Venue : CryptoChallengersD
Date : 07 FEB 2022
Time : 03:00 PM UTC.

Guest: Sam William
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project HARVEST CHRONICLE.


1. Could you Guys please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

Sam Williams:
Hello Everyone,

This Side SAM WILLIAM ( CMO ) of a Harvest Chronicle.

I am a seasoned cryptocurrency investor with rich experience across emerging technologies and the traditional financial market. Pioneered investor of several blockchain projects and cryptocurrency assets. I am the Professional marketing genius that made most of his projects successful.

I have a broad understanding and research on the token economy, anonymous coin, and the #Defi & #NFT Ecosystem.

I have exerted influence in various parts of the blockchain ecosystem through the connections with the blockchain communities in #Poland, #Korea, #Japan, #Canada, the US, #Singapore & #China. 🔥 🚀

2 ) Can you please describe about your project in details?

Sam Williams:
Harvest Chronicle is a fusion of #DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and #NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technologies, allowing players to own their in-game assets, and players can earn benefits by playing for token rewards.

The vision of Harvest Chronicle is to bring thousands of gamers into the world of $blockchain and to explore new forms of gaming through blockchain technology. 🔥 🚀

#Harvest Chronicle also has its proprietary token, $HCC, which is a governance and application-based token based on #BSC (Binance Smart Chain) that will be fully applied to multiple aspects of the #HCC ecosystem and more. Our game and token will allow gamers to experience #decentralized finance and learn about decentralized autonomous organizations. 🔥 🚀

Q.3 ) Could you please put together the Vision and Mission of Harvest Chronicles?

Sam Williams:
Sure, Why not!!

Let me bring some more information!!

#Harvest #Chronicle's vision is to create a gaming community where players can participate in games, #collect assets, live stock, and #infrastructure, and #monetize through the Play-to-Earn system. We also believe in empowering the community with $HCC to make decisions about the direction of the game, share money-making opportunities through participation in the game, and allow #players to truly own their digital assets.

Harvest #Chronicle's mission is to bring blockchain to all #GameFi players, allowing them to explore a new form of #gaming through blockchain #technology. 🔥 🚀

Q.4 ) Our Community is willing to know about the HCC Tokens and the Ecosystem of Harvest Chronicle. Please describe these two things in details.

Sam Williams:
$HCC is governance and application-based token for the Harvest Chronicle ecosystem based on BEP-20. $HCC has multiple application scenarios, and it plays a very important role in both #gaming and community #governance. 🔥 🚀

Q. 5 ) Can you Introduce about the GamePlay of Harvest Chronicle ?

Sam Williams:
Game Play Of Harvest Chronicle - 🔥 🚀

1) In-game, Players go to the market and spend their HCC tokens on the sheep. Raising sheep and shearing them for monetary gain. Feeding the sheep depletes stamina, and the maximum stamina value varies with the number of sheep.

2 ) The sheep will appear in the asset list after a successful purchase. Click on the game assets to send the sheep to graze on the ranch and earn money from wool production! Remember to collect the income within 12 hours, or it will cease to generate income after that time!

3) Upgrade Ranch:

There are four pasture levels: #HC Meadow, HC Acre, HC Homestead, and HC Manor. Different pasture levels can accommodate varying numbers of sheep, and different levels have varying effects on increasing production. Upgrading a ranch costs $HCC tokens, and depending on the level, different livestock breeds will be added to the $ranch. 🔥 🚀


Can you share your team information in details? Are you a public team and how experienced are your team?

Sam Williams:
Team is very important for the development of any project-

Harvest Chronicle team is composed of blockchain developers and traditional professional game studios. 🔥 🚀

The team includes members of operations, #technology development, game development, graphic design and economist with rich experience in blockchain project design and over 10 years of game development.

We are committed to making Harvest Chronicle to The Next Generation DAO Metaverse Simulation GameFi On BSC, so that players can really "Play to Earn", Harvest Chronicle will change the fragmented model of traditional game where multiple parties are on their own and connect every participant together in GameFi. Based on BSC and NFT, it clarifies the ownership of virtual assets and initially builds a shared value network. Players can enjoy the game, participate in it, and also get the corresponding income to build together. Harvest Chronicle team provides an open environment for the game, pays full attention to community opinions, puts the interests of players first, and grows together with players.

My important question plz tell me
Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token thank,s sir..??

Sam Williams:

Total supply: 500,000,000 $HCC

Liquidity pool supply - 15%

Play-to-earn - 32%

Private Sales -- 8%

Public Sales - 5%

Eco-System Reserve - 9%

Marketing & Partnership -

Advisor Supply – 4%

Team Supply - 10%

State Treasury Incentive – 9%

According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

Sam Williams:
Each & Every step in the Roadmap is important for us!! 🔥 🚀

Check our Roadmap Above 👆

Do you consider community feedback/requests during product creation to expand on new ideas for your project? Many projects fail because they do not understand the target audience and customers. So I want to know who is the ideal consumer for your product?

Sam Williams:
Yes, Harvest Chronicle focussed on the Communities.

Check the below post for more information 👇

Harvest Chronicle- Know Community Governance and #Game Play by HCC governance tokens

$HCC is a BEP-20-based application and governance token for the ecosystem of the #HC (Harvest Chronicle). It is applicable in various circumstances and plays a critical part in both #community #governance and #gaming. 🔥 🚀

Article -

#HCC #Harvest #Chronicle #Game #Play

Q5-Atikur Rahman:
Hello sir answer plz me..👇👇

1, Telegram Group
2, YouTub channel
3, Medium🙏
4, Website🙏
5, Twitter🙏
6, Discord🙏
You Can share with us the link for your project in all these project......?🌹🌹

Sam Williams:
For More Information About Harvest Chronicle , Please follow social media platforms of Harvest Chronicle !!!!

Official Twitter Of Harvest Chronicle -

Official Telegram-

Official Medium -

Official Telegram Announcement -

Discord -

Official Instagram -

Regarding the safety and security of your platform what are the security measures adopted and have you done any audit of smart contracts?

Sam Williams:
Yes, We are working on the Audit Report & other major things to provide better security to the users & the gamers. 🔥

It's just the beginning, Big things are coming soon

Please join our Telegram Group for more information & stay tuned.



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