Date : 25 NOV 2021
Time : 12:00 PM UTC.

Guest : Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project COINW.


Q1: CoinW is a four-year old brand, and how does CoinW earn a place in this fierce competition and never stop to going forward ?

Ok,Since April, 2017, CoinW has been existed for 4 years, and from the very beginning

CoinW has determined the core value of the platform: Product, Innovation, Integrity, Users. While performing abiding by the core value.

CoinW is committed to leading in the industrial trend, and endeavoring to become a top crypto exchange.

Q2: The globalization of crypto exchanges is inevitable, and what’s CoinW’s plan for the trend ?

As of now, CoinW has established 12 local trading service centers in 8 countries worldwide.

With more than 300 R&D members, our products support 3-language switch, Chinese, English and Korean, covering the majority of populations on earth.

Till October 14, CoinW’s global users have exceeded 6 million. In 2020, its annual turnover has exceeded $2.3 trillion, ranked 8th globally.

Q3: In term of customer services, what does CoinW have that others don’t?

CoinW users are from different areas around the world and they have different trading habits and recognition, so CoinW supports a 3-launguage manual customer service system 24 hours and 7 days, providing users with real-time and professional responses and answers to all kinds of problems and questions.

Meanwhile, CoinW has built global communities to hear directly from users, what they need and what they want, and continues to improve ourselves to serve and grow with users.

Q4: What are the business lines that CoinW has advantages on?

CoinW provides Spot, Futures, ETF, Leverage, OTC and Finance services for global users. By one-stop service of the platform, quality assets with sufficient liquidity in Spot zone, great advantages of Futures trading in depth, price, fee rate and slippage, CoinW has attracted more and more investors.

What’s worth mentioning is a project called CoinW Research, where high-quality projects are selected for users to gain from it. Some were the world’s first listed project, so there’s a big room to grow. According to the statistics, if a user spent 1000 USDT on every project listed since January this year, the highest return would be increased by 50 times or more, such a big wealth.

Q5: Problems such as shutdown, price fluctuation and runaway have been existing in Crypto exchanges, even in the top ones. So how does CoinW deal with such problems, and what’s your advice to choose a reliable exchange to avoid these risks?

Surely crypto exchanges have never got rid of these problems, and what CoinW can do is to 100% focus on building a secure trading environment.

Besides bank-level AI risk control system and 7*24 monitoring, we also adopt distributed data base, segregation of hot and cold wallets, multi-signature and other measures to protect users’ asset security from every aspects.

It is proud to say that CoinW, as an old exchange, hasn’t encountered any one accident.

My opinion is when choosing an exchange, considering the following points: security, transaction volume, transaction fee, number and quality of varieties and speed of deposit and withdrawal.

Q6: There have been some big news about CoinW, such as the recent appointment of CEO Bai Mingguo, Korean actress Min Songa becoming the global spokesman of CoinW, strategic cooperation with Dubai royal and UAE royal, CoinW Ventures receiving 100 million dollar financing from Prince of Abu Dhabi Office, and what’s the next plan of CoinW ?

This is a very good question!

CoinW will still prioritize obtaining regulatory licenses globally and conduct business under the premise of compliance. At the same time, we will continue to improve our trading system, upgrade the customer service system, and introduce more products and functions suitable for users, so as to achieve a win-win result for the platform and users.

In addition, efforts will be devoted to improve CoinW’s ecosystem development, including Saas, multi-eco digital wallet, crypto hardware wallet, crypto custody service provider, and crypto financial service providers, to make CoinW's future broader.

Q7: And our last question is, is there any surprises for us in the coming Thanksgiving?

In order to thanks for all your supports, we will open a “CoinW Thanksgiving, Who Is the Most Lucky to Win 25,000 USDT” event. Invite your friends to register and trade, both of you can get the chance to be the Most Lucky.

There’s also a 1000 USDT Lucky Pool for users who completed the designated tasks.Details see the poster below:

🎁Receive $200USDT Red Pocket🧧

For more benefits and activities, you can log on to the official website and Twitter

I think this community is very good, we need you!

We can establish long-term cooperation with the community and give benefits to community users🎁🎁🎁



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