Date : 11 DEC 2021
Time : 04:00 PM UTC.

Guest :Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project BATTLE SAGA.


1. Could you Guys please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

So Hello everyone!!
I am Rangjung a Crypto enthusiast, NFT collector and a gaming enthusiast and also the CSO at Battle Saga. Like many young teenagers I also have my childhood memories filled with virtual gaming, starting from Nintendo family games and all the way to MMORPG games. Now the gaming world is getting completely revolutionized with the concept of crypto coming into the picture. The play to earn and metaverse concepts of gaming has shift how we think of the gaming industry. So, it’s quite exciting that we are now entering into the next big thing and yeah we will be entering to a new era with this game Battle Saga, with all the thrill and the earning prospect which i am sure everyone will like 😊

2.Can you briefly introduce the project BATTLE SAGA what are some of utlities of $BTL ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Battle Saga is a Next Generation Strategic Game that enables users to Earn-Wthout-Playing. It is a futuristic decentralized NFT game that aspires to provide ground breaking gaming experiences to its users with De-Fi tools, DAO governance and above all, with its own metaverse.

So it will be quit exciting 😁

regarding the $BTL

$BTL is our native/governance token that can be used to trade in the marketplace. The usage of $BTL ranges from buying NFTs and realms on the marketplace to exchanging it with the in-game token, $GOLD, which can be used to train troops and upgrade your base. $BTL is also needed for the staking, farming, and breeding aspects of the game. The players can create in-game NFTs by making use of the breeding/training function of the game. This NFT can then be sold in the marketplace or rented out to earn passive income. Battle Saga also provides staking and farming the NFTs as an source of income.

So basically Battle Saga is a Clash of Clan inspired game and in terms of game play its quite similar but we have integrated the crypto and blockchain tech in it with all the Defi feature, metaverse and the earning perspective as well.

the most interesting and unique thing about battle saga is the the Earn without Play model, which is fairly new with Battle Saga being the only NFT game to implement it as a main part of the gaming mechanism. The EWP in Battle Saga rewards players for being idle in the game. The way the mechanism works is that a player earns income for successfully defending another player's attack on the first player's base. Players can upgrade their defences to increase their chances of winning while not even playing the game.

3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievement target BATTLE SAGA is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

Our team are all very well seasoned in the space coming from both traditional and blockchain background which enables us to see through different point of views. Most of us are gamers ourselves and also an experienced game developer. Our team is absolutely decentralized and is spread across the globe; South Korea, Thailand, Europe, America and tech partners from Vietnam and India who has even worked for Sandbox, Blocktopia, and many more top metaverse projects.
Road map:
Q3, 2021 - Battle Saga's initial inception.
Q4, 2021 - And we will be our having our IDO soon in around mid-end December.
Q1, 2022 - Cross-chain, Metaverse launch followed by Game Beta Version launch.
Q2, 2022 - Partnerships with metaverse and NFT projects. Game Expansion.
Future is bright and we are in the right direction. Battle Saga is not just a project but a decentralized economy of its own, governed collectively. It's gonna be more of a nation/ a country by itself in the metaverse when mass adoption hits the market. Potentials are massive and we are exhilarated to show you what we have for you guys. If you are here at the AMA, consider yourself as first on the scene😉

Also recently we have completed our seed and private sale rounds and we were able to raised $1.9 Million in seed and private round.

So yeah we have achieved alot in relatively a very short period of time.

There will be many more exciting things that will be coming up, so stay tuned 🔥🔥🔥

4) Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives user’s choosing your platform?

At Battle Saga we give the utmost importance to our community and we try our very best to make sure that we reciprocate all the love and support from our community. Battle Saga just recently finished our first giveaway and we are planning more giveaway events. Currently we have started our whitelisting event for our $BTL token where we prioritized our early supporters. The early supporters have been given a exclusive role in discord with access to private channels. Battle Saga also concluded our first bounty event and the first air drop has started as well.

Its all about the community for us. We take our community as our top priority and its amazing to see our community growing exponentially every day.

In fact, our game will be implementing innovative DAO system where each players will have their voting rights on how the game will further proceed! So, definitely feedbacks matter! We love our community and we strive to work together to have the best community in the whole blockchain gaming industry ;)

For detailed first hand information you can always join our telegram group🙌

5.Whats the total supply of the token ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution

the Total supply of the token is 300,000,000 BTL

and this is our mainnet token supply distribution.


Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

As you said collaboration and partnership is very important for any project and we do have good backers and supporters behind all our work. To list few of them Oddiyana Ventures is one of Battle Saga's earliest partners and have been a big part in the growth of the project. Oddiyana Ventures has been very helpful by providing the team with top grade marketing tools, tokenomics and legal advisory. The biggest way that Oddiyana Ventures has helped Battle Saga is by introducing us to top individuals and partners in the cryptospace. we have many more VCs who have been supporting and backing us 💪💪💪

Oddiyana Ventures, Moonwhale, ExNetwork, Dutch Crypto Investors, Magnus Capital, Wealth Union, Halvings Capital, Vespertine Capital, BBS Finance, Fairum, Octopus Crypto Capital, MH ventures, GameFi Capital, Unilayer Capital, Avalon Wealth Club, Red Swiss Capital, Hot Capital.

Why did you choose to go with the metaverse genre? Is it because you believe that the Metaverse will be the next big thing in the crypto market?

First and foremost, we are a Next Generation Strategic Game with our own metaverse which will inevitably one day, have mass adoption and we will be pioneering the blockchain game by then. We have a solid intelligence in our team with years of experience and this is also the reason why we are confident about the projects success in the near future. And yes we believe this is going to be the next big thing 🙌

Do you have "AUDIT" certificates?
Are you also working to AUDIT your project,, to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable??

Yes we will be working on the Audit with Certik, Oddiyana Ventures has all the connections and resources for us. So, it will be quick to get audited!

Q4-Sanjay sk:
NFTs is hot trending now, Do you have a play to have NFTs in your platform? If so, can you tell us yhe plans of your project in NFTs?

Yes, NFT utilities in our game and it is not just limited to being characters in the game but with the help of De-Fi tools,our NFTs can be staked, farmed, or rented to earn passive income. We will also have breeding of NFTs as a feature.

Why did you build project, what was the motivation to start this project? What is different about project to attract investors' attention?

Many of the existing P2E games focuses only on the profit part is one of the main problems that we see today. The true essence and the fun in the game is often overlooked. Being a gamer ourselves we wanted Battle Saga as a strategic game, that provides enjoyable gaming experience to the users and of course, not forgetting the earning part as well. We are building the game with the model; Hook, Habit, Hobby ;) we and yes the concept of having two things that we love crypto and gaming together in one is killing 2 birds with one stone ;) And finally we have the new and unique concept of earn without playing which is quite interesting. So yeah follow us in Socials here:

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