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Date : 04 JAN 2022
Time : 02:00 PM UTC.

Guest: Edison Mai
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project DEFI HORSE.


1.Can you introduce yourself and DeFiHorse to our community?

Edison Mai:
I’m Edison Mai, the CEO of DeFiHorse. I am a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in operating and investing. You may have known of me as one of the Forbes Vietnam 30 under 30, the founder of, CityGolf, and Chef Station.

DeFiHorse is a horse-racing metaverse based on blockchain technology, where players can buy, sell, breed, take NFT horses to the races to win prizes, and host races to make a real-life profit.

DFH is a perfect combination of 3 factors: Billions dollar cross-platform game industry, appealing horse racing, and unstoppable Blockchain & NFTs technology.

2.Describe this project in 3 words, enough to make gamers, investors find it attractive and the difference that DeFiHorse brings, even knowing nothing about it?

Edison Mai:
It will be Premium, Fierce Competition and Exciting Rewards.

DeFiHorse aims to become a Premium GameFi project with graphics and gameplay invested thoroughly when placed next to others. This Premium could be compared with AAA titles on traditional platforms.

Let's take a look at our 4 Horse Bloodlines.

The competition in DeFiHorse will bring endless appeal to gamers. The more challenges it has, the more things for you to conquer.

Attractive rewards to gamers and investors are what every GameFi project promises. But the difference of DeFiHorse comes from our Horse-verse where players can buy land/trade it/grow food or build stud farms.

3.What have you achieved so far with the success of the DeFiHorse project?

Edison Mai:
In a short period of time, DeFiHorse has some achievements to be proud of. Most importantly, we’ve successfully raised 5 million dollars in Private Sales thanks to the support of many global backers & ventures from the most well-known ones to the most potential ones, some of them you might know like Exnetwork Capital, Poolz Ventures, Bullperks… Our Public Sales Round will be in this January

We’ve also got featured on news media both domestic and foreign such as: Cointelegraph, Yahoo, Coindesk, VNExpress…

Oh the other hand, our social media accounts are noticed by lots of people. Our telegram group has over 50,000 members, our Discord has 25,000 members and our Twitter’s account has reached almost 46,000 followers.

For a new project, DeFiHorse has quite an impressive beginning and we can help but feel overwhelmed. Certainly DeFiHorse will grow even more, as there will be a notable event coming up, which is the DeFiHorse Public Sale round. The Public Sale round will be held in the form of IBCO - Initial Bonding Curve Offering, using cryptocurrency, like ICO / IDO. However, IBCO totally solves the problems of the ICO & IDO method.

To warm up for the Public Sale round, in the next few days, DeFiHorse will host the NFT Rare Horses Auction, an incredibly attractive opportunity for investors.

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4.What led the DeFiHorse team to build and develop a NFT game about horse racing - a product that is still very new in Southeast Asia?

Edison Mai:
The team behind DeFiHorse is made up of leading technology experts and entrepreneurs, with many years of experience, establishing reputable businesses and creating many successful products.

Edison Mai:
As blockchain technology and NFT are growing and being applied more and more around the world, DeFiHorse wants to be the pioneer to bring Southeast Asia more integrated with the international market.

According to The Global Horseracing Industry, the market size for horse racing all over the world was valued at hundreds of billion dollars. Additionally, the NFT game space will be worth about $4.3 billion in 2021 (Loupfunds). Despite the high demand, there are not many mainstream platforms developed in the SouthEast Asia area that can meet the need. By digitizing traditional horse racing.

DeFiHorse offers radical solutions to the outstanding problems of this supposedly fraudulent sport. We provide a decentralized solution that ensures transparency, fairness, privacy and safety. Instead of focusing on player losses, DeFiHorse utilizes a Play & Earn mechanism that creates a multitude of ways for players to make real profits through lower cost and faster transactions. The use of NFT technology also gives players the ability to breed unique horses, easily trace the horse's family trees and improve ownership.

