Date : 09 DEC 2021
Time : 12:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Duke
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project KUCOIN.


Q1. Can you say hello to our community members, and briefly introduce KuCoin?

Hey guy, this is Duke from KuCoin. I want to start today’s AMA by briefly introducing KuCoin first. 😊

Known as People’s Exchange, KuCoin ranks as a top-five global crypto exchange and is named as the best crypto exchange in 2021 by Forbes Advisor. KuCoin is built for all types of users from different trading experiences. We provide a diversified category of trading tools and services to cater for the needs of all levels of users.

KuCoin is also known as the biggest altcoin exchange in the world. We currently support over 600 projects with 1000+ trading pairs.

I’m the global business manager at KuCoin, my job is to extend the global reach of KuCoin communities, and help our users get more localized trading experience. Hope you’ll enjoy today’s AMA.

Q2. The crypto industry has changed beyond recognition in 2021, are there any major achievements or any highlights of KuCoin that you want to share with us?

As a participant and promoter of the industry, we are committed to utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies to bring crypto to the masses and facilitate the global free flow of digital value.

2021 is a remarkable year for KuCoin and our users. With everyone’s support, we have made huge progress in lots of aspects. We just surpassed 10 million users on our platform, and we’re celebrating the momentum with all KuCoin builders.

Our cumulative transaction volume has exceeded $700 billion, and the highest daily transaction volume has outstripped $10 billion. We will continue to expand our global reach and bring more diversified trading tools and easy-to-use products to our users.

This year, we also focus on the development of social trading feature on the new KuCoin App. It enables crypto traders and newbies to enjoy a better trading UX within an interactive trading environment. Users receive daily crypto updates and market analysis, learn various trading tactics, and can easily interact with other users across the platform.

In addition, KuCoin has spotted the demand for a simpler deposit process and therefore launched the Fiat Account. KuCoin Fiat Account enables an easy start for new crypto investors in a highly secure and efficient manner by directly allowing fiat-to-crypto transfers via Visa or Mastercard. So far, 20+ fiat currencies become available for 50+countries and regions including USD, EUR, INR, SGD, and THB etc.

Q3. Can you recommend some unique KuCoin products to the users?

KuCoin provides diversified products for all levels of users to participate in the crypto gem investment. I’ll mention the most popular products at KuCoin for entry-level users.

Beginners prefer easy-to-use, more secure trading tools to help them earn passive income. KuCoin Lending and Trading Bot could be the ideal choices.

KuCoin Crypto Lending offers a peer-to-peer lending market, where users can lend assets to earn passive income. Take USDT as an example, the APR ranges from 10% - 30% in most of the time.

KuCoin Trading Bot is a user-friendly and free-to-use trading tool. It is created with simple steps to automatically execute customized trading strategies. KuCoin now supports 4 trading bot strategies: Spot Grid, DCA, Futures Grid and Smart Rebalance. You can also copy others’ settings for your own bots. Over 4 million bots have been created worldwide.

Advanced traders can choose margin trading or futures trading to amplify gains in market volatility.

KuCoin Futures is one of the top 10 global Futures trading platforms with over 3 million users. It now supports over 70 coins with up to 100x leverage.

Besides, we offer alternative platforms for users to join in the initial token offering, such as BurningDrop. It is a fair token distribution platform that supports the token distribution of a wide range of blockchain start-ups, including HORD, TCP, LOCG, LNCHX, XCAD, etc.

Q4. KuCoin Spotlight is very popular among crypto investors due to its significant ROI. Could you tell us more about KuCoin Spotlight?

Sure. KuCoin Spotlight is indeed popular amongst all levels of investors. It serves early-stage crypto projects through initial token distribution, and provide easy access to early investment of these projects for users.

According to the historical data, KuCoin has launched 16 Spotlight projects so far, with the highest ROI exceeding 187x.
Taking the latest Spotlight project VR as an example. Its current price is $0.41, and the opening price at the Spotlight token sale was $0.00295. It means if you participated in VR's Token Sale at that time, your return would be over 100x.

Q5. Metaverse, GameFi and NFT remain a hot topic both within and outside the crypto industry, can you update us on any big moves of KuCoin or any future plans in these areas?

These are the most trending topics in today’s crypto market, and we’ve done a lot of work around the area. KuCoin is renowned as a Metaverse-friendly exchange. This year, we launched our NFT and Metaverse Trading Board, aggregating the most trending tokens to provide easier access for investors to the crypto gems.

You can also check our Metaverse Trading Board for more promising crypto gems. In addition, we also launched many products and services to accelerate the development of NFT, and we helped numerous NFT projects go to the crypto market.

In addition, KuCoin Labs launched a $100M Metaverse Fund to provide full-scale support and incentive to the real-potential NFT Projects, in terms of incubation, primary market investment, business partnership, branding, market management, and go-to-market strategy.

KuCoin Metaverse Fund will also help youngsters learn more blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge, and grow their interest in the latest trending topics in the space. The Metaverse Education Program will be integrated into KuCoin’s global charity campaign for youth education.

We can see that the crypto space is becoming a more interactive digital world. NFTs and GameFi are examples indicating the start of the whole metaverse ecosystem. In future, KuCoin will introduce more Metaverse and NFT projects to a wider audience and investors.

Q6. KuCoin win is favorited by users. So, could you explain more details about KuCoin Win?

My pleasure. KuCoin Win is a gaming platform that allows users to get involved with crypto in an entertaining way. The first game - LuckyRaffling – opened an easy access for everyone to participate in early-stage investment in promising crypto projects.

Another popular game on KuCoin Win is Guardian Star. It combines blind box games with NFTs, and allows NFT to be traded in an innovative way to further increase its value. Guardian Star is new-user friendly, with nearly zero learning cost and 100% chances of winning.

Of course, the rewards for participating in the game are also quite impressive. The highest reward in a product group is 100 times or even higher than the stake of your bet.

Q7. On the occasion of KuCoin breaking 10M users, is there any bonuses or celebration activities you’d share with us?

Yes, that is a great question. To celebrate our 10M+users of KuCoin, we have prepared tens of millions of dollars giveaways for every KuCoin users to claim their share.

Each person can claim up to $2,500 bonus. In addition, we have produced 1,000 limited editions KuCoin gold cards for those who have made significant contributions to KuCoin.

Each card has a unique number. Cardholders will have the privilege to enjoy more surprising benefits in the future.You can also check the for more details about the giveaway campaign.

If you are new to KuCoin, you can register now to claim up to 500 USDT of welcome gift. Have a good day!

Thank you all for supporting KuCoin. I’m so glad to meet you all here today. We prepare the Red Envelope for all of you. 😊

【KuCoin sent you a big red envelope!】Copy the entire text【6tlu8UY】and open KuCoin App or click to get the USDT red envelope.


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