Venue : CryptoChallengersD
Date : 18 FEB 2022
Time : 04:00 PM UTC.

Guest:Nick Agar
They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project AXIA.


Nick Agar:
I am Nick Agar, the founder of AXIA. It is a pleasure to be here today with the Crypto Challengers community.

AXIA is a project that is building a digital ecosystem around AXIA Coin, which is the first ever hyper-deflationary asset-supported digital currency that can be used globally. The tokenomics of AXIA are completely unique in the industry as the total supply is constantly reducing as a result of any form of participation, staking and other activities across its vast ecosystem. Meanwhile, the AXIA Treasury that offers additional support for the network and holders of AXIA Coin can be increasing simultaneously. This unique system that combines continuously increasing scarcity on one side with a structural support and growth that is continuously building on the other offers holders a value proposition that has never existed before in any market, from traditional finance to crypto.

AXIA establishes a better store of value with a monetary system and tokenomics that goes well beyond what are considered deflationary instruments as AXIA Coin will become more and more scarce over time, which can not only protect purchasing power but can enhance it. This runs contrary to fiat currencies as well as other alternatives and digital assets that have proven to be quite speculative, as seen recently.

AXIA Coin has many utilities; you can currently stake it at AXIA Capital Bank, spend it in the real world with an AXIA debit card, earn it through “Use-to-Earn” AXIA apps like AXchat and AXplorer, and more. The team is nearing the launch of the next generation AXIA Network at which point utility of AXIA Coin will be supercharged via the introduction of many DeFi apps and platforms. The unique economic system and significant amount of utility of AXIA Coin makes it stand in contrast to the rest of the market.

The team has reached a number of milestones over the past year, including:

- Bringing to market the unique hyper-deflationary tokenomics of AXIA
- Launching AXIA Capital Bank, one of the world’s first digital banks that offers a suite of highly advantageous programs for its member
- Provided the means for participants to spend and use their AXIA Coin globally on both online and offline goods and services
- Launched the innovative and highly favorable AXIA Staking Program
- Launched two use-to-earn apps, AXchat (instant messaging) and AXplorer (browser), that pay participants in AXIA Coin for their daily usage

Coming up soon, the team will also be:

- Launching the AXIA Network, the world’s most inclusive network that offers many advantages over industry alternatives, such as:
- The first ever hyper-deflationary network - offering superior economics to what exists in the market today
- More inclusivity and removal of barriers to entry to bring blockchain technology to the masses
- Mobile Staking - now anyone with a smartphone or other electronic devices can be part of the network and generate more favorable rewards themselves
- Higher level of decentralization
- More energy efficient
- Complete interoperability
- Low fees (which are burned) - adding value rather than subtracting it
- High throughputs

Launching the Real-Time Reporting Platform - which will bring a never-before-seen level of transparency to financial markets.

Launching more than a dozen more use-to-earn apps to give participants even more ways to be rewarded for the things they are doing everyday.

Delivering the first order of AXIA Encrypted cell phones - AXIA provides fully encrypted smartphones that offer more privacy and security that can reward you at the same time. Furthermore, there will be cost-efficient global phone plans.

There is much, much more on the roadmap as the AXIA Ecosystem will constantly be evolving and expanding over time.

Safety and security are of utmost importance to AXIA. So AXIA offers free custody and cold storage for all holders of AXIA Coin, ensuring that their holdings are always protected and more safe and secure from potential threats, hacks, etc. The superior economic design of AXIA creates enormous value for anyone that joins the ecosystem. When you acquire AXIA Coin today, there is certainty there will be less of it available tomorrow; this scarcity creation ensures that ongoing value is always being delivered to coin holders. Over time, as utility, services and offerings grow the impact of the hyper-deflationary tokenomics will only accelerate in velocity. So users will benefit more and more. Furthermore, there is also a highly favorable staking model, as well as a vast ecosystem of applications, platforms and associated businesses that offer significant utility, rewards and benefits for users all around the world, which are enhanced through the value generated by the hyper-deflationary design of AXIA.

Right now there are over 80 team members. The team behind AXIA is a very skilled global team with diverse backgrounds—all of which are bringing their experience and expertise - whether it be on the development side, the operational side, marketing side, etc. - and all share in the same vision that AXIA can be a solution to a number of issues that the world is faced with today.

AXIA offers a truly one-of-a-kind Staking Program to the market. I would like to share some details with you on why this program is unlike any existing models, and why it can deliver enormous value to all who participate.