DeFiHorse was born not only to solve the problem of market demand but also to bring the most premium in-game experience to racehorse and gaming enthusiasts.

5.While not one of the first horse racing platforms to hit the market, what are the competitive advantages that make DeFiHorse stand out among domestic and international competitors?

Edison Mai:
Firstly, DeFiHorse attracts the attention of gamers and investors thanks to its graphic elements. Exploiting the modern Cyberpunk theme and style, DFH stands out among many GameFi projects that are using a simple, colorful cartoon style with indie gameplay. This is also a key factor that helps DeFiHorse confidently move towards positioning in the high-end segment, such as AAA games in the market.

Besides impressive graphics is the gameplay, which is highly appreciated for its sportiness, and has great potential in developing e-sport tournament systems. The competitive nature of a horse race keeps every spectator in suspense until the last seconds, and our development team strives for a balance in gameplay to create a much-awaited eSports.

6.Why legend steeds and cyberpunk world?

Edison Mai:
So many people wonder about this mix. Both materials seem not to be related. One from stories from the past, and the other from the far future. The common points of them are what we imagine and want to reach.

To be honest, developers love this fusion and it would be our difference. There will be many backstories about the DeFiHorse world, steed bloodlines, and more.

Don't forget to follow our official channels to know how Legend Steeds dominates in Cyberpunk racecourses.

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Is your platform a global or is there any restriction to certain regions?

Edison Mai:
Thanks, surely global. We’re attacking many countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, PH, Indo, Japan, China, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, etc.

Q2-Kju Phan:
Will there be more bloodlines in the future?

Edison Mai:
Many thanks

At this time we can't confirm it, yet it's a good idea, given that so many mythical beasts from many different civilizations can be exploited.

Currently, from 4 bloodlines, through breeding, plenty of special horse characteristics could be created, unique in both their strength and appearance.

If interested, let's describe to us the imaginary horses you want to feature in DeFiHorse!

Q3-Hareem Fatima:
Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Edison Mai:
I won't use "features", I'll use "factors"

1. SUPERB GRAPHIC, of course. We're confident about our graphic in this GameFi/Horse-Gaming Industry

2. GREAT PARTNERS. We have many backers & partners globally

3. GREAT TEAM. A talented team with high-profile background is building community stronger & stronger

And of course, GREAT GAME-PLAY that you’ll see very soon.

Q4-cricket game:
Can you share your roadmap in the next 6 months?

Edison Mai:

As has been listed in the whitelist, here is an overview of DeFiHorse Roadmap from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022:

Edison Mai:
Q4 2021:
Core Game Development
3D Modelling - 3D Animation
Website Launch
Smart Contract Setup
Private Sale

Q1 2022:
NFT Auction
IBCO & Listing
Breeding Platform
Web-based Game Beta Release
Native Marketplace Release
Tournament Release
NFT Racecourse & Horse Sales

Q2 2022:
iOS & Android Game Official Release
NFT Racecourse & Horse Sales

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Q5-Christabel nam:
I am concerned about token inflationary problems that any GameFi or Play-to-earn project face, while the supply increases by the time, and value of token decreases also. How did the DeFiHorse team prepare for this case, keeping the attraction with investors or new gamers?

Edison Mai:
We can see you are worried that the price of DFH will decrease over time, cause the supply will inflate by earning. But that’s the normal case, the relationship between supply and demand surely affects the value of any asset. But there’s not only a reason for the price changing, but many factors do that too.

DFH price will be affected by the market’s trends, investor’s mentality and the trust in DeFiHorse. The DFH supply is a part of our token ecosystem, and we have plans to balance between mining (earning tokens from the game) and burning (spending tokens in the game). DFH has many utilities in our ecosystem, you really need to spend some of them during the game, then earn some.

With the hard work for the best quality, DeFiHorse team is confident the DFH token will dodge that inflationary ending, and TO THE MOON!

I hope you are satisfied with my answers.
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