Venue : CryptoChallengersD
Date : 19 MAR 2022
Time : 05:00 PM UTC.

Guest: Team
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project BACK STAGE & XMANNA.


1. Could you Guys please provide a quick self-introduction for the community?

Hello again everyone — I am Randy Middleton from the product side representing XMANNA. XMANNA is a software provider focused on enhancing the user experience through engagement, rewards, and gamification — we are currently working on delivering a game SDK for skilled games to introduce cash/crypto gaming and rewards to existing games, a white-labeled Sports Loyalty Application to synergize existing sports team applications with engagements and gaming, and also have a major metaverse focus where we are working with sports teams to give them a new interactive, rewarding and virtual experience for fans by creating a partnership network of events and content paired with a business model that continues to put substantial revenue back toward the users in the form of prize and reward opportunities.

Mauricio Silvestris,
Hi guys,Backstage, a decentralized ecosystem powering the events industry, specializes in events, pioneering event financing via the BKS token and NFTs. The Backstage ecosystem consists of a marketplace, launchpad, and wallet. The BKS Marketplace, where all event transactions take place, focuses on NFT Ticketing solutions that are designed to drive merchandise sales and fan-artist engagement, as well as Loyalty NFTs to grant the community special rights and benefits. The BKS Launchpad hosts NFT-driven fundraising for events, venues, and artists. The Crypto POS ecosystem is built for seamless transactions and continuous liquidity in the events industry.

2.Can you briefly introduce the project BACKSTAGE & XMANNA what are some of utlities of $BKS & $XMAN ? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Mauricio Silvestris,
Sure with Backstage you have a large variation of usability. Users can purchase tickets, services and perks on the market place and receive discounts or special promotion by paying with BKS tokens. Furthermore users can pay at festivals, bars and clubs around the world or simply just stay in a Hotel. Bks token holders will have the possibility to stake coins and generate yield. Venues that accept Bks will generate an extra income thanks to the staking program that backstage created for businesses and token holders, with options to invest which will be addressed additionally as we develop through the following months.

XMAN token will be the core utility token of XMANNA products. It will have a variety of utilities in which we plan to grow the list for. XMAN will offer users the ability to gain access to early launch product opportunities from our launchpad, allow users to save money in cash gaming by utilizing it for a rake discount, game directly with your XMAN tokens to compete for more, and additional utilities soon to be released with the updated whitepaper due out soon.

3. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? what are the major achievement target BACKSTAGE & XMANNA is yet to achieve . If possible also share your roadmap.

Here at XMANNA we have had great development stretch and two of our gaming products which will be available to the public within the next couple of months, we have landed our first Pro Sports Team partnership with Inter Miami CF out of South Florida which is co-owned by David Beckham in a multi year deal, and we have partnered up with Backstage who will be an essential part of premium content for the users in our Metaverse and we have some other amazing news (potentially the biggest) lingering that is almost allowed to be announced. Our roadmap will also be coming out along with the new whitepaper release — 2022 will have some fun deliveries :)

Mauricio Silvestris,
No problem. Our major achievement comes in the form of contracts already signed by many partners and the overwhelming pipeline. Also Backstage team has been very successful when it come to tech development, our NFT TICKETING PLATFORM and MARKETPLACE is completed and in testing (we will release it for public in the following week to give us feedback) same as our business and user custodial wallet. BACKSTAGE LAUNCHPAD for investing in the Events Industry is being developed as we speak, which will provide opportunity to all BKS holder to invest and profit from event and entertainment industry ( invest in BRUNO MARS tour and earn from revenue share). The entire backend and smart contracts are being audited by our partner HACKEN.

Mauricio Silvestris,
Please check our road map on our website

4) Could you share a bit about security and also what benefits you provide to incentives user’s choosing your platform?

Security is absolutely critical in this space — I apologize I am not the technical one to be able to name all of the details you may be specifically asking for but our smart contracts go through rigorous auditing and we are utilizing companies such as Certik to get this done, as well as our applications being handed off to red teams to continue to look for vulnerabilities on top of the normal penetration testing, load testing, and more.

Mauricio Silvestris,
Let’s put it this way: security is paramount for Backstage as we are targeting global presence. Our smart contracts, ticketing platform, marketplace and backend are being audited by Hacken continuously and a significant portion of funds will be diverted in cyber security department to ensure the safety of our products and platform. Users can be assured that we consider safety as top priority.

