Venue : CryptoChallengersD
Date : 23 JAN 2022
Time : 03:00 PM UTC.

They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project ECOCREDIT.


1. Lets start off this AMA to give the audience a brief description of what EcoCREDIT actually is, and what are EcoCREDIT team aiming to achieve ?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Absolutely! Thanks again for hosting and we’re excited to explore what we’re working on at EcoCREDIT.

At its core, EcoCREDIT makes accessing carbon offsets and living a sustainable lifestyle simple. By warehousing, tokenizing, and standardizing carbon offsets, we remove the current barriers to entry in the market.

Today's carbon offset market is illiquid, expensive, confusing, and difficult for the average person to access. As carbon offsets are our most powerful tool for fighting climate change, we need to act ffast and break down these barrier to entry! EcoCREDIT does just that and maximizes accessibility for anyone to buy any amount of carbon offsets easily, safely, and effectively.

2. Can you give us some information on the team behind EcoCREDIT and what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Excellent question. I'll first introduce Joe, our CEO. Joe has a background in robotics and software design. Thanks to this rich industry experience Joe has a deep understanding of what it takes to build successful companies and engage in long-term, sustainable business dealings. Joe brings significant levels of professionalism, cohesion, and business expertise to the EcoCREDIT team!

I also am happy to include Jeffrey, the EcoCREDIT CTO. Jeffrey has immense experience in software development, having worked with some of the largest tech companies in existence today. His specific expertise with point of sale systems will aid EcoCREDIT in integrating with businesses and applications around the world.

And I’m Ray! I have a background in history, finance, and blockchain. I wear a lot of hats and love each of them! I’ve been involved in crypto for over six years, so I’ve seen a lot of projects and teams come and go in this time - this experience gives me a solid understanding of what works in this industry and what doesn’t. I also handle the written content and communication, helping to translate the EcoCREDIT message to the world!

Together we make a powerhouse of a team! 💪♻️🌎

3. Now that we got an overview on EcoCREDIT, let’s take a look at a more in-depth look at the platform itself, what are Carbon Credits, and how EcoCREDIT aims to slow the Global warming ?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Fantastic question! Carbon offsets represent carbon that is removed from the atmosphere by sustainability projects. When you buy carbon offsets, you provide these projects with the funds they need to help fight climate change! Our goal as a team is to build the tools and applications needed to make it easy for anyone to participate in this process. It costs less than a penny to offset a cup of coffee – most people just don’t have the option! Our goal is to make it not only possible, but genuinely fulfilling and enjoyable to live sustainably and help our world. In doing so, EcoCREDIT serves as a crucial tool in stopping global warming and climate change.

Making something accessible isn't enough to drive action. We need to show the world that sustainability can be fun! That's why we're building the first franchised application, Ecolands, ourselves! Ecolands is a gamified sustainable metaverse that allows users to track their carbon footprint and offset their environmental impacts. Purchase unique and rare NFTrees, level up your sustainability, earn badges, and interact with your friends and communities! By making sustainability fun and engaging, Ecolands uses EcoCREDIT's tokenized carbon offsets to maximize our positive climate change impact.

4. What blockchains will EcoCREDIT platform support and are there plans to deploy, move, support or bridge to other chains in the future?Can you tell us about the Tokenization of Carbon Credits.

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Absolutely. We’re initially launching on Polygon. It’s intrinsic connection to the Ethereum network makes it easily digestible for our non-crypto partners and helps to bridge the gap between the technicalities of new blockchain environments and the non-technical segment of our target audience.

We absolutely plan to bridge to several blockchains in the near future, including BSC, Avalanche, Solana, and more. We remain blockchain agnostic – our goal is to make the fight against climate change accessible, and porting to as many environments as possible embodies that ethos.

Regarding tokenized carbon offsets, the EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon offset process entails purchasing high-quality, third-party carbon offsets from the open market. We then mint one token for each ton of carbon represented by these certificates. This process additionally serves to standardize carbon offsets – users don’t need to worry about often-confusing metrics like vintage or project parameters. By handling the nuances of carbon offsets for consumers, EcoCREDIT makes carbon offsets easily understandable and accessible!

5. What role do the EcoCREDIT Native Token play in the EcoCREDIT ecosystem?Could you share with us the killer features of the token, and what exclusive benefits will the EcoCREDIT token holders have?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
The EcoCREDIT utility token is your key to the ever-expanding sustainable universe of the Eco brand. By tokenizing carbon offsets, EcoCREDIT makes it possible for anyone to build any number of sustainable applications. We as a team can’t possibly build every potential application ourselves! That’s where franchised applications come in.

