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Date : 26 APR 2022
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They shared detailed information and his opinions about the project ARC FINANCE


1.Kindly introduce yourself

My name is Rob Garner , the CEO of Arc Finance. I am a Company Director with 30+ years experience in the semiconductor industry across Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

I have been responsible for the design and manufacturing of advanced Custom SoC’s.

I also have had extensive involvement in corporate finance from Start-Up fundraising through M&A and full P&L responsibilities.

2: Can you briefly introduce Arc Finance and the vision of the project?

Rob Garner,
Arc Finance is a Liquidity as a Service solution that at its core helps projects with low liquidity and low trading volumes

Using Arc Finance’s innovative AUM mechanism, holders of poor performing assets can re-mint these into new tokens called rTokens.

By “reviving” these assets, investors can then use the Arc Finance platform to rediscover the value inherent in these underperforming tokens, create new cash flows and new investment opportunities that make a real difference to their portfolio.

The vision of Arc Finance is building DeFi2.0 facilities to provide the best liquidity services to the market.

3: What innovations has ArcFinance brought to the DEFI space? How is ArcFinance changing the new DeFi ecosystem?

Rob Garner,
As for the most featured characteristic about Arc Finance, let’s say it’s the technical innovation of the AUM mechanism.

AUM stands for Automated Unlocking Mechanism , the algorithm that automatically adjusts the speed of r-Tokens unlocking, so that users can get higher yield benefits at the same cost.

The project Token deposited by a user is minted at a ratio of 1:1 into r-Tokens, which needs to be unlocked to become a freely circulating Token. The AUM algorithm is a simple and direct new algorithm that adopts the user’s trading activity as the benchmark to unlock and release the locked r-Tokens.

The basic rule is that the more frequent the trading, the more r-Tokens can be unlocked. Meanwhile, in the trading process, extra native tokens will be given by Arc Finance to reward users for their positive behaviors on the platform.

This is a method of bringing sustaind liquidity to what were once undeet Makers and we believv ethe performance is much superior rperforming tokens. The AUM metod gre out of our interest in fixing the problems with Automatic Mark

This is a method of bringing sustaind liquidity to what were once underperforming tokens

he AUM metod grew out of our interest in fixing the problems with Automatic Market Maker

4: What’s the tokenomics structure and token utility?

Rob Garner,
The token is ARC, the project name Arc Finance
ARC Total Supply: 100 million

Seed Round (3%): 3 million tokens, 20% released immediately after TGE, then 20% every quarter.

Angel round (5%): 5 million tokens, 20% released immediately after TGE , then 20% every quarter.

Private round (4%): 4 million tokens, 20% released immediately after TGE, then 20% every quarter.

Public sale (1.5%): 1.5 million tokens, 100% unlocked on TGE

Mining (69%): 69 million tokens. Starting from the mainnet launch

Team (15%): 15 million tokens, 500,000 tokens will be released before listing for market value management (the rest will be released 12 months later, 5% every month)

Community (2.5%): 2.5 million tokens will be used for community governance and development.

5 : Could you tell us the benefits of holding your token for long-term?

Rob Garner,
Use case of ARC:

Buy NFT with ARC

Single token unlock for third party tokens in AUM mechanism

Liquidity Pool unlock for third party tokens in AUM

ARC as the Voucher to participate in IDO

And there are several profits to get by holding ARC

Get dividends rewards of ARC token

Get early access to new features such as IDO

Enjoy higher unlock speed of the Unlocking Mining in AUM

Priority participation in the NFT staking program

Our private sale on tokensoft is coming soon. the date is 11th May, If you want to participate in it, please stay tuned with us for the good news


Do you have a Token Burning plan?

Rob Garner,
The purpose of token burning is in fact for deflation to promote the value of token, as well as guaranteeing a sound ecosystem. So of course we have a strong burning mechanism.

20% of the trading fee will be used to buy back $ARC and burn it.

50% of the trading fee will be used to buy back $ARC. The repurchased tokens are put into the mining pool for circulation.

30% of the funds raised by the IDO will be used for deflation.

Besides, the AUM tax rebate mechanism also involves burning that the 3% of swap fee rebates Arc Finance charges for the premium pool is allocated as follows:

20% will be used to buyback and burn the $ARC tokens.