Regarding benefits, as mentioned above in previous answers already, users will have multiple layers of benefits just by holding our tokens. Exposure to potential to earn, invest and profit, not only enjoy amazing experiences through our platform and network of brands, venues and businesses like tourist resorts, restaurants, airline companies, luxurious hotels, but also, thanks to our partnership with XMANNA, holders will be able to to extend their experiences and potential to earn in digital form too in XMANNA MANNAVERS and BACKSTAGE HALL OF FAME.

5.Whats the total supply of the tokens ? Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution

XMAN has a total supply of 7,777,777,777 — detailed tokenomics will be coming out with our revised whitepaper which will be available in about 6 weeks.

Mauricio Silvestris,
Sure, BKS has a total supply of billion (1,000,000,000) BKS tokens — you can see our tokenomics on our website — , we will also publish detailed article in the following weeks.


1.I see Non-crypto users is very important for the future and also for the main stream adoption. How is your project planning so we can attract the non-crypto users to your project? Kindly name any upcoming partnership if it is coming.

This is actually one of our key focuses internally. Crypto, wallets, addresses, private keys, seed words — these are all things that scare people away from crypto. We allow for a mass market log in for users such as Apple and Google log-ins and we then in fact create a wallet so that these users can get the benefits of the blockchain technology such as NFT access passes, tickets, game objects, land plots and more — we also allow for crypto users to enable “crypto mode” for blockchain functionality when they want to custody of their wallets or import an existing one — We believe this is the way to mass adoption.

Mauricio Silvestris,
Backstage had made the technology so simple that anyone can participate. Infact, we are 90% mainstream and our products are in line with the industry demand. The idea is: bring people in to use our token in a painless process.

2.XMANNA has connections to Sports Leagues and major stadiums. So is there a possibility for partnerships/collaborations with football, basketball, and other sports team and players?

Great question — This is correct — XMANNA initially began with the goal to enhance the Team-Fan connection in Sports after identifying numerous challenges the sports ecosystem and these teams were facing. There is no barrier to what type of sport or the region. We are excited to begin rolling out products for Inter Miami CF this summer and have already began some in-stadium engagements with the fans since the season began a few weeks ago, but we are also in talks with a variety of other teams — some are very close to being inked — we are in talks in teams and even leagues from professional baseball, basketball, football and more soccer clubs here in the United States, Europe and more.

3. Do you currently have any PR/marketing exposure so the voice can get out about $BKS and $XMAN? Where can we find out more about what both projects are bringing to the table?

Mauricio Silvestris,
We are starting aggressively to market backstage now. We started co-marketing with our partners such as: REKOM Group, Caprice Festival, Sun&Snow Festival, Blue Marlin and many others will follow in the coming weeks as we are closing to our launch in April. Ahau Collection is an example of things to come and you can already join our giveaway with their NFT package. Win amazing prizes worth more than 200k combined, find out more in this article and join our giveaway!

You can also join our IDO Whitelist Shilling competition hosted on Ground Zero launchpad and become a Backstager! We will post it after the AMA.

XMANNA is going to get loud within the next couple of months. We have some minor PR/marketing efforts occurring now (see Backstage and XMANNA March Metaverse Madness competition above) and you will find the occasional article and announcement but we are saving the fireworks for when we have product going live. We are currently revamping quite a bit before all this happens so you will see a new whitepaper and a much better website with great information even hosting some product offerings within it all around the same time.

4.They said NFT has the potential to change the game in the events & entertainment industry. So about NFT tickets, what are their potential and what incredible opportunities does it bring? And differentiate Traditional Tickets from NFT Tickets?

Mauricio Silvestris
We are used to buying tickets online and receive an email with a simple QR code. Thanks to the NFT technology we now have unlimited opportunity to turn ticket purchase into an enhanced experience.

With a simple NFT ticket purchase, with just the action of buying a ticket, XMANNA and Backstage open up a world of possibilities.

As mentioned, NFT tickets will include a multitude of benefits. Beyond access to events, these benefits could include:

A full VIP experience (flight, hotel, transportation, exclusive seating, etc)

Any type of merchandise, easily redeemable in physical or virtual form

Airline offer (free flights, discounts)

Any type of accommodation (fully covered or discounts)

Products or services from related businesses

Promos, products, and discounts from other brands

Meeting with an artist backstage, autographs, virtual meet-and-greets and more

All the options in the ticket can be gamified to engage customers before, during and after the event. This gives teams, venues, brands and more the chance to further engage and enhance events with NFT ticketing.