You don’t need permission to build sustainable applications that use EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon offsets. We want to put these powerful tools that fight against climate change in the hands of every developer in the world! However, the most killer applications envisioned by passionate teams require support. We’re inviting any team that shares in the EcoCREDIT vision to build high-quality applications and share in the EcoCREDIT brand!

Every franchised application will contain a utility for the EcoCREDIT token. The first franchised application, Ecolands, is a metaverse that gamifies the process of living sustainably. In Ecolands, users that hold a certain number of EcoCREDIT utility tokens can participate in exclusive NFTree auctions, helping them to earn passive in-game rewards. These users will also receive airdrops of exclusive NFTrees, helping to differentiate their profiles and show off their commitment to sustainability.

6. As we all know crypto is a huge platform and competition in crypto is increasing by the day, there’s thousands of new projects a week, what’s different about EcoCREDIT, what do you offer that they don’t, that makes you withstand the market!

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
This is a great question! We have to build sustainable applications sustainably, after all 😁

At EcoCREDIT, we’re building for the long term. The team shares significant experience both within and outside of the crypto industry, and we’re no strangers to market cycles. Our strategic partnerships and financial runway ensure that we can continue to build diligently even throughout the frostiest of crypto winters.

Beyond this tenacity and passion for building applications and tools that help heal our world, we’re also building a fully integrated dynamic ecosystem rather than a single application. Tokenized carbon offsets allow for an endless list of apps that help our fight against climate change. Simply making something possible isn’t enough to inspire action. In leading by example and building Ecolands, we fully demonstrate our commitment to the long term sustainability and modularity of the EcoCREDIT brand!

7. We like to finish this part of the AMA session by looking at what is happening in the near term. Could you please provide us next plans or milestones on the roadmap!

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Absolutely! The markets have certainly given everyone a bit of worry in recent days. As industry veterans, we're not shaken by the short-term price action - we're using blockchain technology to make a positive real world impact for our global ecology!

We’re excited to announce that we’re actively procuring our first batch of carbon offsets from our procurement partner, Redshaw! The EcoCREDIT IDO goes live on January 25th across a multitude of launchpads, ensuring the community has the unfettered access they deserve.

Behind the scenes the development team is actively finalizing the MVP of the EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon offset application, which will stand at the heart of the entire ecosystem. In parallel, Q1 will see the first iteration of Ecolands go live, allowing users to engage in gamified sustainability right out the gate!

We’ve just released the EcoCREDIT whitepaper with the Ecolands whitepaper following shortly thereafter. Additionally, we’ll be updating the roadmap to demonstrate this action-packed pace! Fighting climate change requires diligence and persistence, and we’re not slowing down!

It’s been my pleasure to share the exciting developments we’re having at EcoCREDIT so far! Expect even more amazing things in the near future as we democratize access to carbon offsets and revolutionize our collective fight against climate change! 😁


1.Can you briefly describe how the top achievements that the EcoCREDIT team is aiming to achieve before the end of this year or will be implemented in the future, will help you succeed and what you will look like in 2022 and beyond?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
This is a great question! We have so much planned for this year and beyond, so lets cover the big ticket items. By the end of this year we’ll have a full fledged Ecolands metaverse fully available to both Web2 and Web3 users, thereby maximizing the accessibility to the fight against climate change. We’re so passionate about saving our global ecology, and we want to make it as fun and engaging as possible to participate in this sustainable revolution!

Additionally, we plan to optimize our SDK and create bounty programs for developers seeking to build sustainable applications! While different from franchised applications, which receive direct support from Eco and share in the brand identity, this program serves to incentivize developers to build sustainable options for their end users. By demonstrating how sustainability can be not only possible, but beneficial for developers, we’re kicking off a carbon revolution in application development!

Finally, we’ll be expanding our team consistently over this coming year. From marketing to development, we’re seeking to build quickly yet sustainably, ensuring the long term success of the EcoCREDIT software and brand. These three excited points, Ecolands, developer incentives, and team expansion, herald the beginning of great things for our global ecology and EcoCREDIT!

2.Language is a barrier to many crypto enthusiasts, well, we all know many projects supports the English-speaking community. So, are you aiming to use local communities to raise more awareness of #EcoCREDIT among these people in different countries?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
This is a fantastic question and so true! Climate change impacts each and every one of us, so it’s crucial we share our tools and resources with global communities in ways they can understand natively.