The AXIA Staking Model offers rewards of up to 192% APY with all rewards being compounded daily. Participants can generate significant rewards and receive additional value while also ensuring there is protection regardless of fluctuations in the market. All rewards are calculated based on the AXC/USD exchange rate.

If there is an increase in the exchange rate for AXIA Coin, then the previous rewards earned are worth more. There is also a built-in hedge in the event that there was ever a decrease in the exchange rate, as there would be more rewards distributed to safeguard against this. As a result, the potential for compounding the rewards is even greater due to the fact that the AXIA Coin holders would accumulate more rewards, which would augment the compounding effect. This unique model provides benefit to AXIA Coin staking participants regardless of changes in exchange rate throughout the staking term. Because of all these reasons, it is highly advantageous for any participants as they can benefit both on price increase and decrease over the course of the staking term.

There are many ways that users can be rewarded through their participation with AXIA. Users will not be negatively impacted for not participating, but they will miss out on all the value they could be gaining were they to choose to participate. Here are a few ways they can get rewarded on a daily basis:

Using the AXIA “Use-to-Earn” apps, AXchat and AXplorer: AXchat is a free and secure encrypted messaging platform where you can text, call and video chat with friends and family while AXplorer if a private internet browser. When you use either of these apps, you earn AXIA Coin daily for basic tasks that can be tallied up in the AXIA Member Rewards Center.

Staking: Just by signing up for an account at AXIA Capital Bank and staking your AXIA Coin, you are able to earn passive rewards through your participation.

Coin burning: Participation, activity and staking results in coin burning. So, whenever you’re engaged in any of these activities, you’re contributing to the ongoing scarcity of AXIA Coin, which is rewarding for yourself and all other community members.

Community is at the heart of everything AXIA does and the project has already established a community that includes people all around the world. AXIA is built to be a completely participatory and inclusive model. The team has already established many fun and engaging community initiatives such as 2 x weekly contests on the AXIA social channels, “AXIAN” roles on the AXIA Discord server, merch giveaways, and much more. Due to the all the utility that AXIA offers there are already so many entry points for people to take advantage of. This will only expand over time. There are also several initiatives planned to continue to engage and grow the community following the launch of the AXIA Network. In terms of the second part of the question, AXIA already has many team members with a wealth of blockchain-related experience. It will continue to add more after the network launches, and also looks forward to welcoming many developers onto the AXIA Network.

AXIA has a very active support team, but plans to expand this aspect of the project greatly in 2022 and beyond. Currently, any AXIA community member or anyone that wants to learn about the project can always go to the AXIA Telegram, Discord or other social communities and ask any questions they have. These questions will always be answered swiftly and accurately. For questions specific to AXIA or AXIA Capital Bank, there is a very talented and speedy support team that works 24/7 to handle these inquiries. In the future, AXIA will look to boost these capabilities even further.

AXIA was designed to provide real fundamental value that can grow over time for its users in a manner that is uncorrelated to global markets and the economy, which can act as a safe haven over the long term. AXIA will only continue to expand its offerings and services for its global community to increase the value received by everyone in the future. AXIA is about inclusivity where barriers to entry are removed so everyone can participate from around the world. AXIA is striving to above all provide long lasting sustainable positive impact and change things for the better for people all around the world.

The goal is for the AXIA Network to become the top blockchain network in the market and bring the industry to the mainstream. AXIA will also help to support other projects and empower individuals to take more control of their present and future with a better technological solution that has the power to change things for the better for people all around the world.


Q1-John Clash:
As Blockchain field requires some technical knowledge, Isn't it?
Don't you think it will be a difficulty for Non-crypto users/ Customers to operate in this new field?

Nick Agar:
AXIA is building a next generation blockchain network that makes it easier for the non-crypto user or technical savvy individual to take advantage of everything that AXIA has to offer. All you need is a smartphone or some other electronic device. AXIA will be easily accessible for billions of people around the world.

Q2-John Pattern:
What's your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

Nick Agar:
AXIA is so diverse and has so many initiatives coming up that are on its road map knowing that the more AXIA expands the more value that is creates for all who participate. The main focus as of today is about releasing the first ever hyper-deflationary network out to the world. The entire AXIA team and community could not be more excited knowing all the strategic advantages this blockchain network will have - including bring blockchain technology to the mainstream

I am so sorry, but I have to stop there. It was a great pleasure for me to be here today. Thank you so much @couponxdealer and @FederickCc and the entire Crypto Challengers community for having me. I invite you all to go to the AXIA website to learn more about the project. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter while you are there to stay on top of all the AXIA related news. And please feel free to join our community channels as well. We look forward to having all the people in the Crypto Challenger community become a part of AXIA.


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