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Date : 06 MAY2022
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They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project DDROP


1. Could you Guys please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

Samson | Li,
Yes!, ok, I’m Samson, the BD Lead from DDROP

oh recently, we had a change of name

so you sometime see we use the name DDROP

while the existing name is DROPP

it was about a DROPP.TV trademark issue, anyway

I mainly involved in partnership and business collaborations.

I’ve been in the crypto industry since 2018, doing ICO advisory, helping some marketing aspects, promotion, roadshow, listing stuffs

2.Can you briefly introduce the project DDROP what are some of the utilities of token? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Samson | Li,
DDROP is the first go to metaverse GEO NFT minting platform. Creating the bridge between the traditional world w/ NFT. DDROP incorporates Augmented reality overlays and exclusive nft collaborations to shift online traffic to physically offline locations(O2O) creating crowds of individuals for minting events.

The idea is to link NFT with physical world location so that this gives NFT another layer of value
We had made our idea easy to understand with the analogy of Grabbing Pokemon in Pokemon Go now grab NFT from DDROP

Nowadays, the metaverse is becoming more and more popular, we quickly realized that the future in front of us that we should embrace is something far more approachable.
Instead of building a metaverse that separates us from the physical world, we should connect the metaverse with the physical world.

Leveraging what we had, we link the metaverse with the physical world and vice versa, we mimic our metaverse with physical locations, places, landmarks, familiar buildings and objects, you will realize we are deeply connected to the day-to-day activities.

That’s why makes us different from the rest of the projects

Apart from metaverse experience, we gather people to physical spots so that they can actually meet and interact with.
In the upcoming future, we do have AI technology that when you are in a certain spot, your avatar will spawn in the metaverse, and the avatar will mimic your actual body pose and do exactly what you are doing very much like a VR experience without the glass.
For example you have a Starbucks in the metaverse, and when there are customers walking and wandering around the house, the avatar pops up immediately.

3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievements that DDROP is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

Samson | Li,
Sure, we had previously finished our 1st DDROP collection with Hiroshi Fujiwara, he’s a super hot streetwear designer

his fame is all over asia~

there were 10K NFT in the 1st collection and it was sold out in less than 30mins!

So now we know how popular we are!

2nd, we have started our land sales for metaverse

1090 pieces of land were sold in a similar fashion!

Landowners have out logo into their lands

check it out from

it’s very nice

for roadmap, we are doing IDO and coming weeks

and launching a second collection!

this time with more experience and even more famous celebrity!

so do follow our social media!

4) Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives users choosing your platform?

Samson | Li,
actually as we are doing IDO, audit is so common nowadays, we have submitted everything

while in terms of security, i’joined a lot of ama, some community asked me about the geolocation security as spoofing of geolocation is quite easy

so initially from the app, we don’t intent to set up a lot of extra check, while slowly we’ll be hardening our procedures, like using multi-factor check with bluetooth / cell tower location / wifi signal etc to compare and look for spoofers

and for blockchain, security, we have been using solana blockchain till now, and it’s not the best as of today and met some issue, this are things our dev team is well aware of.

at the same time, we are launching another collection with ERC20 that’s more mature

so far on solana, it’s still considered to be adequate for us right now, but we do have dev team to investigate for better solutions like polygon / immutable x / etc

5.What’s the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution @Samson_li

Samson | Li,
oh for the IDO related things, we have to keep that confidential right now

and we will announce for all the public~

right now please follow and wait a bit it will be very soon!


1.I like the concept of Geo-Based Minting. Will it not abused or not over mint the token that might affect the prize to drop every single day? I there any features that may balance the economy?

Samson | Li,
actually, it rather more difficult to abuse it as people has to be physically be in certain location for geo-locked events

so it will not be like dropping everyday

some airdrop require land owner to connect their wallet to verify their land

so it’s generally safe!

2.” is also an economy in which ownership is totally decided by players. This is quite a different strategy to what we usually see from P2E games, so would you let us know how this mechanism is sustainable? What does the player “own” in the game

Samson | Li,
actually, apart from play-to-earn, we are using a concept “move-to-earn” more like treasure hunting just like pokemon go

and surely players will be able to fine NFT, these NFT will go to their wallet, and they have freedom to resell in 2nd market

we are also putting out a new concept “work-to-earn”, when the metaverse get mature,

you know people not just play

people want to make a living out of the metaverse not just through games,

you can imagine there are a lot of valueable activities to the metaverse like construction of 3D building, 3D objects, avatars, lots of them

so we want to enable working on items that can help the community to get rewarded!

and user will be able to own those assets in the metaverse as NFT in wallet!