We’ve partnered with a marketing group in the Philippines that’s actively spreading awareness of the EcoCREDIT sustainable initiative and brand in the Southeast Asian and East Asian markets. We have plans to identify promising communities in other global regions and further expand our outreach. By showing our commitment to global citizens from the outset, we hope to set EcoCREDIT apart as a tool for anyone, anywhere. Not just those who find themselves comfortable in the English speaking world.

“If you want to speak to someone’s mind, speak to them in a language they understand. If you want to speak to their hearts, speak to them in their language!”

3 . "Individuals can offset their carbon footprint by leveraging B2C". What is B2C? Are the benefits only acceptable to your project/individual/company? Is your app endorsed by a reputable or top party? Finally, what is a fully endorsed and verified carbon generating item?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Great question!

B2C stands for “Business to Consumer” and refers to how consumers interact with businesses. With a strong background in point of sale integrations and software development, the team is well positioned to integrate with business software, enabling enterprises to offer sustainable solutions to their customers. Once integrated, these businesses can help their customers offset their carbon footprints at the point of sale easily.
EcoCREDIT is audited by both Solidity Finance and Atomrate, showing that we’re fully compliant with the latest Solidity standards. Additionally, we’re endorsed by several world-class partners such as Nodeseeds and Fera Strategies. You can find our other amazing partners on the website.

In terms of carbon generation - nearly everything emits carbon in some capacity. Offsetting this carbon footprint by removing it from the atmosphere is our best tool for stopping climate change. Verified third parties audit sustainable projects and quantify the amount of carbon they remove from the atmosphere, in the process creating carbon offsets that others can purchase to offset their own carbon footprints! EcoCREDIT procures only the highest quality, third-party verified carbon offsets for tokenization.

4. EcoCredit will incentivize users to offset the impact of their carbon-generating activity by purchasing unique "NFTrees" . Can you explain further about the utilities of NFTrees? Are they meant to be held as simple collectibles or will they have additional benefits on RealWorld?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Absolutely - fantastic questions here. From a technology standpoint, NFTrees use NFT technology to create unique assets in the Ecolands metaverse. Every NFTree is backed by a set number of tokenized carbon offsets, ensuring that they have a real world sustainable impact. We quantify this impact in the form of trees! Trees are easy to understand and are powerful natural tools in our fight against climate change. Let’s use an example of what it looks like when a user purchases an NFTree, and what that does for the environment.

Let’s say we have an NFTree of a house worth 250 trees. When you purchase this NFTree, things happen in both the physical world and the metaverse. The money you use to buy this NFTrees goes back to purchasing carbon offsets, ensuring that your purchase directly contributes to removing carbon from the atmosphere and fighting climate change! This process means that every NFTree purchase has a tangibly positive environmental impact.

On the virtual side of things, you receive a collection of benefits in Ecolands! You can display your house in your personal metaverse, showing your commitment to sustainability and communicating to the world that you’ve offset the carbon footprint of your real world house!

You also receive badges reflecting the amount and consistency of your purchase. You also level up your sustainability by 250 trees - as you hit level milestones, you’ll find your personal metaverse growing lusher and more unique over time. In these ways, purchasing NFTrees offers a positive ecological impact for the real world while helping you grow your own personal sustainable metaverse!

By ensuring that each NFTree purchase has a positive real world impact and rewards users in the Ecolands metaverse, EcoCREDIT makes it fun and easy to offset your carbon footprint.

5. Security audits are extremely important for any project, especially DeFi protocols that deal with user funds. So, can you explain if your project has been audited to convey confidence and security to the crypto community that is interested in investing in your project?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
You’re 110% correct - in the world of crypto, security is everything!

That’s why we’ve taken the time to have the EcoCREDIT smart contracts audited by both Solidity Finance and Atomrate. Both entities confirmed that we’re in full compliance with the latest standards for Solidity. Additionally, the audits found no outstanding errors and identified only an informational notation regarding how the smart contract optimizes gas fees. Given we’re on Polygon, that won’t be a major impact to the end user whatsoever.

As new franchised applications come online, we’ll be conducting periodic audits of new and existing smart contracts to ensure that we remain in full compliance and our end users are fully protected from programmatic smart contract risk. In this way, we’re taking smart contract and user security as seriously as we take the fight against climate change!


A common problem is that nowadays most investors are only interested in initial profits and ignore long-term benefits! So can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold your tokens in the long term?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
This is a great question! Especially given EcoCREDIT's focus on long term sustainability. EcoCREDIT tokens will serve as the utility token that helps to validate the authenticity of procured carbon offsets. To clarify, this is not a layer one blockchain solution, but rather a verification tool for the carbon offset market itself! When you stake your EcoCREDIT tokens in this way, you receive rewards for your efforts!