NFT tickets will also have a call-to-action, giving users the opportunity and option to unlock rewards listed above or to gain benefit enhancements.

Yes — these tickets in themselves are gamified, exciting — just the ticket in itself. not to mention you can ditch the 3rd party ticket gouging companies that jack up the prices on us all every time we want to see a show.

5. For a project, enough funds and strong team is quite mandatory now, so Do your project have enough funds and strong team to achieve your goal faster?

Mauricio Silvestris,
This project is founded by key players committed financially and personally to the success of the Backstage Ecosystem. Such individuals and companies are veterans of the Event and Entertainment industry supported by a strong and wide network, both horizontally and vertically. Just to give you an example REKOM Group have 250 Venues and 30 different brands in all EUROPE, BLUE MARLIN from IBIZA with multiple venues around the globe, promotors, tour and festival organizers and big artists agents of the likes of STING, BRUNO MARS, CELINE DION, YANNI, ANDREA BOCELLI, BURAK YETTER, BLONDISH, DJ TIESTO and many more.

i can’t speak enough for the team here at XMANNA and also the team that includes partners like Mauricio and others over at Backstage. We’ve had very successful raise and prior to that have been completely a self funded project — the next step is to launch products and transition to planned revenue models with products live.


Q1-Kingsley Roy,

For the benefit of the project, Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project?

Do you have a white paper? If yes, please share it with us here.

Where can I currently buy Token?

Thanks 👍😌

Mauricio Silvestris,
[In reply to Kingsley Roy]
We are been audit by Haken as we speak. We will publish it as soon is done. Please find the WP on our website

Q2-Diana Lewis,
Do you plan to add more blockchains to the project in the future? How will this blockchain benefit your project? Why would you add a blockchain to your project?

[In reply to Diana Lewis]
our plan is to become as agnostic as possible — with proper bridging to all of the blockchain networks that make sense — the Fast and Cheap ones. this way you are not forcing a migration to blockchain networks some may not be fond of — this also allows for one of our Patents that is pending called Atomic Gaming to come into play — we simulate even dollars on the blockchain so when gaming competitions are taking place, fiat can all join into competiton vs eth, matic, btc, and any other token we create bridges for — this helps us create interoperability and opens the fiat world up to the crypto world all into one product — and the mass market doesnt need to get confused about the blockchain stuff as it is hidden from them. This also allows for our products the whitelist shitcoins that are out there to give them a legitimate utility (gaming).

Will you release any limited edition NFTs?

[In reply to Dzouza]
there will be many limited edition NFTs coming from us — many will be linked to digital memberships to access these virtual stadiums that are streaming Live Events from the venues of these Musicians that Backstage and XMANNA are bringing together along with, buildable land plots in the metaverse, and even NFTs that when held will provide passive benefits from our products — such as a passive subscription, or bonus cash every week that allows for free cash gaming among many more — there will also be the collections with your more common NFT linked to digital medium such as videos and graphics too

Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Mauricio Silvestris,
[In reply to Loding…😊]
Yes, we have burning options.

The utility of the token is one of the factors that evaluate the “Credibility and Potential” of the project. So what are the utilities and roles of in the ecosystem? What mechanism will you deploy to keep the token value unaffected by the market condition?

Mauricio Silvestris,
[In reply to SCOOBY]
As we have created an entire ecosystem of businesses around the token and with the buyback program we have in place with our payment system ( smart contract real time transactions) we do not depend on the crypto market. Instead, we depend ok n how many tickets, products, services and payments are made in our platforms.

i wish our fresh materials were live now — i truly hope you all check out XMANNA and Backstage — this partnership is truly going to Wow not only us in the crypto world — but we are bringing blockchain products without needed education that are going to WOW THE NORMIES.
i am done — actually being yelled at for being late now 😂 (wife)

i thank you so much for taking the time to ask and learn about XMANNA and Backstage — what a great community and wow some amazing questions it was very hard to choose!

Mauricio Silvestris,
Thank you guys, don’t forget to join our IDO Whitelist Shilling competition hosted on Ground Zero launchpad and become a Backstager!



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