16.67% will be used as dividends to reward users who hold the native token.

13.33% will be used as referral rewards

50% will be kept in the LP pool to keep the pool balanced

2.Can you update some of Arc Finance latest news to us?

Rob Garner,
Our private sale on tokensoft is coming soon. The date is 11th May. If you want to participate in it, please stay tuned with us for the good news.

And there is a Testnet Airdrop Campaign, users who participate in the campaign, may get a special airdrop reward after the product launch.

Below is the Campaign tutorial link:

3.Let’s talk more about AUM
(Automated Unlocking Mining) . How will the AUM mechanism work in the ARC Finance ecosystem? Can AUM give users to get higher APY benefits at the same cost? what is the advantage of your AUM mechanism when compared to the traditional AMM?

Rob Garner,
AMM is a price based system that relires on arbitrage to keep pricing stable the AUM system is time based and uses limited token supply to generate upward price pressure for the token.

We are looking to generate more permanent and stable liquidity for regular tokens not just the stars of the day.

The owner of any token can bring them to our AUM re-mint process so this is a projrct for everyone — any investor or token holder however small or large.

4.What are the benefits of holding your token for a long term?
What makes your project outstanding and different from others in the Crypto space?
Where do you see your project in the next 3years?

Rob Garner,
In 3 years time I would like to se Arc as a DEX of choice for the whole community.

We are expanding the economic cycle and improving capital efficiency.
We are committed to building economic infrastructure and providing the best liquidity as a service for the market, as well as solving the drawbacks characterized DeFi’s current pump and dump mode and encouraging users positive transactions, improving asset efficiency, and capturing the liquidity premium value.

Reshaping the DeFi tokenomics, and creating a financial service platform for users with convenient transactions and multiple portofolio incentive mechanisms, that’s what Arc Finance is doing to innovate the crypto industry.

We think that Arc is going to be a great prospect for the long term.

5.How you make security?

Rob Garner,
As a Dex, Arc Finance attaches great importance to the security of funds.

We have enough experts to verify the safety of our products, We will ensure the security of user assets.

And there is a Timelock Mechanism:

A timelock is a piece of code that is used to lock certain functions of a smart contract so that a time period can be set for the function to execute.

In the blockchain, the function of transferring funds from the contract is usually locked by a timelock.
TheTimeLock contract ensures the safety of users’ funds by executing MasterChef’s setMigrator and transferOwnership method after a delay of 48 hours.

Also and very importantly Arc Finance has been audited by Certik.

The certik certification is difficult to acchiev so amazingly proud of the team for passing that — such great reassurance for all users of the platform.


Can you explain more about r-Token? What are the advantages of holding r-Token for the long term?

Rob Garner,
[In reply to Lavana2016]
Tokens are parallel to the original token and only exist on the Arc platform. However, unlike the original token rTokens have a level of liquiduty associated with them in proportion to the number of rTokes released into the tradable environment. This increases the attractiveness of therToken over the original and promotes trading activity.

A good point to also make is that it is always possible to trade out of rTokens either or other tradable tokens or by reverting back and redeeming the original token, so the platform is fully fluid and low risk.

Q2-Crypto Tuesday,
How can the community be involved with your project? Is there any channel or group with local communities where users can get the latest updates? You can share the following links:
1. Telegram Group✔️
2. YouTube channel ✔️
3. Medium✔️
4. Website✔️
5. Twitter✔️
6. Discord✔️

Rob Garner,
[In reply to Crypto Tuesday]








Do you have a AUDIT certificates?
are you working to AUDIT Your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Rob Garner,
[In reply to Daniel]
Arc Finance has been audited by Certik.


You have a new announcement for airdrop event 🔥🔥

Q1. When it is starting and when it will end?

Q2. What are the rewards?

Q3. How can we join the airdrop

Rob Garner,
[In reply to Rocky]
Testnet Airdrop Campaign, users who participate in the campaign, may get a special airdrop reward after the product launch.
Below is the Campaign tutorial link:

Q5-Aqib Sindhi,
IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Rob Garner,
[In reply to Aqib Sindhi]
This project is very much for all investors from the smallest to the largest.

A lot of effort has gone into the UI/UX to make our platform easy and intuitive to use and to look really beautiful- we are exited to gain as many users as possible.