In addition to this, EcoCREDIT token holders are entitled to a stake in every franchised application built using EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon offsets. The first franchised application, Ecolands, shows the power of this use case.

By staking a certain number of EcoCREDIT tokens, users secure rights to bid on exclusive NFTrees that offer passive income opportunities! This powerful tool allows long term holders of EcoCREDIT tokens the ability to earn passive income in both Ecolands and future applications that use the EcoCREDIT token.

Q2-Asia Akter:
What are your targets for 2022? Will you enter the NFT industry in the future? Are you also thinking about adding an NFT to your portfolio??

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
We'll be using NFT technology from the outset. On a technical level, we use NFTs to attest data pertaining to procured carbon offsets directly to the blockchain. This process helps to completely avoid double spends of carbon offsets and ensures that EcoCREDIT procures only the highest quality carbon offsets.

Addtionally, the first franchised application, Ecolands, uses NFTrees to reward users with unique assets in their personal sustainable metaverse. By using NFTs for both flex and function, EcoCREDIT maximizes the value of this power new technology.

ECO is potentially on its way to being a global project, not only because of its low costs, upside projection and security, but also because of the amount of services it offers, could you tell us inside and outside your network what are the profits and benefits of $ECO ?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Great question - our goal is to absolutely grow a globally recognized brand based on transparency, sustainability, and commitment to our planet's climate.

The previous question section discussed how EcoCREDIT is bringing carbon offsets on chain and breaking down the existing barriers to entry in the industry. This accessibility makes it possible for anyone to work on sustainability with ease. Every time EcoCREDIT sells a tokenized carbon offset, a small spread is charged. By keeping this spread incredibly low and capturing a far larger market, EcoCREDIT democratizes access to sustainability for the first time. Pending jurisdictional considerations from our legal council, we're actively exploring allowing EcoCREDIT token holders to participate in this spread. We will have more information regarding this configuration at a later day.

Additonally, the previous question explored the immense benefits that accrue to EcoCREDIT toke holders over the long term. By having both stake and utility in franchised applications that use the EcoCREDIT token, the Eco brand accrues ever-greater benefits to users and token holders. Our plan is to consistently expand this applicability as we grow a global brand for fighting climate change!

As we know that every project needs so much funds to survive in this competitive market. So how you planned for raise funds for your project ?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Fantastic question and very important for transparency!

We've conducted a private sale as per our tokenomics, which can be found in the EcoCREDIT Gitbook. We're also conducting an IDO on January 25th, so two days left before we take the public sale live!

This funding will give EcoCREDIT a firm runway and allow us to build profitable applications that ensure the sustainability of our efforts. By ensuring that we can build sustainable applications for the long term, EcoCREDIT protects both our global environment and the growing sustainable community!

Q5-Guin Tiktok:
how does EcoCREDIT manage projects and tokens to gain a place in the market and become the best token in the cryptocurrency world?

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
Great question!

The EcoCREDIT token stands at the heart of both the EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon offset process and sustainable franchised applications. Tokenization has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for brands and projects, allowing anyone direct access to growing communities.

One thing that I've alluded to but not directly touched on is the deflationary nature of the EcoCREDIT token. Each sale of tokenized carbon offsets entails a small spread, which EcoCREDIT uses to buyback and burn the EcoCREDIT token from the open market. When taken in tandem with the massive and ever-growing utilities for the EcoCREDIT token within franchised applications, we're positing the EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon offset software and the Eco brand in a strong position to become one of the most recognized tokenized projects in the world today.

Can you List 1-3 Killer features of your PROJECT that makes it ahead of Competitors? What is the Competitive Advantanges your platform Has that you Feel most Confident about??

Ray Buckton - Eco - Will Never DM First:
This is the second great question from Allen! Loving it the enthusiasm 😁

1. No other sustainability blockchain project has public APIs allowing for immediate calling of tokenized and standardized carbon offsets
2. We don't monopolize how to use tokenized carbon offsets - anyone can use the EcoCREDIT API to build sustainable applications
3. EcoCREDIT's first franchised application, Ecolands, gamifies sustainability - no other competitor makes the process of offsetting your carbon footprint fun!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to connect with you all and talk about the exciting things we're doing at EcoCREDIT! We're laser focused on fighting climate change by democratizing access to the carbon offset market.

Make sure to follow our socials for future events, giveaways, and announcements! ♻️0🏔🌎❤️🚀

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