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Date : 01 AUG 2022
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They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project COINMARKETCAP


1. Please briefly present yourself and the project you represent. How did you get into crypto and how did you get to work for CMC?

Shilika Jain (Admin will never PM you first),
I’m Shilika ( and I currently handle BD/Partnerships for CoinMarketCap.

Coinmarketcap ( is a leading data aggregator website with over 3.5 billion in traffic. We are the most trusted data provider in the crypto space.

I entered into the crypto space in early 2019, started with freelancing & ghost writing for various projects & news media publications. A friend of mine introduced me to crypto as he was building a DeFi aggregator wallet. After that I collaborated with various marketing companies like Bloom360, Momentum, Rebellion and others on various fronts including project management, strategy & PR.

While I was doing so, I got in touch with the then VP of Coinmarketcap and explored possibilities of working with Coinmarketcap.

2.Today we will discuss CMC and about CMC-Community specifically. Please tell us more about CMC-Community. Why did CMC decide to create an integrated social media?

CoinMarketCap is a leading data aggregator application allowing users to track prices of their crypto assets seamlessly.Under the CoinMarketCap banner we also support the projects to grow their community by reaching an audience of 272.3M+ monthly visitors (May 2021 SimilarWeb data) through various campaigns.

In order to further our mission of crypto adoption, CoinMarketCap is introducing CMC-Community. It will be the ultimate social platform to discuss about everything crypto.

CMC-Community pulls together the largest community of crypto users directly on CMC. It is the one-stop-shop for crypto projects to engage with their users. Crypto projects can post their updates on CMC-Community just like what they do on Twitter, they can also post long form articles — project announcements or token economics like what they do on medium.

3.Why did you decide to call it CMC-Community? Who are your main competitors?

We decided to call it community as we are bringing together the largest community of crypto enthusiasts on our social platform.

Our main competitors are social platforms like Twitter & Medium. These social platforms are currently used for engagement between projects and users. Twitter/Medium are great products. They are not optimized for Crypto. Crypto-Content often gets lost in the noise and often-times, crypto-accounts are unjustly banned.

4.We’ve seen there is a verified badge on CMC-Community. Can you explain what is the process of getting it?

We would love to have Crypto Challengers set up an account.

Yes, we are keen on verifying Individual, KOL & Project accounts. We would be rolling out the verified guidelines shortly. Moreover, the application for the verified badge will require some criterias to be fulfilled. We will be rolling out the details shortly.

5.Do you plan to get revenue from CMC-Community in the future? like buying premium accounts for example, or buying Ads on the platform?

For almost all social platforms, Ads serve as a monetization model. At CMC-Community, our aim is to adhere to strict guidelines & maintain neutrality to create a balance. We are more inclined towards creating a better user experience than just monetizing the platform.

6.Nowadays, we have a lot of social media platforms: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, tiktok, Insta, Facebook, etc etc. Why do you think we need another one and what is special about CMC-Community compared to the others? What new things do you bring to the table?

With CMC-Community our aim is to build the most effective and efficient platform for everyone to discuss crypto. It aims to be the social platform built by the crypto people, for the crypto people to converse about everything crypto. The other social platforms don’t have any targeted niche but CMC-Community will have crypto as its targeted niche.

> Projects will be able to update their community with latest announcements.
> KOLs or Influencers will be able to build a community.
> Crypto Enthusiasts will be able to directly engage with the projects and voice out any grievances.

Instead of having 4 different accounts on various platforms, CMC Community will be a one-shop stop for all the users.

7.There is a need for decentralized media and many projects are trying to occupy this niche. Are you positioning yourself on this side and planning to take the lead in this one, or is CMC-Community exclusively one of CMC’s tools, its special feature?

There are definite benefits to both centralized & decentralized media. CMC is reviewing both options to determine the best course for the CMC-Community to provide neutral information.

8.Can we attribute CMC-Community to Web3 Social media? How censored is your social network and how do you find the line between permissiveness and freedom?

CMC-Community is just getting started. We are building the foundation in Web3 with the Crypto-Twitter-esque Social-Graph. And we plan to implement more Web3 elements and gamify it for users. In fact one of the first Web3 features we implemented are NFT-Profile-Pictures.


1.There are several social media sites available today, like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram etc. What makes CMC-Community different from the others, in your opinion, and why do you believe we need another one? What novel ideas do you have to offer ?

We don’t really have specifically a platform focused on crypto, blockchain and NFTs. Platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Discord have censorship issues related to crypto content. The whole reason of building an in-house community platform is to power the crypto enthusiasts to have crypto conversations seamlessly.

We will be introducing Web3 elements and gamified features that could be helpful to crypto community and will make the platform more interactive in future.

2.Apart from the basic Characteristics of CMC, It has now decided to introducing Diamond NFTs. Why is that? Are you working on introducing merchandise and exclusive in real-life/virtual conference wherein these diamonds can have real utility and provide real value to users?

Yes exactly, that’s the plan. We would like to incentivise our users by providing real value in terms of merch, conference passes or discount vouchers. This will make it more beneficial for the community and users will be able to extract great value from Coinmarketcap.

3. Is CMC-Community already available or from when can users start using it and what things would you like to integrate into the community platform in the future? Will it be available for all countries?

Yes, CMC Community is already available for users on our website. Users can simply login or sign up to get started. It’s available for all the countries. We will have a lot of features in the upcoming future but currently we have build a minimum viable product with similar features to that of Twitter


Q1-𝙈𝙧. 𝙏𝙖𝙢𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙣,
I heard that Coinmarketcap has Youtube Channel & Alexandria blog which create a lot of content on long-term impact of the macro events and trading strategies. Do you think this is helpful right now when the market is bearish? You have podcast on it?

[In reply to 𝙈𝙧. 𝙏𝙖𝙢𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙣]
Yes it’s definitely helpful. Bear markets are right time to build and level up. The content created on our Alexandria blog and Youtube is to educate users about crypto. These macro events and trading strategies will be useful when the market shows an upward trend. We also do have a podcast which you can definitely check out for some juicy crypto content.

Since NFT is popular nowadays,is there a plan
for NFT integration?Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?

[In reply to 🌹DOF🌹]
Yes, we have integrated a section called NFT stats that would provide comprehensive data related to latest collections across various ecosystems. It also provides the details of coins associated with NFTs. It’s worth giving it a try:)

Shilika Jain (Admin will never PM you first),
It was definitely a great AMA. Would love to have everyone join CMC community because we are planning exciting things ahead.

Thanks Crypto Challengers for this fantastic AMA:)

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