SparkPoint Global Ventures. I have been in the industry for more than 5 years already and have launched several successful projects such as SparkPoint (, SparkSwap ( and SparkPoint Global Ventures ( SparkPoint is more than 3 years already in the space and our main token, SRK is one of the few tokens according to CMC ( with impressive ROI of 6,280.78%.

Morris (I will never dm you first):
Hi I am Morris Perico , the COO of MetaGaming Guild (MGG).
I am an experienced marketer with a strong focus on the social media industry. I am skilled in Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Sales Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Public Speaking, and Training. I am a proven community influencer and a dedicated project promoter.

Leslie 👩🏻‍💻:
Hi I’m Leslie. I am the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MGG. I handle digital marketing, content creation and social media marketing for MGG.

I am a well-rounded digital marketing specialist. My experience in working for multiple international brands makes me prolific in SEO content writing, corporate blogging, link building and social media marketing across various platforms.

2. Briefly describe to us what is MetaGaming Guild

andy.SparkPoint ( will never pm you first):
MetaGaming Guild (MGG) is community-governed organization that makes game finance fairer for the masses. It primarily focuses on live scholarship program where players or members access games without upfront costs, access early stage game tokens like VCs, and deploy their NFTs to automated yield.

We buy NFT games assets from startups like Axie Infinity and other NFT gaming projects and rent them out to our community of players through our scholarship program. We also buy early game tokens of projects that meet our selection criteria for our GameFi Vaults and will connect NFT holders with our scholars through our Game Yield Farming ( the 1st form of NFT automated yield).

3. Tell us about the most important partnership you have made in MetaGaming Guild. How many partners are you working with at the moment?

andy.SparkPoint ( will never pm you first):
We have closed a $2M round already and lead by our strategic backers DAO Maker and Ice Tea Labs ( GameFi and RedKite), both of whom play a pioneering role in the GameFi economy, and SparkPoint Global Ventures, which is the venture arm of the leading Philippines crypto wallet SparkPoint. Dao Maker and IceTea Labs will help us accelerate our growth and profitability by connecting early NFT gaming projects into our ecosystem.

Aside from Dao Maker, IceTea Labs and SGV, we are also supported by Gamestarter, Metrix Capital, LD capital, Halvings Capital, Raptor Capital and more than a dozen of KOLs around the world.

We have actually more than 20 partners already. Please visit here:

4. What can we expect in MGG development for the next two years?

Leslie 👩🏻‍💻:
🔸As we move forward, we are driven to strengthen our global community by consistently building strategic partnerships with the strongest and reputable names in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

🔸We will continue to onboard scholars. Our target for this year is to have at least 1,000-1,500 more. And next year, we are looking at 5,000-10,000 scholar in MGG.

🔸In the future, MetaGaming Guild we will also put up:
-Lending Protocol
-GameFi vaults
-Game Yield Farming

5. Besides these AMAs, what other marketing & advertising strategies are you using to make MetaGamingGuild massively known in the global gaming community ?

Leslie 👩🏻‍💻:
Our marketing tactics are very proactive in widening our global reach.

🔸We use cross-marketing channels where our market most active, particularly on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, FB, IG and also LinkedIN.

🔸We also collaborate with KOL influencers withs strong social media presence. These KOLs are coming from different parts of the world including Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc to help us penetrate their specific location

🔸We also attend AMA sessions like this including Livestream interviews on Youtube or FB live

6. What are the token utilities in the MGG ecosystem? Can you share with us the tokenomics?

Morris (I will never dm you first):
The native token of MetaGaming Guild is designed for community governance and utilization within the MGG’s ecosystem. Here are $MGG token details you need to know:

🔸Ticker: MGG
🔸Type: Utility
🔸Blockchain: BEP20 and Polygon
🔸Token utilities:
1. Liquidity Rewards
2. Governance on Community DAO
3. Guild Rewards
4. GameFI Vaults

📌Full details about MGG tokenomics is found here 👉🏻

7. How can users stay updated with MGG? Can you please share the links to your official social media channels ?

Morris (I will never dm you first):
Please follow only our official social media channels and beware of scammers! There are many these days. Follow only the links provided by us.



Leslie 👩🏻‍💻:
Thanks for having us in your AMA session. The segments was so much fun

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