3.I understand that #DDROPgg will take part in developing NFT games, but really what features will these games have? Will they be of a specific theme? And also, users can contribute ideas or even if it is possible to develop #games with the technology in your platform ?

Samson | Li,
in the near future, we don’t intend to create NFT games inhouse, we prefer to collaborate with partners, while we focus to build utilities and tools for our community to work on building block for the metaverse.
so it more possible to see we collaborate with famous title.

right now we are still choose who game provider to get on boarded first!

4.I see that DDROP makes use of two networks, $SOL and $ETH for its protocols. But, what advantages have resulted from the integration of these two networks for DDROP? How do these two technologies cohere and work within your platform to the benefit of all?

Samson | Li,
yes, like l mentioned we used SOL for our 1st collection and the 2nd collection on ERC20. the main advantage is that we show the community that we are not just tied with one blockchain and we can do on multiple chain. and on the other hand, as we are not an infrastructure based project. we don’t intend to develop our own chain, we are more chain agnostic

and actually there are hardcore fans for each of these chains, so we are able to appeal to both chain and both community!!!

5.Geolocation is one of the most important components of DROP. It allows users to place data in locations where they want the visual elements of the DROPP platform to appear. What are the various uses that the DROPP platform estimates to give to Geolocation?

Samson | Li,
actually, yes geolocation is one the most important concepts of our selling points or core technology

and our metaverse actually is based on real landmarks and places

so you see our land named “L.A” using lands in LA. right now

and later we are expanding to other cities

and we take some essences of those citys like culture / landmarks / real attractions and put them as ingredient into our metaverse, so would give us life !


Can I earn a passive income from your project? Are there any staking options available for this? What are the benefits of holding tokens in the long run?

Samson | Li,
[In reply to Home]
yes, there are a lot of different chance you can earn passive income from dropp.
you can be a land owner, when there are drop event happening in your land, you will rewarded like gas fees
later on you can rent it out, altought not 100% passive as you still need to set up how that works. there are more method, do have a look from our medium

📌Given that nearly 4/5 of investors are solely concerned with the token’s short-term price rather than the project’s true value and health, Could you explain why investors should hold their token for the long term and what benefits they will receive if they do so?

Samson | Li,
[In reply to Jade]
actually in most AMA, i didn’t choose to answer questions like these as it seems very much like copy-and-pasted. But i’ll do one exception and probably not answer again — so actually, we know that for sure. We are using strategry that might some a little complex but the goal here is to make our project not favorable to those short term flippers. We state in multiple areas that we are going to use a controlled release of features and not goint to Pump our token price

Q3-Joe Satriani,
I’m Reading DROPP designing products like gaming platforms, So Will DROPP generate more revenue? If so, will it be distributed as a gift? Does DROPP only focus on multiplayer games like lottery, jackpot etc, where the amount collected will go to the platform and thus to the holder as a prize?

Samson | Li,
[In reply to Joe Satriani]
yes, do have plans to be like gaming platform, but more towards like a platform to enable metaverse concepts and feature, not anything like unreal / unity 3d game engine. we still need those for us. DDROP generate revenue mainly from collections, land events and functions, and real world collaborations. you can imagine a lot of physical partners will come to us as we have real-world connection.

Q4-Crypto King ♔,
Is your NFT available for buy now?
What are the NFT marketplaces we can trade?
On what blockchain will you launch it.?

Samson | Li,
[In reply to Crypto King ♔]
NFT are available on the 2nd hard trading market, you can have a look at magic eden, let me send you the the link to our collection

and there are others as well, we are currently mostly using solana, and next collection will be on erc20 while most of our utility will be in solana blockchain.

As of now, the DROPP Land Map consists of 3 Areas: Santa Monica, Downtown LA, and Beverly Hills. Do you have plans to expand on more available lands across LA? Or will it be limited only to these 3 areas?

Samson | Li,
[In reply to Summer]
We are definetly going to expand, the next highly probably city will be in asia and it is relationship with our upcoming collection, when we public the info, yuo can make an educated guess and the guessing is not hard!

Samson | Li,
this might sound a bit different from other project that use pumping schemes. on the other hand people will expect us to increase token value solwly over time and appericate our value!